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Daily press briefing of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija

Gracanica, October 10, 2000

  • FRY President Vojislav Kostunica talks with Bishop Artemije in Belgrade
  • Father Sava talks with Paddy Ashdown in Gracanica
  • Addition: “Danas” article on meeting of President Kostunica and Bishop Artemije (11 october 2000)

    Today the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Mr. Vojislav   Kostunica, received Episcope Artemije, the president of the Serb National   Council, in Belgrade. During a very sincere and constructive meeting,   President Kostunica expressed support for the work of Bishop Artemije,   placing special emphasis on the very important role of the Church in new   democratic processes. On this occasion Bishop Artemije congratulated Mr.   Kostunica personally as well on his electoral victory in the name of the   entire membership of the SNC, the clergy and monkery of the Diocese of Raska   and Prizren. Since the SNC consists of representatives of almost all   opposition parties, the victory of the freedom-loving people of Serbia under   the leadership of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia is, at the same time,   the victory of all democratic forces in Kosovo and Metohija. Bishop Artemije   invited President Kostunica to visit our southern province in the near   future and Mr. Kostunica accepted, indicating that he would like the meeting   to be held in the monastery of Gracanica. The SNC wholeheartedly supports   the new FRY president with the firm conviction that the new democratic   government by its wise and prudent policies will make possible an   improvement in the position of the Serb people and other endangered   communities in Kosovo and Metohija and enable the preservation of the   sovereignty of FRY and the republic of Serbia with the support of the whole   democratic world. The SNC will continue in its previous political and   national activities in intensive coordination with the new democratic state   organs of FRY.

    Also visiting Belgrade is Dr. Rada Trajkovic, vice-president of the   Democratic Christian Party of Serbia (DHSS) and the Serb representative in   the Interim Administrative Council of Kosovo. Dr. Trajkovic will appear   before the free media in the near future in order to acquaint the Serbian   public first-hand with the situation in Kosovo and the position of the SNC.


    Today Protosyncellus Sava Janic spoke in the monastery of Gracanica with the   representative of the British government for Balkan issues, Paddy Ashdown.   Mr. Ashdown visited Gracanica together with the head of the British office   in Pristina, Mr. David Slinn. During the course of the one hour-long   meeting, special consideration was given to the influence of new democratic   changes in Serbia on the development of the political process in Kosovo and   Metohija. Protosyncellus Sava emphasized that the victory of democratic   forces in Belgrade and the fall of the Milosevic regime represents a turning   point in the development of the political process in the Province as the FRY   Government is now able to take an active role in the resolution of this   problem with full political credibility and the support of the international   community. With regard to the position of the Kosovo Serbs, Father Sava told   the eminent British diplomat that a systematic campaign of terror and   extreme ethnic discrimination is still continuing against the Serbs and   other non-Albanian communities. Everything in Kosovo that is not Albanian is   exposed to persecution and violence which is confirmed by the fact that   among Albanian political structures at this time there does not exist a   credible democratic force capable of stopping Albanian violence in Kosovo   against other communities. Furthermore, Kosovo with each passing day is   further sinking into violence, criminal activities, drug smuggling and   prostitution as attested to by numerous reports of international   representatives and journalists. After the change in the government in   Belgrade, the SNC believes that the world will adopt a much more objective   position toward the resolution of the Kosovo problem and that after the fall   of Milosevic, extremist forces among the Kosovo Albanians which have been   active under the cover of the poor image of the Belgrade regime will find   themselves under political pressure.


    Danas, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
    October 11, 2000

    Resolution of Kosovo problems through joint efforts

    By Jelena Tasic

    Belgrade - FRY president Vojislav Kostunica received the Episcope of Raska   and Prizren, Artemije (Radosavljevic), also the president of the Serb   National Council of Kosovo and Metohija, yesterday in the Palace of the   Federation. The main topics discussed were the change of the government in   FRY, the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, and the position of the Kosovo   Serbs, Bishop Artemije told “Danas”, assessing the meeting with the new   Yugoslav president as “sincere and pleasant”.

    “We discussed the change of the government in Belgrade and how the newly   created political situation in the country will influence the resolution of   the problem of Kosovo and Metohija. We expect that Kosovo and Metohija will   open up toward Serbia in the near future, and via Serbia and Yugoslavia,   toward the world. From now on it will be much easier to work on resolving   the Kosovo problem within the framework of UN Resolution 1244 through joint   efforts with the democratic government in Belgrade,” said Bishop Artemije   and added that this is “also a turning point for the international   community, which will no longer be able to work on resolving the Kosovo   issue without Serbia and FRY, as it has been doing in the past because it   had a good excuse for doing so in former Yugoslav president Slobodan   Milosevic”.

    Bishop Artemije announced that his next meeting with the new FRY president   will most probably take place in Gracanica upon the suggestion of Mr.   Kostunica himself at yesterday’s meeting.

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