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Daily press briefing of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija

Gracanica, July 7, 2000

  • PAVK, Continuation of debate on local offices and law on municipalities
  • William Nash, administrator of Kosovska Mitrovica, in Gracanica

    At today's session of the PAVK, debate continued on local offices for national communities and the temporary law on municipalities in Kosovo. As in the previous two sessions, this meeting was not attended by Mr. Hasim Thaci. Representing the SNV at the meeting was Protosyncellus Sava Janjic. In a lively discussion on the agreement between the SNV and UNMIK, Dr. Kouchner again reiterated that this agreement is supported not only by UNMIK but by the entire international community. Namely, the head of the UN mission stated that he spoke yesterday by telephone with Kofi Annan who insisted that the agreed upon measures for the protection of the Serb population be implemented. Mr. Tom Kennigs (sp?) presented a portion of the temporary law on municipalities in which it is clearly said that in those municipalities in which there is a significant minority population, community offices are to be formed. These community offices will be an integral part of the municipal administration and will be of a temporary nature in accordance with Resolution 1244. These offices will concern themselves with the protection of rights of the local population and the securement of equal access for the community to public services at the municipal level. In addition to these community offices, municipal sub-offices will be formed according to need in order to ensure secure and safe access to public services. The head of the main community office will serve in the official capacity of a member of the board of municipal board of directors and will report on the work of the community offices to the committee for communities of the municipal assembly.

    Also discussed was greater representation of Serbs and other non-Albanians in the Kosovo police and the formation of Serb police station under UNMIK control in the regions where Serbs live.


    Today in Gracanica a meeting was held between Episcope Artemije and members of the Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohija, and Mr. William Nash, the regional administrator of Kosovska Mitrovica. They spoke regarding the improvement of the position of the Serb people and the resolution of problems in the region of Mitrovica. Episcope Artemije emphasized that the issue of Mitrovica cannot be resolved outside of the context of Kosovo and Metohija as a whole and that the full integration of the two parts of Mitrovica will be possible only when freedom and integration of all residents on the territory is secured. It is absurd to talk about the rights of Albanians to return to the northern part of Mitrovica and not mention nor work toward the return of the Serbs to Pristina, Prizren, Pec and other cities from where the Serbs have been expelled.

    William Nash placed great emphasis on the significance of the return of the Serb population to their homes and pledged to increase activities on the return of the expelled Serbs within the framework of the committee for returns. Episcope Artemije indicated that Mr. Ivanovic had been invited several times to join the work of the committee and that his presence would contribute to the return of the displaced. The committee for returns today addressed a separate letter to Mr. Ivanovic proposing that he consider the possibility of joining the work of this body in order to better coordinate activities relating to returns.

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