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Daily press briefing of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija

Gracanica, August 19, 2000

  • Albanian terrorists wound nine Serb children near Obilic
  • Albanian extremism needs to be called by its true name - commentary by Father Sava
  • KFOR from United Arab Emirates directly responsible for destruction of Orthodox church in Vucitrn

    The Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija most strongly condemns the newest vile act by Albanian terrorists who in their attack yesterday wounded nine Serb children playing on a basketball court in the village of Crkvena Vodica, 10 km. west of Pristina, near Obilic. This immoral and cowardly attack on children shows the horrific degree of hatred and terror which for the past year has continued unabated against the Serb people. The SNC expects the international community to not only verbally condemn this attack but to undertake concrete action and clearly identify this crime as a TERRORIST attack. Special responsibility in this regard is borne by Albanian leaders who must not only condemn this act by murderers of children but contribute to the investigation by revealing the perpetrators of this attack.

    We bring you the latest reports of Beta news agency:


    08:25 CET - Eight children were seriously wounded in a bomb explosion near Obilic - Eight children were seriously wounded on Friday evening in the village of Crkvene Vodice near Obilic when a bomb exploded which was tossed from an automobile, radio amateurs in the region of central Kosovo reported. The wounded include Djordje Djordjevic, Vidosava Djordjevic, Vladimir Vojinovic, Bojan Jovic, Tijana Jovovic, Danijela Stevic, Tamara Markovic and Olivera Nikolic. According to the same source, the children's ages range from five to 15 years old.

    Citing Serb sources in Obilic, the radio amateurs report that the children sustained serious injuries and that they were immediately transferred to the hospital in Kosovo Polje. The explosive device was thrown from an "Opel Vektra" automobile without license plates only 20 meters from a KFOR check-point, sources say. According to the radio amateurs, the automobile with the attackers managed to flee in the direction of the neighboring village of Leskovcic. The explosion was so strong that it also damaged two UNMIK police vehicles, a KFOR jeep and three automobiles owned by Albanians, the same source states.


    On Friday evening KFOR confirmed the bomb attack in the village of Crkvene Vodice near Obilic, stated that NINE children up to the age of 15 years were wounded in that attack. Sources in the British sector of KFOR told Beta agency that two explosive devices were tossed from an automobile at approximately 7:50 p.m. at a basketball court in Crkvene Vodice and stated that on that occasion nine children were lightly injured.

    British KFOR advised that there was no KFOR check-point in the vicinity but instead there was an UNMIK police patrol.


    Commentary by Father Sava

    It is with great pain that we received the alarming news regarding the newest terrorist attack by Albanian terrorists in which nine Serb children in the village of Crkvena Vodica near Obilic were wounded. This attack has torn the final mask from Albanian terrorism which in full daylight in front of the entire international community is showing the horrifying portrait of chaos in Kosovo and Metohija. Under the protectorate of the international community and the most powerful countries in the world, murderers of children, destroyers of medieval churches, drug dealers, organizers of prostitution and white slave marketers are acting with impunity in Kosovo. Despite the enormous number of terrorist attacks being carried out with every known type of weapon, including automatic weapons, rocket launchers, landmines and rifle grenades which are falling on our monasteries, the highest representatives of UNMIK still persist in refusing to acknowledge the existence of ALBANIAN TERRORISM in Kosovo and Metohija, and in talking about "extremism" as an undefined phenomenon which obscures both its strength and the course of its development.

    Yesterday, on the eve of the Orthodox Christian holy day of the Holy Transfiguration, Albanian terrorists wished the Serbs a happy holiday by attacking Serb children who will bear the physical and spiritual scars of the attack their whole lives; by destroying the only Orthodox church in the center of the town of Vucitrn; and by a rocket attack on the building housing the only remaining Serbian institution in Pristina, the Center for Peace and Tolerance.

    Is all this a coincidence? Are these "incidents", "accidents" or open terrorist attacks aimed at expelling the remaining Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija?

    Perhaps all this would not be so tragic if it were taking place during wartime, when it is impossible to easily defend civilians from armed attacks; but all this is happening ONE YEAR following the establishment of so-called international peace, in the presence of almost 50,000 of the best trained troops in the world, before the eyes and to the DISHONOR of the United Nations, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and all the other governments which by their silence and unpreparedness to implement the resolution which they themselves passed are committing a new crime and injustice against innocent people, children, the centuries-old and ancient Christian tradition.

    During this entire time, Albanian political leaders, expertly trained by their mentors on how to give colorless and insincere statements in favor "multiculturalism and multiethnicity", continue to evade confronting the fact that by their silence and quiet acquiescence to violence, they are building a monstrous political creation based on terrorism, organized crime and Nazi-like discrimination of everything that is not Albanian.

    How long with Europe and the United States continue to tolerate Albanian FASCISM in Kosovo?

    When will the powerful in the great capitols of the world who are pathetically "seriously concerned" for all who are victims of the repressive regimes come to their senses and see that here UNDER THEIR RULE and WITHIN THEIR SPHERE OF RESPONSIBILITY terrorists are carrying out a NEW WAVE OF ETHNIC CLEANSING directly under the protection of the international "humanitarian mission"?

    The SNC is cognizant of the fact that Albanian terrorism cannot be defeated overnight but the international community bears direct responsibility for its development and continued existence during the post-war period. The international community has CONCEALED and DIRECTLY ASSISTED Albanian terrorism under the guise of a WAR OF LIBERATION; now, incapable of keeping it under control, it has institutionalized it in the form of the Kosovo Protection Corps. Albanian terrorists who previously carried out executions, took over municipalities by force, stole Serb and Romany property, set on fire and burned while KFOR was putting up its tents, were declared overnight to be firefighters and members of a civil protection corps even though they continue to carry out illegal actions.

    It is become clear that the ESSENCE of the failure of the international community in Kosovo and Metohija lies in the fact that their entire strategy for the resolution of the Kosovo problem is based on the idea of the ALBANIAN VICTIM and SERBIAN EXTREMISM. This is the platform on which the international missions of KFOR and UNMIK were built which in more than a year in Kosovo are incapable of recognizing acts of classic terrorism but continue to talk about the frustrated Albanians who are driven each day to kill some child or woman or to set a church on fire in order to calm their frustration. This philosophy is not only IMMORAL but leads directly to an escalation in extremism among Albanians, who in the end will turn on the international missions themselves, like Osma bin Laden and Hamas turned on their former sponsors.

    In the end, the Western governments want to forget about Kosovo and to avoid direct confrontation with terrorism, knowing full well that Western democracy still has no answer to terrorism in its own countries, let alone in the brutal Balkans. Does this mean that the Serbs, Romanies, Bosniacs and moderate Albanians are to be sacrificed to the insatiable terror of the credo of a Greater Albania? We don't want to believe that this is the case but it is blatantly apparent that the Western governments ARE NOT prepared to call Albanian terrorism by its true name ONLY because they would be forced to fight it, too, as they are fighting against terrorism in its own countries (Northern Ireland, the Basque, Corsica, the Red Brigades, RAF, etc.)


    Representatives of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren and the SNC unanimously are of the opinion that yesterday's destruction of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Vucitrn is the direct responsibility of the KFOR forces from the United Arab Emirates. From well-informed sources, the Diocese of Raska and Prizren has learned that the church was "secured" by no less than 20 Arab troops who permitted Albanian terrorists to carry out an attack on the Church. During the previous destruction of the church of St. Nicholas in [the Vucitrn village of] Banjska [on January 30, 2000], the Diocese learned from well-informed sources that the attack was coordinated with Arab troops which withdrew at the decisive moment and permitted the terrorists to destroy the church.

    Despite the fact that KFOR accepted responsibility for the defense of Orthodox churches in the Province, the commander of KFOR, General [Juan] Ortuno, and the commander of the French multinational brigade North did not find it necessary to advise Bishop Artemije of this terrorist attack; instead, they allowed the Bishop to learn of this attack casually during the course of a personal conversation. Such behavior is not only unprofessional and irresponsible but maximally discourteous and harmful to the relationship of the Serb community and Church with KFOR as a whole. Unfortunately, this is not the only instance of such behavior. With a knife at its throat, the Church, which in these most difficult times has found the strength to cooperate with those who have not captured a single perpetrator of these barbaric acts, is now forced to read about the destruction of its own shrines in the daily papers.

    Taking all this into account, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Diocese of Raska and Prizren hold the responsible forces of KFOR equally responsible for not performing the task with which they were entrusted. Not a single Serb remained in Vucitrn whom they needed to protect; only a church remained which is now destroyed. The Diocese will consequently seek monetary COMPENSATION through the highest bodies of the UN, the European Union and the governments of the Western countries for all its churches which have been destroyed during the post-war period. The funds received will be kept for the renovation of the destroyed churches when the time is right. KFOR and UNMIK, who have not resolved ONE case, not ONE single case, to date of the destruction of a church are responsible for carrying out, at least, monetary reparations to the Church.

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