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Children from Wellsville Elementary help Visoki Decani Monastery

"I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants", Mat 11:25



Wellsville children and Decani monks give their humble contribution to
building American - Serb friendship

On October 16th US soldiers from Camp Bondsteel (Kosovo) brought to Visoki Decani Monastery several hygiene and medical packages as donation by children from Elementary School in Wellsville (Utah). The children first heard about Decani Monastery from one of US soldiers who was serving in KFOR and later learned more about the Monastery and its community browsing the Decani Web Site.

Message to Decani Monks

The message to the monks
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Wellsville Elementary
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On the initiative of Heidi Jacobsen, a multi-cultural education Specialist in Wellsville Elementary the children from Wellsville Elementary soon launched an action "Help Decani Monks" and began earning money to buy supplies for Decani Monastery. They worked for their families and neighbors in order to earn money by their own little hands. As the diagram on the school wall shows, the action was progressing with a lot of success as the response from all children was better than expected. At the end they bought various hygiene articles and medicines, packed them up and sent to Kosovo. The packages arrived to US Bonsteel Camp and were soon after brought by US soldiers to the monastery together with a large paper covered with signatures of the kids which took part in this action and their message to Decani Monks.

A Letter to Wellsville children from Decani Monks

Decani Monastery e-mail


Heidi Jacobsen
Heidi Jacobsen showing the progress of the humanitarian aciton (click to enlarge)
The children printed out the photos from our Web Site
Thanks to the Internet Decani monks and American children from Utah
get to know one another

Packages have reached destination
The packages have finally reached destination
Fr. Sava and Fr. Ezechiel with US soldiers who delivered supplies
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Fr. Sava and Fr. Ezekiel
"The greatest thing is that all this comes from the hearts of these little ones", said Fr. Sava THANK YOU PALS
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Nestled at the base of the Wellsville Mountain lies Wellsville - Cache County's (Utah) oldest settlement. The distance from Wellsville to the Utah State capital Salt Lake City - the city of Olympics 2002 is 54 miles and the population of this beautiful little town is around 2200.

More about the history of Wellsville, Utah

A scene from Wellsville
A scene from Wellsville

Wellsville Mountains
Picturesque Wellsville Mountains


These two pages are only a humble expression of the gratitude of Decani monks to their little friends in Utah and their teachers. We pray and hope that day will come when Wellsville Elementary children will come to Kosovo and be our guests.

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