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Daily press briefing of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija

Gracanica, October 26, 2000

  • Bishop Artemije receives representatives of the Kosovo Democracy Team
  • Dutch government invests 4 million DM for assistance to Serbs in Kosovo
  • Serb Radio KIM receives equipment to begin broadcasting

    Today in the monastery of Gracanica a meeting was held at which Bishop Artemije spoke with representatives of the Kosovo Democracy Team (KDT) acting within the framework of the OSCE parliamentary assembly. The KDT was represented by Ms. Elizabeth Maijer of the Dutch parliament and Ms. Grethe G. Fossum, a member of the Dutch parliament, and associates. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Norbert Both, the representative of the Dutch government in Pristina.

    Bishop Artemije presented the situation in which Kosovo-Metohija Serbs are living to the KDT guests, emphasizing that it is completely unrealistic to expect the normal participation of the Serbs in democratic processes in Kosovo under conditions of discrimination and continued violence against Serbs by extremist Albanians. How is it possible to expect the Serbs to go to the polling booths together with the Albanians when there is a knife at their throat, emphasized the president of the SNC. Father Sava Janjic said that it is necessary for European governments to encourage tolerance and stop violence through economic measures. Money should not be invested in larger projects in municipalities in Kosovo and Metohija where intense violence and discrimination on an ethnic basis continue unabated in order to encourage the Albanian population to behave in a more tolerant manner, said the secretary to Episcope Artemije. Bishop Artemije placed special emphasis on the need to establish the rule of law and that without securing of basic conditions for a free life for all there will be and there can be no free elections and development of democracy.


    Dr. Norbert V. Both, the representative of the government of the Kingdom of Holland, informed Bishop Artemije and Father Sava Janjic during the meeting with KDT members that the Dutch government has already invested four million German marks to be used for financing of roads between the Serb villages built as a part of Operation Trojan. This involves roads between the village of Preoce and Kosovo Polje, between Laplje Selo and Livadje, and a so-called railroad route running parallel to the railway between Kosovo Polje and Lipljan. Two of these three roads are expected to be paved by the end of the year which would ensure better and more secure transportation, especially considering that in the past landmines have been placed on these cobblestone paths which have resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians.

    The SNC was very active in advocating the construction of these roads and from the very beginning of Operation Trojan has provided support to the KFOR Brigade Center which is carrying out work.

    Dr. Both also advised the SNC that the Dutch government has established a fund to assist minority communities in Kosovo and Metohija to finance small projects of up to 100,000 value. The fund will be headed by Ambassador Daan Everts, the OSCE head in Kosovo. By the end of the year, 250,000 U.S. dollars will be invested in this fund.


    Yesterday, October 25, in the afternoon the Serb radio station of Kosovo and Metohija in the village of Caglavica near Pristina received all technical equipment necessary to begin broadcasting. Radio KIM is one of the most important projects to date of the SNC and five Western governments (United States, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and Greece). The SNC is represented in this project by Archmonk Nektarije who will work on organizing the religious part of the program. In the next few days, the equipment will be set up in the offices of the restored cultural center in Caglavica and will begin broadcasting at a frequency of 92.5 FM. At first, the radio program will be heard in the area of central Kosovo; in the next phase, its range will be increased. The basic intention of the SNC, which is embarking on this project with great enthusiasm, is for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija to receive a professional and objective radio program which is expected to contribute to the process of democratization and the creation of better living conditions in this region.

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