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Selected headlines from Kosovo Daily News

Compilation from Serbian media, prepared by editorial staff of the Voice of Kosovo and Metohija

Thursday, May 4, 2000

  • Serb from Gnjilane is killed
  • Two boys are wounded from the left NATO's bomb
  • Two bodies found
  • Thrown bombs on Serb children
  • Little girl died while waiting to cross the "border"
  • Terrorist attack on police checkpoint
  • Serb engineers released by KFOR
  • American soldiers arrested three engineers of Serbia's Post, Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise
  • Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica jail continue hunger strike
  • Fight for return
  • Protest in Mitrovica
  • Serbs rally in U.N.-administered Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Bishop Artemije: Urgently apply Resolution 1244 in practice
  • Bishop Artemije about return of the Serbs
  • Rohan asks for condemnation of violence
  • Yugoslavia lodges protest with the Security Council
  • Reports from Kosovo subjected to censorship
  • Chuse: Bernard Kouchner's mission failed
  • Kosovo Albanians still illegally entering Great Britain
  • PEN demands release of Brovina
  • Wednesday, May 3, 2000

  • Serb from Pasjane killed in his field
  • A bomb thrown on a Romany woman
  • Serb shot by KFOR troops after hit and run
  • KFOR French troops wound Serb civilian
  • Kosovo-Metohija Albanian terrorists torch another Serb house
  • Bomb attack on a crowd of Serb children
  • Albanians tried to kidnap a Serb girl
  • Albanian terrorist attack in Bosnjacka mahala
  • New Albanian terrorist attack in Pones
  • Terrorism in villages Klobukar and Bostane
  • Hand grenade thrown at the Yugoslav Committee for Cooperation with UNMIK offices
  • Three Serb engineers arrested
  • US warns Albanians against provocations in southern Serbia
  • Committee for return of Kosovo Serbs established
  • KFOR breaks promise to return ethnic Albanians to the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Ivanovic confers with OSCE delegation
  • UNMIK Chief in Kosovo Bernard Kouchner: Protection of Serbs has changed the character of UN mission
  • Odalovic - Kouchner's census cannot be legal or legitimate
  • Cherm Abrazi: We do not want Kouchner`s census
  • Security Council must deal with imprisoned Kosovars: delegation head
  • Former KLA chief awards decoration to NATO commander
  • Tuesday, May 2, 2000

  • Ethnic Albanians kill Romany woman in bomb attack
  • Kosovo-Metohia Albanian terrorists torch another Serb house
  • Illegal arms arrests in Kosovo
  • Clark on farewell tour of Kosovo
  • Serbs demand that KFOR pay the construction of the church in Grncar
  • KFOR breaks promise to return ethnic Albanians to the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Rebuilding of NATO-bombed murino starts in Montenegro, Yugoslavia
  • Pact for stability approves Kosovo projects
  • Monday, May 1, 2000

  • Eighty years old Serb beaten up
  • Ethnic Albanians ravage Serb cemetery in U.N.-ruled Kosovo-Metohia
  • Serbs in Kosovo-Metohia still in danger
  • Calm returns to Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Serbs in U.N-administered Kosovska Mitrovica celebrate Easter
  • Serbian National Council in Kosovska Mitrovica intends to join Serbian opposition
  • Lavrov: Resolution of the UN Security Council has not been applied
  • UN Security Council satisfied with work of UN Mission
  • Commission of the State Duma accuses international mission in Kosmet
  • Saturday, Apr 29, 2000

  • SNC: Kosovo Serbs Issue MEMORANDUM Against Violence and Discrimination in Kosovo
  • Albanian terrorists blew up Serbian church in Grncar
  • Kosovo Albanian terrorists mine Serb church on orthodox holiday
  • Desecrated Serbian cemetery in Ajvalija
  • Albanian extremists pelt with stones busses full of Serbs
  • Presevo Valley under control: Ortuno
  • SNF official Oliver Ivanovic: No conditions for census, elections in Kosovo and Metohija
  • Security Council delegation meets demonstrators
  • Montenegrin police arrest 15 Turkish citizens at border
  • Albanian narco-mafia took global leadership
  • Russia has a serious plan for Kosovo
  • IFJ: No media supervision in Kosovo
  • Patriarch in Kosovo
  • Pashal Message of his Holiness Patriarch Pavle
  • Friday, Apr 28, 2000

  • International terrorist Osama bin Laden in Kosovo and Metohia
  • Serbian house burnt down in Obilic
  • KFOR commander warned that attacks on KFOR would not be tolerated: One Russian soldier killed
  • In Kosovska Mitrovica region census postponed
  • Zivkovic: Census not legal
  • Kosovo Roma will boycott Kosovo elections and census
  • At the invitation of UNMIK Chief: UN Security Council delegation in Kosovo today
  • Kouchner: Serbs and Albanians not ready for coexistence
  • Unnoted example of ecological war until now
  • Demonstrations bring Pristina to a standstill
  • Thursday, Apr 27, 2000

  • Politika: International terrorist Osama Bin Laden is in Kosovo
  • Serb house burnt
  • More arms found in Kosovo
  • Kosovo Serbs to boycott census, election
  • Representatives of fry committee for cooperation with UN hold talks on detained Serbs
  • Vojislav Kostunica and Hasim Thaqi gave written opinions about Kosovo to Beta agency: Opposite stances about Kosovo status
  • Ecological and health changes would be manifested in following decades
  • War crime court in Kosovo
  • Del Ponte requests visa
  • Albert Roan visits Kosovo
  • Djukanovic goes to Tirana
  • Wednesday, Apr 26, 2000

  • Five bodies found in Kosovo
  • Serb village Pantina near Vucitrn razed
  • Serbian houses blasted in Kosovska Vitina
  • Detained Serbs, Romanies in 14th day of hunger strike
  • Health of striking Serb prisoners increasingly worsening
  • Detainees send letter to Bernard Kouchner
  • Bishop Artemije and Momcilo Trajkovic about visit to Russia and Greece: Kosovo has to find its place in Yugoslavia
  • Representatives of SNF met KFOR high-ranking officer: Permanent Albanian provocation
  • KFOR soldier tragically died
  • 659 caught tularemia
  • Independent: Serbs seriously suffer
  • U.S. officer wants to serve in Yugoslav army
  • Dimitrov warns KFOR commander in Macedonia
  • Ministers of Montenegro and Albania signed yesterday: Memorandum on cooperation
  • Albania and Montenegro sign trade agreement
  • Tuesday, Apr 25, 2000

  • Kosovo Albanians fire nine shells at Gorazdevac
  • UNMIK police find body of slain Serb from Badovac
  • Still nothing is known about the destiny of kidnapped Serbs
  • Serbian Church and 100 gravestones destroyed in Pantina
  • Archpriest Nojic visited the confined Serbs
  • The European Union obstructs the return of Serbs in Kosmet
  • KFOR apologized to Jovanovic
  • SNF chairman Oliver Ivanovic meets with gen. Ortuno
  • Monday, Apr 24, 2000

  • UNMIK found the body of the Serb from Badovac
  • Nine shells fired at Gorazdevac
  • Nine bombshells on Gorazdevac
  • Further incidents in Kosovo
  • Ethnic Albanians again set fire to Serb houses
  • Incidents in Zubin Potok and Devic
  • Group of Kosovo Albanian hooligans attack Serbs in Susica with bats
  • KFOR troops harass local Serb activist in Kosovo-Metohia
  • Orahovac Serb under permanent surveillance
  • Local priest gave Mitrovica prisoners Communion
  • Women protest outside prison where innocent Serbs are languishing
  • Journalists visit Albanians imprisoned in Yugoslavia
  • Ortuno pledges support for the return of Serbs to Kosovo
  • Ivanovic met with Ortuno
  • SNF: No conditions for Kosovo census
  • KFOR: No jail for Kosovo Serbs in Slivovo
  • Kouchner: I am not an anti-Serb
  • Dangerous platform of AASA
  • Saturday, Apr 22, 2000

  • Two Albanian attackers killed
  • Two Albanians killed and two Serb policemen injured in Bujanovac
  • Further deaths in Kosovo
  • One German soldier killed himself
  • Traces of Albanian vandalism still could be seen in Devic
  • Hunger strike in Kosovska Mitrovica continues
  • Demand for Serbs to have medical protection is refused
  • Store robbed in Gnjilane
  • Ivanovic met regional administrator of Kosovska Mitrovica region
  • Kosovo-Metohia Serbs say UN mission failed
  • PDD requires autonomy
  • Occurrence of tularemia in the province of Kosovo-Metohia
  • Kouchner doesn’t recognize Egyptian community in Kosovo and Metohia
  • Espresso: Albanian government in firm contact with mafia
  • Friday, Apr 21, 2000

  • Mitrovica prison authorities refuse to allow doctors to visit Serbs
  • Statement of a pathologist to the court: Dead bodies in Klecka burnt and torn to pieces by axe
  • Albanian assassin escaped from prison
  • Three Albanians arrested for illegal possession of weapons: Shooting against KFOR
  • KFOR troops injured
  • Yugoslav Minister: At least 240,000 fled U.N.-ruled Kosovo-Metohija
  • Kouchner`s census - legalization of ethnic cleansing
  • Yugoslav official insists Eurocorps protect Serbs, non-Albanians
  • Kosovo-Metohia Albanian leader blast lawlessness under U.N. rule
  • Comersant: Moscow turned toward Kosovo Serbs
  • New administrator for Kosovska Mitrovica region
  • Thursday, Apr 20, 2000

  • 31 armed incidents in the south of Serbia during a year : Most incidents in "tampon" zone
  • New attacks on Serbs
  • Kfor: A girl injured
  • Albanians destroy Serb roots in Vucitrn municipality
  • Goranians could disappear as a separate ethnic identity
  • 472 persons are in Albanian concentration camps
  • Hunger strike Serbs in serious condition
  • An appeal for help to those Serbs who are in prison in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Bishop Artemije and Momcilo Trajkovic for "Blic" daily about visit to Russia: Ivanov supported activities of Serb National Council
  • Kosovo Serbs meet Russian foreign minister
  • Kosovo Polje Serb official lashes out against KFOR, UNMIK
  • Serbs ready to return
  • Peace and security for all in Kosovo
  • International Red Cross Committee announced: Another 21 Albanians released
  • Financial Times: European countries do not listen to Kouchner
  • Kosovo Election Commission sits
  • Central election commission had its first meeting on Tuesday: Seat for Serbs "empty"
  • Mass Albanian trial in Nis
  • Albanians deny charges
  • Wednesday, Apr 19, 2000

  • Serbian church dynamited in U.N.-ruled Kosovo-Metohija's Zociste
  • Serb house comes under armed attack in Gornja Brnjica village
  • Repeated burning of Serbian property
  • Rocket attack on Pristina independent radio
  • Two persons injured in explosion downtown Pristina the day before yesterday: Official flat of radio station "Kontakt" bomb-shelled
  • The downtown of Pristina under the attacks of terrorists who are using hand grenades
  • Local Serb officials in Strpce meet with KFOR commander
  • Riza Halimi warns of again increased tensions in the south of Serbia: "OVPBM" does not want to be disarmed
  • UNMIK fails to respond to request by Serb prisoners on hunger strike
  • Kosovska Mitrovica court favours ethnic Albanians, works against Serbs
  • UNMIK reports corruption among Pristina ethnic Albanian officials
  • Trial of large ethnic Albanian terrorist group opens in Serbia
  • Mass trial of Kosovo Albanians in Nis
  • Kosovo Serbs will meet Russian Patriarch
  • Ethnic Albanian terrorists set to erase every trace of Serbs' presence
  • Letter of Vladislav Jovanovic
  • Ambassador Brankovic's letter to the U.N. Commission
  • Yugoslavia’a Vukicevic says KFOR, UNMIK fall down on the job
  • UNMIK requires information about uranium
  • Changing the guard in Kosovo
  • Guardian: Eurocorps to run Kosovo peace force
  • Primakov: Kosovo and Metohija could be only within Yugoslavia
  • Kosovo Albanian refugees to leave Britain
  • Epidemic in Kosovo
  • Tuesday, Apr 18, 2000

  • Investigation of crimes against Serbs
  • Der Spiegel: UN police investigating Thaci, other KLA leaders
  • Albanians attack Serbian police in Kosovo border area
  • Ethnic Albanians beat up brothers Petronijevic
  • Ethnic Albanians savagely beat up two Serbs
  • Serb priest attacked
  • Kosovo Albanian terrorists torch Serb village near Pec
  • New attack in Cernica
  • Serbs are forced to pay for their freedom
  • Imprisoned Kosovo Serbs continue hunger strike, send letter
  • Protest of the Egyptians who are expelled from the Kosovo-Metohija
  • Trial for terrorism
  • UNMIK reports corruption among Pristina ethnic Albanian officials
  • Ethnic Albanian publicist - Situation in Kosovo and Metohija deteriorating
  • Bishop Artemije and Momcilo Trajkovic in Moscow: Agreement about return of the Serbs in Kosovo
  • Kosovo Serbs in Moscow
  • Bishop Artemije on TV "Svitel": West didn’t recognize its mistakes yet
  • Census in Kosovska Mitrovica region on 26-th April
  • German General yesterday officially replaced by a Spanish General from Eurocorps: Ortunho new KFOR commander
  • Health problems of KFOR members due to Depleted Uranium
  • KFOR: 12 persons detained
  • Exhumation resumed
  • Monday, Apr 17, 2000

  • "Spiegel": The investigation of the UN against Taci and other leaders of "KLA"
  • Magazine "Dani": Albanian mafia and KLA
  • Shooting in Pec
  • New attack on police checkpoint
  • Terrorists burnt down Serbian village
  • 250 Serb houses disappeared in fire
  • Persecution of Serbs by KFOR and Albanians is in the last phase
  • KFOR seized arms from the Albanians
  • Macedonia under the pressure of Albanian terrorists
  • Rugova warns of further conflict in Kosovo
  • Ibrahim Rugova warned that Albanians "will not accept to return in Yugoslavia": Either independent Kosovo or new war
  • Sunday times: Depleted uranium in Kosovo
  • Yugoslav committee delegation for cooperation with UNMIK visited Serb prisoners
  • UNMIK accepted Serb demands
  • US planning return of displaced Serbs to Kosovo
  • Serbs will not participate in civil registration
  • Serb political organizations in Kosovo: No conditions for registration of population
  • SOC will leave the political arena
  • Pristina overrun by rats
  • A fight among KFOR soldiers
  • Kukan for respecting the territorial integrity of the FRY
  • Saturday, Apr 15, 2000

  • KFOR troops refuse to arrest ethnic Albanian suspected of murder
  • KFOR refused to arrest Albanian assassin
  • KFOR arrested ten Albanians
  • Explosion in southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Ammunition haul in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Serbs held in custody in Kosovska Mitrovica still on hunger strike
  • Albanian journalists spread hatred, OEBS and UNMIK are quiet
  • Kosovska Mitrovica Serb official - ethnic Albanian reporters sow hatred
  • Kosovo-Metohija needs strict application of UN resolution - SPS
  • In reaction to NATO indications, Denis McNamara said: No conditions for return of 25,000 of expelled Serbs
  • Kouchner: refugees should return, but not too fast
  • Census in collision with UN Resolution 1244
  • Dan Everts: Nobody sholud be afraid of census
  • Radmila Trajkovic: International community promissed rebuilding of Serb homes
  • Studies for returning of 20.000 Serbs
  • Bishop Artemije will visit Moscow
  • Macedonian, Russian officials uphold UN Kosovo-Metohija resolution
  • Monitor: Albanian bridge for breakthrough of Islam
  • Britain repairs Istok prison
  • Norway returns 5.000 Albanian refugees
  • NATO seeks 3.500 troops more
  • Friday, Apr 14, 2000

  • Ethnic Albanian extremists set Serb house on fire
  • Fires in Pristina
  • Ethnic Albanian extremists set Serb houses on fire
  • Concentration camp for the Serbs in Mitrovica
  • Serbs held in custody went on hunger strike
  • Arson attacks in Kosovo
  • Orahovac Serbs cut international contacts
  • The Serb Board in Orahovac asks for criminal charges
  • Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija's Orahovac sever ties with KFOR, UNMIK
  • Expelled Serbs from Istok and Klina ready to return their homes
  • Journalists left press conference
  • Post-NATO-War Yugoslavia has uranium levels 1,000 times above normal
  • KFOR will seek Yugoslav army's help
  • KFOR denies discussions on Yugoslav Army return to Kosovo
  • Metropolitan of Bosnia visits Kosovo and Metohija
  • NATO-Russia Council: "We’ll not tolerate provocation"
  • Criminals among the expelled ethnic Albanians
  • U.S. soldiers released
  • Thursday, Apr 13, 2000

  • New wave of violence in Orahovac
  • Serb houses disappeared in fire
  • Serbs from Orahovac announced collective emigration
  • Serbs in ethnic Albanian jail in Kosovo-Metohija go on hunger strike
  • Rada Trajkovic observer in Transient Council of Kosovo, too: Serb observers at the session of Transient Council of Kosovo /PSK/
  • Hunting season on Serbs
  • Kosovo and Metohija 10 months after
  • Ronghi could face a death sentence
  • Exhumations resume in Kosovo
  • Organized crime in Kosovo
  • Monitor: Germany seeks way to withdraw from Kosovo and Metohija
  • Wednesday, Apr 12, 2000

  • Attacks on Serb houses in Kosovo
  • Ethnic Albanian terrorists threaten the Serbs
  • More peacekeepers in Serb villages
  • Albanian terrorists ravage Serb property
  • Kosovo-Metohija Albanian terrorists post wanted warrants for Serbs
  • UNMIK, OSCE, KFOR blast ethnic Albanian anti-Serb warrants, claims
  • Serb representative attends Kosovo Council meeting
  • Rada Trajkovic attends her first TACK meeting
  • Rada Trajkovic at the first session in the capacity of Serb observer: Session of PAVK ended regularly
  • Resignation of Antonijevic
  • EU ministers supported Serb representatives in PAVK: Contribution to implementation of Resolution 1244
  • Kosovo-Metohija's secession would lead to redrawing Macedonia
  • Tuesday, Apr 11, 2000

  • KFOR tries to justify intervention against Serbs in Gracanica
  • Today PAVK with a Serb observer
  • Warrant for 40 Serbs
  • The inhabitants of Gorazdevac wait for the return of their neighbours
  • European troops, new KFOR commander, arrive in Kosovo
  • UN Policemen from Pakistan in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • After the agreement with KFOR Serb convoy arrived to Strpce
  • No ethnic discrimination among Kosovo citizens: Taqi
  • Ethnic Albanian terrorists threaten the Serbs
  • UN: The escalation of violence in Kosmet, victims "non-albanian" population
  • Monday, Apr 10, 2000

  • Gnjilane Yesterday: Dragoljub Stojanovic Murdered at His Doorstep
  • Serb and Albanians’ Conflict in ‘Trust Zone’, Kosovska Mitrovica: Six Serbs, One KFOR Soldier Injured
  • Six Serbs Injured
  • Further Clashes in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • After Yesterday Albanian Provocation on Ibar Bridge: Preparations for New Terrorist Activities
  • Serbs Visited Graveyard in Southern Mitrovica, but There is no Trust Zone yet
  • Serbs from Gnjilane Face Extermination
  • Serb Convoy on its Way to Strpce – Serb Surrendered Himself to Stop Self-will of US General
  • Serbs from Strpce Turned down Ultimatum
  • Shameless Standards by US KFOR
  • International Session "Albanians and Neighbours" Ended: Talks are not Treason
  • Kosovo Albanian Refugees Refuse to Leave Australia
  • Germany: Kosovo Refugees Threatened by Deportations
  • US KFOR Troops Carry out Ethnic Cleansing of Serbs
  • Saturday, Apr 8, 2000

  • KFOR soldiers opened fire on Momcilo Sekulic, Zivorad Igic's house in flame
  • Bishop Artemy: Serbs "may reconsider" joining temporary administration in Kosovo
  • UNIP: Difficult to Secure Return of Serbs to Southern Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Conference on Albanians and Their Neighbours Commenced: Kosovo is Condition for Peace in Region
  • Albanians meet their neighbours in Budapest
  • KFOR Spokesman on Momcilo Sekulic’s Receiving 8 wounds in Gracanica: Swedish Soldier Fired in Self-defence
  • KIAC member, Sokol Quse: KFOR Attempts to Justify Shooting at Serbs in Gracanica
  • Kosovo Still in Telephone Blockade
  • Trial of two ethnic Albanians charged with 'Klecka' massacre opens
  • President of Kosovo Democratic Initiative and KIEC member: KDI was always for Multiethnic Kosovo
  • German CDU deputy warns Europe against NATO machinations
  • Austrian paper says Kosovo-Metohia Albanians Jeopardise peace
  • Local socialist party of Serbia board condemns brutality of US KFOR troops
  • Friday, Apr 7, 2000

  • Kosovo Albanian Terrorists Brutally Murder Ethnic Czech Aged 87
  • Kosovo Albanians Gravely Wound two Serbs in Cernica Village
  • Two Serbs Gravely Wounded
  • An Old Man Killed in Pristina
  • An Albanian Killed in Tampon Zone
  • Gracanica: KFOR Soldiers Shot at Serb
  • Fr Sava after Serbs' Protest in Gracanica: Prevent Enemy's Rejoicing
  • Rada Trajkovic: In interest of Serbs
  • 2 German and 1 Jordan UNIP officers Released
  • Training of "Democracy" in American Style: With Wolf Dogs at Serbs
  • After Clash with KFOR Situation in Strpce Still Tense: Yankees Setting up Conditions
  • UNMIK Press Conference in Mitrovica: It is Hard to Provide Return of Serbs
  • House of Zivorad Igic set on Fire
  • Veton Suroi Publisher of "Koha ditore" daily: We have Right to Independence
  • Kosovo on way to independence: Surroi
  • War in Kosovo Broke my Heart: German President
  • Security Council Mission to Visit Kosovo-Metohia on April 28-29
  • Annan, D'Alemma: Peace in Kosovo condition for stable Balkans
  • Kitanovski said KLA Terrorists Kidnapped Macedonian Border Guards
  • Macedonia Protests with KFOR over Border Guards' Abduction
  • Thursday, Apr 6, 2000

  • KFOR US Troops Provoke Incident in Sevce Village
  • KFOR Troops Clash with Serbs in South of Kosovo and Metohia
  • After conflict between the Serbs and KFOR soldiers the day before: Americans retreated
  • Incident in Gracanica
  • After 6 Days Spent Outdoors in Montenegro: Kosovo Refugees Placed in Kamenovo
  • Serbian Parties' Reactions to KFOR Actions in Strpce Municipality: Penalty Expedition of US Soldiers
  • Macedonian Border Guards Released
  • UNIP Confirmed: Xjavit Hassani Released - Rejoicing in Vitina
  • USA Welcomed Serbs` Decision
  • Reinhardt: Danger of Armed Conflict Escalations in South of Serbia: No Activities to be Performed from Kosovo
  • On Krajisnik's Arrest:Terror against Serbs Continues
  • Srdja Bozovic, SNP Vice-president: Soc's "Political Nonsense"
  • Poland's Rakowski: Serbs still dying in UN-ruled Kosovo-Metohia
  • Wednesday, Apr 5, 2000

  • Six children injured, Baby-Infant Found
  • Three murders, six children wounded in Kosovo
  • Gornja Brnjica: Serb House Torched
  • Bomb Attack in Obilic: Flat of Croat Demolished
  • Genocide Against Non-Albanians in Kosovo Continues
  • Kosovo without Telephone Lines
  • New houses for Kosovo Serbs
  • Fr Sava for ‘Zeri’: Entering KIAC - Test for Albanians as well
  • Mitrovic: Entry into Interim Administrative Council for Kosovo Detrimental for Serbs
  • Trajkovic on Joining Administrative Council
  • Kosovo Polje Serbs Condemn Move by Kosovo and Metohia SNC
  • Reuters Reports: Patriarchate of Pec under Siege
  • Bairam Berat: Albanian Terrorists Rule in Kosovo under Western Auspices
  • New York Times Journalists Fined for Illegal Entry
  • ‘Koha ditore’ about Allowances in Interim Administration: Salaries Ranging from 150 to 900 DEM
  • He Surrendered Himself
  • Andjelkovic: Unity Preserves Kosmet
  • Entry into PAVK - Betrayal of State and National Interests
  • Tuesday, Apr 4, 2000

  • Ethnic Albanian terrorists attack Serb house with stones
  • Kosovo Albanian terrorists wound Serb
  • Ethnic Albanian Terrorists Attempt Kidnapping of Gudzic Family
  • Albanian Part of Kosovska Mitrovica: "Serbs Wanted"-Notices Displayed as Contribution to "Unity" of Town
  • KFOR and UNMIK’s Trick in Mitrovica, Mere Propaganda: Only Albanians Returning to ‘Trust Zone’
  • Chuse: UN civilian mission practically suspended in Kosovo-Metohia
  • Haliti: Not even elementary conditions exist for census in Kosovo
  • SNC: We are Aware of all Risks
  • Kosovo Serbs Condemn Move Made by Kosovo and Metohia Serb National Council
  • Reactions of Albanian Parties to SNC Decision: Albanians do not Need Observers
  • Serb Leader Threatens to Form New Serb National Council
  • Albanian Trial Adjourned
  • Alomerovic Insists Prison Camps Exist
  • Serbian Police Release Danish KFOR Soldiers
  • Former KLA Commander Arrested
  • Lies about "Operation horseshoe" reach Britain
  • Reporters on Kosovo: Lies and manipulations to serve politics
  • Bozovic seeks due implementation of UN resolution 1244
  • Kabasic: There are Albanian camps for Serbs
  • International forces not complying with resolution, Kumanovo agreement
  • Monday, Apr 3, 2000

  • Lipljan: Albanian Terrorists Tried to Kidnap Gudzic Family, Finnish KFOR Again Let Bloodhound Dogs at Serbs
  • KFOR Barracks in Pec: Italian KFOR Soldier Murdered
  • Ethnic Albanian terrorists wound Serb
  • New kidnapping of Serbs
  • Hand grenade in a Serb backyard
  • Serb blockade in Vrbovac
  • Hieromonk Sava Janjic: Dangerous Isolation
  • Serbian National Council vote to join Kosovo Temporary Administrative Council
  • If within three months requests of Serb National Council of Kosovo are fulfilled, functions in mutual bodies will be activated: Serb observers in PAVK and the Council
  • On 90th Anniversary: Monument to Mother Theresa (an Albanian) to be Built Downtown Pristina
  • Ivanovic: Decision disastrous for the Serbs
  • British "Sunday Telegraph": Confidential NATO Document Revealed on Internet "by Mistake"
  • Trial of Mazriku brothers begins tomorrow
  • According to the plan of Serb National Council of Mitrovica region: 25,000 Serbs will return to Metohia till September
  • Serb Renewal Movement: Support to Ivanov and criticism of Yugoslav authorities
  • The census in Kosovo-Metohia is completely worthless for Serbia and Yugoslavia
  • Saturday, Apr 1, 2000

  • Group of Albanians attacks Serb near Gnjilane
  • Ethnic Albanian extremists torch another Serb house in Orahovac
  • Group of Albanians attacks Nebojsa Petkovic
  • 180 Kosovo Refugees Expelled from EPS Resort Houses in Budva (Montenegro): Night Outdoors
  • Plemetina near Vucitrn: Norwegian KFOR Arrested Two Serbs after Anonymous Albanian Call
  • KFOR's Statement: French Lieutenant Killed in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • After IKAC Regulations, Sava Janjic Warns: Kosovo Goes Towards Independence
  • US Warns Albanian Extremists to Lay down Weapons
  • Kosovo and Metohia SNC Decides on Sunday: Serbs Entering Interim Kosovo AC?
  • Pentagon decides to send reinforcements to KFOR
  • Yugoslav Army arrests KFOR troops
  • SNF office opened in Belgrade
  • Presevo Mayor Jailed for Three Months
  • Dienstbier's report on Kosovo and Metohia situation causes shock
  • Kouchner pursues anti-Serbian policy
  • There are Albanian camps for Serbs in Kosovo-Metohia
  • Vukicevic - Kosovo and Metohia problems accumulating since arrival of KFOR, UNMIK
  • Sainovic: Serbs in Kosovo-Metohia a contradiction for Kouchner
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