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August 15, 2001

  • Body of first identified Kosovo Serb victim handed over to family
  • Covic announces “complete relaxation” of buffer zone

    (Tanjug, 15. 8. 2001.)

    Merdare - The body of the first identified Serb victim was handed over to relatives in Merdare, on the administrative boundary between Kosovo-Metohija and Serbia proper by the UNMIK department for missing and detained persons in the presence of members of the Federal Committee for Kosovo subcommittee for human rights. Petrija Piljevic was abducted from her home in Pristina on June 28, 1999, and was killed with two shots in the head. Her body was recently exhumed from a mass grave in the Pristina district of Dragodan.


    (B92, 15. 8. 2001.)

    Merdare - Belgrade’s south Serbia head Nebojsa Covic today reached an agreement on removing the Kosovo buffer zone, paving the way for Yugoslav forces to advance to the administrative border from Friday. Following four hours of talks with the UN’s administrator in Kosovo Hans Haekkerup, Covic announced that the “complete relaxation of the ground buffer zone will begin.” He added: "The agreement cancels the last limitations on our forces in the buffer zone." Covic had masterminded the successful return of Yugoslav joint security forces to the ground security zone be the end of May this year, in cooperation with NATO and K-For. The international troops had however reserved a thin strip of land between south Serbia and Kosovo which became the subject of today’s agreement. Talks were also attended by Army and Police generals Ninoslav Krstic and Goran Radosavljevic as well as the commander of international peacekeepers in Kosovo Thorstein Skiaker. (B92/FoNet)

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