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Compilation from Belgrade daily newspapers, prepared by editorial staff of the Voice of Kosovo and Metohia

April 28, 2000

  • International terrorist Osama bin Laden in Kosovo and Metohia
  • Serbian house burnt down in Obilic
  • KFOR commander warned that attacks on KFOR would not be tolerated: One Russian soldier killed
  • In Kosovska Mitrovica region census postponed
  • Zivkovic: Census not legal
  • Kosovo Roma will boycott Kosovo elections and census
  • At the invitation of UNMIK Chief: UN Security Council delegation in Kosovo today
  • Kouchner: Serbs and Albanians not ready for coexistence
  • Unnoted example of ecological war until now
  • Demonstrations bring Pristina to a standstill

    (Serbia info, 28. 4. 2000)

    April 27, 2000 - Pristina, April 26th - The notorious international terrorist of Saudi origin Osama bin Laden, wanted by the U.S. State Department for a reward of five million dollars, has found new sanctuary in the Balkans, in the hotbed of European terrorism - Kosovo and Metohia, after many years of hiding in Afghanistan.

    The Islamic fanatic arrived in the southern Serbian province from Albania, Tanjug learned. Until recently, bin Laden was training a group of almost 500 mujaheddin from Arab countries around the Albanian towns of Podgrade and Korce for terrorist actions in Kosovo and Metohia, the sources said. This group of mujaheddin presents only one-fourth of the planned number of extremists whose task is to set off a new wave of violence in southern Serbia (the area linked by the towns Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja).

    Bin Laden arrived in the province in the company of his close associate Abou-Hassan, who is responsible for the murder of three British tourists in December 1998.

    The arrival of the most wanted terrorist has especially disturbed members of the U.S. contingent of the international security forces in Kosovo and Metohia (KFOR). Namely, Saudi millionaire who for years lavishly finances international terroristic net and whose "hand" is present in the most of crisis spots of Muslim's world (like Chechenya, Kashmir, Afghanistan) published at the proper time Jihad ("wholly war") to the Americans because of it's aggressive foreign policy and specially because of of their military presence in Saudi Arabia.

    "Glove is thrown down"in the face of American administration in August in 1998, when the explosion in the embassies of United States in Kenya and Tanzania killed 230 innocent people, among who 10 American citizens also. White House as an organizer identified Osam bin Laden and demanded from Kabul (Afghanistan) his extradition. Since, Afghanistan's authorities refused that, United Nations applied sanctions against that Asian country.


    (Serbia Info, 28. 04. 2000)

    Obilic, April 26th 2000 (Tanjug) - In Obilic, around 10 am today, house owned by Obrad Nacic was burnt down, Committee for human rights protection reported in Obilic.

    Serbs from the neighborhood reacted very quickly and localized the fire.

    In this street live only Serbs, and after their call, KFOR arrived and started the investigation.

    UNMIK Police and firemen did not answer to the Serbs` call.

    Committee for human rights Protection in Obilic submitted complaint because of the poor security and protection of Serbian property, it is stated in the report.


    (Blic daily, 28. 4. 2000)

    Pristina - KFOR commander General Huan Ortuno said yesterday that he frequently received reports about attacks on Russian KFOR soldiers and that such violence would not be tolerated by the international forces.

    A dead body of the Russian soldier that disappeared two weeks ago was found on April 26. On March 1, one Albanian heavily wounded a Russian soldier that passed away the same day in the French military hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica.

    During recent nights Russian soldiers were attacked on several occasions.

    Last night KFOR soldiers found a dead body in a river near the village of Lebane. Investigation is carried out by UNMIK Police.


    (Politika daily/Digest, 28. 4. 2000)

    Kosovska Mitrovica, April 27 - Census in Kosovska Mitrovica region didnít start yet, because of logistic problems, said Michael Kits, UNMIK loudspeaker. He added that "there are no enough tables and chairs". President of The Executive Board of the Serb National Forum (SNF) said this statement was funny and there would be no census in Serb municipalities at all. Meanwhile, Jovanovic talked to Albert Rohan, General Secretary of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and special representative of OSCE, and other representatives of OSCE. Jovanovic emphasized that future of Kosovo and Metohia could be only within Serbia and Yugoslavia. High representatives of OSCE stressed that there was still no conditions for returning of Serbs. (*)


    (Glas javnosti/Digest, 28. 4. 2000)

    Belgrade (Tanjug) - Milovan Zivkovic, Director of the Federal Bureau for Statistics, said in interview for Tanjug that Kouchnerís census in Kosovo and Metohia was illegal act without assent of FRY and therefore would be not accepted by Yugoslavia. (*)


    (Glas javnosti/Digest, 28. 4. 2000)

    Belgrade - Bajram Haliti, Kosovo Roma leader and member of the Temporary Executive Council of Kosovo and Metohia said for "Glas" that Roma population from Kosovo and Methija would boycott Kosovo census and elections organized by UNMIK. 110.000 Romas fled Kosovo and Metohia. (*)


    (Blic daily, 28. 4. 2000)

    Belgrade - UN Security Council delegation arrived in Belgrade the day before yesterday and left for Kosovo the evening before. The delegation will spent several days in Kosovo to collect data for the report to UN Security Council about the situation in Kosovo. The delegation is coming in Kosovo at the invitation of UNMIK Chief Bernard Kouchner.


    (Glas javnosti/Digest, 28. 4. 2000)

    Warsaw (Beta) - UNMIK chief Bernard Kouchner said in interview with Polish daily "Zacpospolita" that Serbs and Albanians were not ready for coexistence in Kosovo and Metohia, yet. Kouchner said that he could not predict Kosovoís future status. (*)


    (Serbia info, 28. 4. 2000)

    Belgrade, April 26th - Well thought-out bombing of targets like objects of chemical, oil, petroleum and other industries during the NATO's aggression, which lasted from March 24th till June 10th last year, with the releasing of thousands of tons of dangerous materials, in some areas of our country provoked ecological catastrophe of unforeseeable proportions. With the projectiles more than 100 civil industrials factories had been hit. Because of bombing refinery in Novi Sad 73.569 tons of oil and oil derivatives are released, in the refinery of Pancevo 61.800 tons of oil and oil derivatives, heating plants in Belgrade released 1,650 tons of crude oil and 1,410 tons of crude gas, opening the First international symposium of doctors from Diaspora and native land dedicated to the theme"Consequences of disturbance of ecological balance on health of Balkan's population", said yesterday prof.dr.Nada Shljapic, Serbian minister for development, science and vital environment.

    According to the Yugoslav Army, as professor Shljapic stated at this symposium, quantity of used weapons with the depleted uranium 238 in our areas during the aggression is bigger than the one which NATO revealed. According to the estimations of our experts, with this kind of ammunition seven locations in Serbia south from the 44th parallel had been aimed at, and one territory in Montenegro.

    With the NATO's aggression on FR of Yugoslavia, as mr.Gordana Brun, Counselor of Serbian minister for protection of vital environment, stated at the yesterday's meeting, almost all declarations had been broken and conventions from the area of protection of vital environment. By his character and volume, it was in the world unnoted example of ecological war till now. Not only, according to her, flora and fauna of one of the richest treasury of old continent are destroyed, but broad regions of Balkan and Europe, and some consequences may consider global, because they can influence on dissolving the climate and further expanding of wholes in ozone shell.

    All catastrophes, big or small, natural or ones for which man is guilty damage vital environment, health of the people, but as prof.dr.Jefrey Levet from the National school of people's health in Atina, stated at the yesterday's symposium, nowhere in Europe they had left so serious consequences like in Balkan, in other words in Yugoslavia for the last ten years. Health of people, according to him, is endangered with sanctions, wars and bombing, and European countries should make plan for help on the social and economic level, in order to prevent or at least lessen consequences of all catastrophes which happened in our country.


    (B2 - 92, 28. 4. 2000)

    Pristina, Thursday - Central Pristina has been brought to a halt today by thousands of demonstrating Albanians. The protesters are demanding the release of an estimated 1,500 Kosovo Albanians still held in prisons in Serbia. ANEM correspondent Nikola Radisic reports that sections of the town have been blocked, with the main street and all shops closed. Since this morning the crowd has only allowed KFOR, UN police and hospital vehicles to enter the streets.

    Protest spokesman Shukri Klinaku told media that the protest, which began yesterday morning was not limited in time and would last until the prisoners were released. International police in the province say the demonstration has not been registered and so is illegal. Police representative Jules Maureau warned that the blockade of the central city was obstructing the UN civilian mission in dealing with matters which were already complex enough.

    International administration spokesman Jay Carter said today that, despite its illegality, the aims of the protest were supported by all international representatives in Kosovo.

    The demonstration today included a group of about three hundred Albanian children carrying pickets and Albanian flags.

    Several dozen demonstrators spent last night in the city's central square, which was completely blocked by people lying in the street

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