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Daily press briefing of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija

Gracanica, October 7, 2000


Yesterday's address by former FRY president Slobodan Milosevic represents the acme of political cynicism and his personal shamelessness. After more than 10 years of political terror, police repression, numerous electoral thefts, the most vulgar media manipulation, the blood and suffering of millions of people, Slobodan Milosevic attempts to present himself as a responsible politician who is calmly accepting defeat and even provocatively planning further political battle. This kind of address and the tenor of his speech would make sense only had he acted as a responsible politician during all the previous years. However, only a few days ago Milosevic was calling the representatives of the opposition names of various animals and threatening the people with chaos and the collapse of the state in the event of the victory of the man whom he is now congratulating in a sportsmanlike manner. The pinnacle of cynicism is his explanation that he learned of his defeat and Dr. Kostunica's victory from the electoral commission which allegedly "discovered" at the last moment that tens of thousands of Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija did not vote for Milosevic.

The SNC is firmly convinced that this is a blatant political swindle and strategy for Milosevic to continue to pull the strings though his hidden centers of power - his watchdogs in the army, police and the secret service, while Vojislav Kostunica would only formally be the president of the country. Milosevic's mistake lies in the fact that he still is unaware of what has happened in Serbia and with the entire people. Hence it is important that opposition forces replace as soon as possible all compromised state officials and representatives who supported the reign of terror and immediately initiate court proceedings against Milosevic and his closest associates. The theft of electoral votes, the misuse of the media, police terror against the youth of our country, against reporters, kidnappings and assassinations, as well as numerous financial malversations and thefts are sufficient reason for Milosevic and his immediate circle to soon find themselves behind bars. A special responsibility of the new democratic government is the initiation of a detailed investigation in the origin of the property of Milosevic, his family and associates, while the international community should block his accounts abroad until this investigation is completed.

On the whole, Milosevic's public address yesterday was only yet another of his desperate attempts to avoid confrontation with reality and responsibility toward his own people and state. The tolerance of the entire criminal circle around Slobodan Milosevic, including him personally as well as his almighty spouse, would undermine the process of the democratic rebirth of our country at the start and create dissatisfaction among the people.

The SNC believes that President Kostunica, together with the leaders of the democratic opposition, will find the best strategy to avoid direct confrontation with segments of the army and police and, at the same time, to establish a legal state and the rule of law. With Milosevic free and especially, active within the Socialist Party of Serbia, Serbia will again be subject to gradual isolation and it is by no means excluded that after a few months the old regime may return to power after consolidating its shaken and panic-stricken ranks.

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