Visoki Decani
Serbian Orthodox Monastery

Decani, October 19, 2001

Dear friends,

Thank you for the packages which you have sent to us. All brothers here rejoice so much. Everything is just great and will be so useful for us because we have no supermarket around to buy all those things. Your photos are wonderful and signatures. But the greatest thing is your love and wish to help us who live so far away from you.

You know, we are simply proud to have such friends as you are. We are also happy to see that you like our photos. Hopefully, one day you will come to visit us and Fr. Daniel will show you all our calves. In the surrounding we have a lots of mountains and you'll feel right at home. But for that day to come, we must pray for peace in Kosovo because it's not so peaceful everywhere like in your beautiful Utah.

I want you to know that every night when you go to sleep you have your friends - monks of Decani - who pray for you in a far away country, in an old church. We've sent some little paper icons for you to remind you of us, a few books and, of course, a brand new Page on our Web Site which I am sure you will like very much.

May God bless you, pals.

Monks of Visoki Decani Monastery