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July 5, 2001

  • North Kosovo Serbs not consulted on Covic's appointment
  • Kosovo problem too much for one man, says Trajkovic
  • Fever kills six in Kosovo

    (Tanjug, 5. 7. 2001.)

    Kosovska Mitrovica - Political Committee for the Defence of Northern Kosovo Coordinator Milan Ivanovic and Serbian parliament MP Marko Jaksic Thursday expressed their disapproval that Kosovo Serbs were not consulted about Serbian Deputy Premier Nebojsa Covic's new appointment to coordinator for the work of Serbian organs and the Yugoslav Committee for Kosovo-Metohija. In a statement for the news agency Tanjug, Ivanovic said it was not good that Serbs from northern Kosovo have not been consulted about the matter. "There have been no previous consultations in the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS), nor has (Yugoslav) President (Vojislav) Kostunica been informed about this," Tanjug learned from Jaksic, a member of Kostunica's Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS).


    (B92, 5. 7. 2001.)

    Belgrade - The appointment of Belgrade’s southern Serbia head to the post of coordinator of its work in Kosovo has prompted criticism from one of his new colleagues. Nebojsa Covic, also Serbian deputy prime minister, was yesterday given the remit of coordinating the work of the federal committee for implementing the military-technical agreement with the work of the federal committee for Kosovo. However, chairman of the federal kosovo.netmittee Momcilo Trajkovic told B92 that he had first heard of the appointment in a letter from Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic yesterday. “We never discussed this anywhere, not even in the Democratic Opposition of Serbia, nor was anyone consulted on the matter,” he said. “I simply fail to see how Mr Covic, the Serbian deputy prime minister, can coordinate the work of a federal body. “I really don’t know what to say, but I am ready for talks, for cooperation.” Asked whether he expected Covic to be as successful in Kosovo as he has been in southern Serbia, Trajkovic said the situations were completely different. He claimed that while the international community had agreed to let the Serbian authorities back into the buffer zone, they wanted to see Albanians given authority in Kosovo after the elections there in November. “This is a very serious matter and too much for one man alone to deal with,” said Trajkovic. “I think we must come up with a state strategy and, based on that strategy, find the most suitable people for the job. Covic is certainly one of the people who can make a significant contribution to the Kosovo crisis.”


    (B92, 5. 7. 2001.)

    Pristina - Some 69 people are belived to have come down with Congo-Crimean haemorrhagic fever so far in Kosovo. Blic reports that of that number, seven were people who were treating infected patients. Six people have died since the beginning of the epidemic.

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