Old Serbian Tunes from Kosovo and Meothija
and Southern Serbia

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(perfomed by BELO PLATNO ethno-music ensamble)

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Rosa rosi vise selo (Dew fell above the village)

Udade se Zivka Sirinicka (Marriage of Zivka Sirinic)

Gusta mi magla padnala (Thick fog fell)

Devojce, devojce, crveno jabolce (O girl, red apple)

Marino oro (Mary's dance)


White Linen is a frequent motif in folk songs. As a symbol of cleanliness, white linen plays a role in the entire life cycle of man: at birth a child is swaddled in it, at christening draped in it. At weddings, the hands of the bride and the bridegroom are joined by using a towel made of white linen, wedding guests are given white linen towels as presents, white linen is worn throughout life; the dead are wrapped in it.

Belgrade-based band "Belo platno" ("White Linen") was established in 1997 and brings together musicians sharing pure love of authentic folk music and the need to preserve and revive the local tradition of singing, playing music and dancing (at weddings, family saint festivals (slavas), celebrations and on other occasions).

The players use traditional folk instruments such as pipes (kaval, double flutes, supelkas), tamburitza, tapan (goc, drums), tarabukas and tambourines (as well as begpipes which will be used in the future).