Decani Monastery Relief Fund :
A Non Profit Organization
by Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes, President,
Hieromonk (Priestmonk) Sava Vice President,
& Veljko Sikirica Secretary-Treasurer

Mother's pain



After the war in Kosovo and Metohija many Serb children live in extremely deplorable conditions in their isolated enclaves. Their parents are usually without any employment and cannot provide even basic necessities for their children. Some children have even lost a parent. That is why the Serb children, especially in isolated enclaves in Western part of the Province, known as Metohija, cannot afford to buy schoolbooks and clothes for the coming winter.

Visoki Decani Monastery has been very active in the course of last three years to organize humanitarian assistance for those in need, especially to the refugee families. We are grateful to God for a very good response from many donors to our Decani Monastery Relief Fund. However the basic needs are overwhelming. In addition to the elder people, the children in Kosovo and Metohija are the most vulnerable part of our remaining population. Therefore, since the assistance to the children is our priority at this time, we would like to make an appeal to all good people around the world, to support our humanitarian efforts and especially this Campaign to show our love for the most needy children in the remote and isolated enclaves.

The goal of our CHILDREN RELIEF CAMPAIGN is to help approximately 700 children, as follows:

In Gorazdevac we will assist 300 children
In Velika Hoca we will assist 300 children
In Suvo Grlo, Banja and Crkolez we will assist 70 children

We kindly ask you to help us and send your donations for CHILDREN RELIEF CAMPAIGN directly to Decani Monastery in Kosovo and Metohija. Also, for your convenience, you can send your donations directly to the address of our Decani Monastery Relief Fund in Baltimore MD - USA. Donations sent to our address in USA are tax deductible and the full amount of your donation is delivered to the children, without any deduction or expense. The Monastery will distribute donations to the children and send back the list of children to the donors, upon request. The names of donors will be also published on the Monastery Web Site, as well as, on our regular web page of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund Report .

If you cannot send a monetary donation, at this time, please consider sending a prayer, a letter or a post card that we will deliver to the children, to show that we have not forgotten them.

The address of our Decani Monastery Relief Fund in Baltimore is:

4 West Hill Street
Baltimore MD 21230

(Please make checks payable to: DECANI MONASTERY RELIEF FUND with a Note: CHILDREN RELIEF CAMPAIGN).

Fr. Teodosije Sibalic
Abbot of Visoki Decani Monastery

For any additional information on the Decani Relief Fund, please feel free to contact our representative and the treasurer of the Fund, Mr. VELJKO SIKIRICA (home: or business:

More information on the DECANI MONASTERY RELIEF FUND (DMRF) you may also find on our Web Site at

Children are our future - a little Serb girl from Pristina
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