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Compilation from Belgrade daily newspapers, prepared by editorial staff of the Voice of Kosovo and Metohia

May 4, 2000

  • Serb from Gnjilane is killed
  • Two boys are wounded from the left NATO's bomb
  • Two bodies found
  • Thrown bombs on Serb children
  • Little girl died while waiting to cross the "border"
  • Terrorist attack on police checkpoint
  • Serb engineers released by KFOR
  • American soldiers arrested three engineers of Serbia's Post, Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise
  • Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica jail continue hunger strike
  • Fight for return
  • Protest in Mitrovica
  • Serbs rally in U.N.-administered Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Bishop Artemije: Urgently apply Resolution 1244 in practice
  • Bishop Artemije about return of the Serbs
  • Rohan asks for condemnation of violence
  • Yugoslavia lodges protest with the Security Council
  • Reports from Kosovo subjected to censorship
  • Chuse: Bernard Kouchner's mission failed
  • Kosovo Albanians still illegally entering Great Britain
  • PEN demands release of Brovina
  • Serb from Gnjilane is killed

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Gnjilane, May 2 - The day before the great orthodox holiday - Easter, fifty year old Milorad Peric from Pasjana near Gnjilane is killed, while he was planting beans on his field near the village, Church - Nation's council in Gnjilane reported. The attack was committed by several armed groups of ethnic Albanians, who approached their victim from more than one direction with 30 to 40 meters.

    Three burst of fire killed Serb peasant while he was trying to escape. Other peasants who worked that day also in the field, were on the bigger distance from him. While they gathered, attackers succeeded to escape.

    Two boys are wounded from the left NATO's bomb

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Valjevo, May 2 (Tanjug) - From the bomb explosion in Valjevo's settlement "The fifth regiment", in the range of factory "Krushik", today, eleven year old Milosh Stojanovic is severely wounded, while his friend Milosh Stanchic is slightly injured, police department of Valjevo stated.

    It is assuming that boys are wounded and hurt from the explosion of left cluster bomb, which NATO's aviation, during the aggression, many times were throwing on the "Krushik".

    Stojanovic got sever injuries of both eyes and his hand was blew to pieces, so that quickly transported him to the Belgrade for treatment, finds out Tanjug from the doctor on duty in Clinic - hospital center in Valjevo.

    The investigation is in process.

    Two bodies found

    (Danas/Digest, 4. 5. 2000.)

    In Metohija, two men were reported missing. Later two bodies were found and removed to the Pec mortuary. Also, 15-year-old girl was wounded after shooting yesterday afternoon in Pec.

    Thrown bombs on Serb children

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Obilic, May 2- The ethnic Albanian terrorists threw two hand grenades from their car, while they were passing through Crkvene Vodice in the municipality of Obilic, today, on Serb children, who were playing in that center of village, amateur radio operators from the crisis spots of Kosovo and Metohija reported. The Albanian terrorists, luckily, weren't precised while they were carrying out their monstrous intention - the bombs fell far away from the group of children, so there were no casualties. Dragana Stanojevic (22) injured her head from the shell fragments, but emergency squad helped her and she is out of danger. Several boys and girls are slightly injured and they are in the state of shock because of the explosion.

    Little girl died while waiting to cross the "border"

    (Blic, 4. 5. 2000.)

    Belgrade - Valentina Stevic, 5 years old girl from the village of Donja Drenovica died on April 27 at 5.20 a.m. after several hours of waiting at the checkpoint at the village of Konculj while the policemen controlling administrative border between Serbia and Kosovo were debating whether to allow Russian emergency vehicle and the parents to pass on the way to the hospital in Bujanovic.

    The doctors of the Russian KFOR military hospital helped the girl twice. After giving her oxygen and infusion they realized that Valentina's status was critical. Three doctors and two soldiers were in the emergency vehicle accompanying Valentina to Bujanovac. At 3.05 a.m. they reached the checkpoint. Parents were in a car behind them. The policemen did not allow them pass. While the Russian doctors were pumping oxygen manually, the parents were crying and begging, the policemen were talking with their superiors two hours and a half about how to organize a transport to Bujanovac 10 kilometers away. The girl died at 5.20 a.m. According to Novica Zdravkovic head-of-staff of the Police in Bujanovac emergency vehicle and police escort were to take the girl in the morning because they had to pass through the dangerous terrain of Albanian villages Lucane and Konculj. According to him the vehicles were on there way but returned when informed that the girl had died.

    Terrorist attack on police checkpoint

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Vranje, May 3 - A group of ethnic Albanian bandits has carried out another terrorist attack in the village of Konculj, Bujanovac municipality, but there were no casualties, stated Dragan Tomic, the investigating judge of Vranje District court.

    On April 30, from the direction of village of Dobrosin, the terrorists fired two shells from a mortar and three sniper shots at the police checkpoint near the village of Konculj.

    One shot hit the police checkpoint building, but no one was hurt.

    The terrorists have carried many similar attacks on the territory of the FR of Yugoslavia before. With this latest attack which was delivered on the first day of Orthodox Easter and shortly before May 1, they tried to exert certain psychological pressure in order to intimidate the local residents and provoke the Yugoslav authorities.

    Serb engineers released by KFOR

    (B2-92, 4. 5. 2000.)

    PRISTINA, Wednesday – Three Serbia Telekom engineers, arrested in Strpce yesterday by KFOR, were released late last night, amateur radio operators from Kosovo report. The three were detained while travelling to a mobile phone network transmitter in Strpce. KFOR interrogated the three for almost nine hours before releasing them.

    American soldiers arrested three engineers of Serbia's Post, Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Strpce, May 2 (Tanjug) - Members of the American Kfor's force arrested today about 1p.m. engineers Radomir Biserchic (1958), Miodrag Ilic (1962) and Jovica Livrinic (1966), workers of Serbia's Post, Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise from Prishtina, amateur radio operators reported.

    Three engineers were arrested on the way to the hotel "Molika", where they had been headed to remove the damage of mobile telephony which cover municipality of Strpce. They were arrested with the explanation that "they are not citizens of that municipality and that they arrived with the escort of Russian soldiers".

    Three engineers of Serbia's Post, Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise were escorted to the American base "Bondstil".

    Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica jail continue hunger strike

    (Danas/Digest, 4. 5. 2000.)

    Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica jail continued hunger strike and asked for urgent trials. Imprisoned Serbs started hunger strike on April 10 and stopped it for one day because of Easter. Serbs claim that none of their demands is realized and announce that they will break all contacts with international community, Yugoslav authorities and even their families. (*)

    Fight for return

    (Blic Daily, 4. 5. 2000.)

    Kosovska Mitrovica - Meeting called "For return of the Serbs" was held yesterday at noon in Kosovska Mitrovica in organization of the Serb National Council of Kosovska Mitrovica District. More than 5,000 Serbs were at the meeting. "KFOR has been in Kosovo for 10 months already. During that time more than 300,000 non-Albanians were expelled, 50,000 Serb houses burnt and more than 100 churches destroyed. The international community managed to return all Albanians in Kosovo in 7 days only. However during 10 months it has not managed to return a single Serb", Marko Jaksic president of the Board of expelled Serbs said.

    Protest in Mitrovica

    (B2-92, 4. 5. 2000.)

    KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Wednesday – About 2,000 Serbs have gathered in Kosovska Mitrovica to demand the repatriation of Serbs expelled from the town. Addressing the protesters, Mitrovica Serb leader Marko Jaksic said that Serbs were not second-class citizens and must return to Kosovo, adding that international organisations had not repatriated a single Serb in the past ten months.

    Serbs rally in U.N.-administered Kosovska Mitrovica

    (Tanjug, 4. 5. 2000.)

    KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Thousands of Serbs and other non-Albanians rallied in the north of divided Kosovska Mitrovica in the U.N.-ruled Serbian (Yugoslav) province of Kosovo- Metohija at noon on Wednesday.

    The rally, organised by the Serbian National Council for north Kosovo- Metohija, appealed to all displaced Serbs, primarily those from the Istok and Klina municipalities, to return to their homes.

    The assembled Serbs vowed to boycott the census and elections planned by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to be held in Kosovo- Metohija.

    The Serbs said the Council, which enjoys the support of some 60,000 people, is unanimous in the determination not to join U.N. envoy Bernard Kouchner's Provisional Administrative Council as long as the 350,000 displaced non- Albanians are repatriated.

    Bishop Artemije: Urgently apply Resolution 1244 in practice

    (Danas/Digest, 4. 5. 2000.)

    Bishop of the Raska and Prizren Diocese, Artemije, talked yesterday in Kosovo’s monastery of Gracanica with representatives of contact group and asked them for the most active support of Resolution 1244 and its apply in practice. Artemije also asked for creation of conditions for normal life of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. (*)

    Bishop Artemije about return of the Serbs

    (Glas Javnosti/Digest, 4. 5. 2000.)

    The Joint Committee on Returns, launched in the Gracanica on the end of last month, was formed to enable returning of expelled Serbs, said Bishop Artemije for Glas Javnosti. Recently formed committee would be operated under the chairmanship of Bishop Artemije, head of the Serb National Forum (SNF) in Kosovo, the head of the UN mission (UNMIK), Bernard Kouchner, the commander of the international peacekeeping force KFOR, Spanish General Juan Ortuno and the representative of UNHCR, Denis MacNamara.

    Rohan asks for condemnation of violence

    (Politika Daily/Digest, 4. 5. 2000.)

    General Secretary of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Albert Rohan, asked Kosovo Albanian leaders for clear condemnation of violence in that Serb province. He criticized international community and added that it must enable returning of expelled Serbs. (*)

    Yugoslavia lodges protest with the Security Council

    (Serbia Info/Digest, 4. 5. 2000)

    New York, May 3 (Tanjug) - The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has lodged a sharp protest over the latest ethnic Albanian terrorists' attack in Kosovo and Metohija, demanding that the U.N. Security Council condemns the attack, opens an investigation, takes vigorous steps to stop the violence of ethnic Albanian terrorists and informs the Yugoslav government about the results of the investigation. 

    On May 1. the ethnic Albanian terrorists assaulted the building in Kosovska Mitrovica in which the Yugoslav Government Committee for cooperation with UNMIK, Center for Peace and Tolerance and Serbian National Assembly are located.

    The latest terrorist attack, launched by the terrorists of the so-called KLA, now transformed into the so-called "Kosovo Protection Corps", is a new confirmation that the so-called KLA is not disarmed and demilitarized and that terrorists freely continue with crimes and ethnic cleansing of Kosovo and Metohija from the remaining Serbian and other non-Albanian population, under the sponsorship of KFOR and UNMIK, it is stressed in the protest letter.

    Reports from Kosovo subjected to censorship

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Pristina, May 3 (Tanjug) - An independent ethnic Albanian journalist Fatmir Seholi assessed in Pristina that some Western media must drop censorship of the information about the real situation in Kosovo and Metohija and report objectively on what has happened and is happening in the southern Serbian province.

    In his interview to the Financial Times, Seholi has called on ethnic Albanian media to stop deluding people with illusions about the creation of some "Republic of Kosovo" and to explain that the southern Serbian province should and has to integrate in political and economic life of the FR of Yugoslavia, as the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244 prescribes.

    Western media should not listen only to one side in Kosovo, but with their professional work help those ethnic Albanians who are isolated due to their support of the joint life, Seholi said.

    Because of this attitude, not only by the FR of Yugoslavia, but also by all the international associations in the world which support the idea of multiethnic Kosovo, those modern and modest ethnic Albanian forces should be given the opportunity to use their influence and good relations with all those who live in Kosovo and Metohija to enable development of more tolerant Serbo- Albanian relations towards the democratization of society, Seholi said.

    Chuse: Bernard Kouchner's mission failed

    (Serbia Info, 4. 5. 2000)

    Pristina, May 3 - During today's meeting with the representatives of EU monitoring mission in Kosovo and Metohija, leader of the Albanian Democratic Reform Party Sokolj Chuse assessed that Bernard Kouchner's so-called peacekeeping mission in Kosovo has failed.

    Chuse underscored that, over the 10-month period, Kouchner has been talking and trying to find the solution for the Kosovo problem, not with the legitimate representatives of the Republic of Serbia and the FR of Yugoslavia, but with persons who do not represent their nation, but a group of people who are misused as pawns of the greatest world evil.

    According to him, former members of the so-called KLA, now members of some "Protection Corps" arrest people and perform other criminal activities, often mistreating them. Under the sponsorship of their leader Hashim Thaqui, they carry out raids, seize personal ownerships, charge illegal taxes, lead protests, everything with UNMIK's blessing, stressed Chuse.

    This kind of behavior by the terrorists and their helpers, in this case UNMIK and KFOR, worries ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija, who warn that consequences will be disastrous unless this chaos and anarchy is stopped.

    Regardless of the fact that the Security Council Resolution 1244 says that Serbian and Yugoslav laws will be applied in Kosovo, UNMIK's chief has completely violated this regulation of the Resolution by appointing his judges and prosecutors, members of the separatist KLA, Chuse said.

    Kosovo Albanians still illegally entering Great Britain

    (Borba Daily, 4. 5. 2000.)

    Kosovo Albanians are still daily arriving in Great Britain as illegal immigrants, traveling via Belgium and France, it was announced in London on Tuesday.

    Britain does not have precise figures on the number of Kosovo Albanians who have arrived from Europe in trucks in the past year, since many of them have not registered with the authorities but stay illegally with relatives or friends who are British residents.

    A 2,000-pound fine has been introduced recently for truck drivers assisting Kosovo immigrants, so that they have started informing on illegal immigrants themselves, The Times of London said.

    On Monday, for instance, a Dutch truck driver en route to southern England told police he was driving seven Kosovo Albanians, who were then arrested on arrival in Britain, the daily said.

    Under the new law, truck drivers must pay 2,000-pound fines for every apprehended illegal immigrant.

    According to incomplete police figures, there are about 28,000 ethnic Albanian refugees in Great Britain, but it is not clear how many of them are from Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province, since many Albanian citizens register themselves as Kosovo Albanians just to secure refugee status.

    PEN demands release of Brovina

    (B2-92, 4. 5. 2000.)

    BELGRADE, Wednesday -- The Committee for Protection of Writers in Prison demanded today the release of the leader of the League of Albanian Women, Flora Brovina. In an appeal to the Yugoslav president and the foreign minister, Zivadin Jovanovic, PEN claimed that her imprisonment represented a "direct violation of international standards that guarantee the right to freedom of expression and association." Brovina was sentenced to 12 years in prison for terrorism and conspiring against the state. On May 16 the Serbian Supreme Court is scheduled to consider appeals against her conviction on December 9 last year.

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