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Compilation from Belgrade daily newspapers, prepared by editorial staff of the Voice of Kosovo and Metohia

April 5, 2000

  • Six children injured, Baby-Infant Found
  • Three murders, six children wounded in Kosovo
  • Gornja Brnjica: Serb House Torched
  • Bomb Attack in Obilic: Flat of Croat Demolished
  • Genocide Against Non-Albanians in Kosovo Continues
  • Kosovo without Telephone Lines
  • New houses for Kosovo Serbs
  • Fr Sava for ‘Zeri’: Entering KIAC - Test for Albanians as well
  • Mitrovic: Entry into Interim Administrative Council for Kosovo Detrimental for Serbs
  • Trajkovic on Joining Administrative Council
  • Kosovo Polje Serbs Condemn Move by Kosovo and Metohia SNC
  • Reuters Reports: Patriarchate of Pec under Siege
  • Bairam Berat: Albanian Terrorists Rule in Kosovo under Western Auspices
  • New York Times Journalists Fined for Illegal Entry
  • ‘Koha ditore’ about Allowances in Interim Administration: Salaries Ranging from 150 to 900 DEM
  • He Surrendered Himself
  • Andjelkovic: Unity Preserves Kosmet
  • Entry into PAVK - Betrayal of State and National Interests

    (Blic daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina - Six children, all 10 years of age, were injured yesterday in explosion of hand-made device that the children were playing with, in the village of Resnik. Four children suffered severe injuries and are in the civilian hospital in Pristina. Two children were medically treated in Italian military hospital in Klina.

    Military Police yesterday found one baby girl by the road from Klina to Pristina. American soldiers took the baby in the hospital within their base "Bondsteel". The girl, called "Baby April" by American soldiers, is successfully recovering from exhaust and dehydration.

    Stanimir Vasic from the village of Cernica was arrested yesterday because of the report submitted against him to KFOR by the parents of Albanian teenagers that threw stones on his house on several occasions. In the village of Cernica there are about 450 Serbs surrounded by 1,000 Albanian neighbours.

    One Serb suspected of double murder near the village of Gornja Gusterica delivered himself to the Police. On Monday at 1 a.m. he killed two Serbs, an owner and a waiter of a café.

    The day before UNMIK Police found one dead body by the road to Grmija, a residential part of Pristina.

    The evening before about 9 p.m. a bomb was thrown on a house of Franja Matic. Material damage is considerable, however, nobody was injured.

    The evening before at about 7 p.m. Albanian extremists set on fire the house of Ljubomir Boskovic near Pristina.

    Ljubisa Bojanic left Kosovo Polje after attack on his house.

    The Serbs of Vrbovac village agreed to remove the barricades after two days since they managed to agree with KFOR about their requests for first arrests of Albanian extremists.

    Dead body of 4 years old Albanian boy Mentor Berisa was found in Novo Selo. At the moment there are no other details.


    (B2 - 92, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday – KFOR and UNMIK spokesmen today announced that three people were killed and six children wounded in Kosovo in the past 24 hours. Two men were killed yesterday in the Serb village of Gornja Gusterica. The murder appears not to have been ethnically or politically motivated. A man later turned himself in to KFOR troops. The body of an unidentified man was found yesterday by police in the Pristina suburb of Grmija. The dead man was found with his hands tied behind his back and police are investigating the possibility that he had been murdered elsewhere. Six children were wounded yesterday in the village of Resnik in western Kosovo when a homemade grenade they were playing with exploded. International representatives also reported that a grenade was thrown at a Serb house in Obilic, five kilometres from Pristina. There were no casualties.


    (Serbia info, 5. 4. 2000)

    April 04, 2000 - Gornja Brnjica, April 4th - Last night, around 7 p.m., Albanian terrorists torched the house of Ljubomir Bojkovic in Gornja Brnjica, which burned to the ground together with accessory premises, reported today the radio-amateurs from crisis areas in Kosmet.

    This house became the target of Albanian terrorists because it is the first Serb house on the border with the Albanian part of the village, and is located by the road to Sicevo.

    The house was torched only a few hours after the Scottish KFOR contingent promised to put in more efforts into protecting Serbs and their property, reported the radio-amateurs.


    (Danas, 5. 4. 2000)

    Obilic – A flat mostly populated by Serbs has been demolished in a bomb attack in Obilic, radio-amateurs reported. The same source reports that a bomb was thrown at Franja Matic’s flat , a Croatian nationality, on Monday night.

    Material damage is considerable, but fortunately there were no casualties. (Beta) (*)


    (Borba daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    The genocide terrorism against non-Albanians in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohia province continues and is daily manifested in more and more expressed forms, the Yugoslav Left (JUL) Directorate said in a statement on Monday.

    Over 300,000 women and children, men, young and old Serbs and Montenegrins, Romanies and ethnic Turks, and other peoples have fled their Kosovo-Metohia homes before knives and torches, under the indifferent gaze of those who have allegedly come to protect and defend them, the statement said.

    The whole world is becoming increasingly aware of this and is ever more frequently questioning whether it had indeed been justified to launch this aggression for alleged humanitarian purposes, and it is finding it increasingly more difficult to justify the continued intense aggression using different methods, JUL said.

    Now, when the whole world is ever more loudly speaking about the necessary return of legal and legitimate Yugoslav authorities to Kosovo and Metohia to protect all Yugoslav citizens equally, regardless of nationality, several from among these expelled people are joining organs of UN Kosovo civil administrator Bernard Kouchner and Hashim Thaci, the leader of the former ethnic Albanian terrorist organisation, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, the statement said.

    By joining such organs these people are trying to give legitimacy to the terrorism and present state of affairs in Kosovo and Metohia, which no-one in the world justifies or accepts any longer, the statement said.

    The way to resolve the crisis in Kosovo and Metohia is to establish an equal, democratic and tolerant society through the due implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, the statement said.


    (Politika daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    Telephone lines in Kosovo have been disconnected from the Northern Serbia, Montenegro and abroad since 09.00 a.m. this morning. The Albanians have cut off the main cable connecting the whole province. It is the 7th incident of the kind, since KFOR deployed in Kosovo. (*)


    (B2 - 92, 5. 4. 2000)

    Gracanica, Tuesday – A shipment of 75 prefabricated houses is expected in the Montenegrin port of Bar next week, bound for Kosovo. The buildings are intended to house Serbs returning to Kosovo, Serbian sources in Gracanica said today. The houses, donated by Greece, will be erected in the village of Srpski Babus near Urosevac. The project marks the beginning of an operation to return Serb refugees to parts of Kosovo where they once lived in large numbers but had since fled.


    (Glas javnosti, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina – Hieromonk Sava Janjic considers that a SNC’s decision on entering KIAC will present a test for Albanians, as well. In his interview to ‘Zeri’, a Pristian daily, Fr Sava stated that Kosovo and Metohia SNC was ready to co-operate with Albanians, "if they show they respected rights of the Serbs and denounce the crimes committed against them". (*)


    (Borba daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    President of the Serbian National Assembly (SNA) of Kosovo and Metohia Zivojin Mitrovic told Tanjug on Tuesday that the entry of some members of the Serbian National Council of Kosovo and Metohia into the so-called Transitional Administration Council of Kosovo was contrary to the interests of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohia.

    In conditions of continued violence over Serbs in Kosovo-Metohia, when expelled Serbs are not allowed to return to their homes, when the head of the UN Civilian Mission Bernard Kouchner is openly violating and intentionally avoiding the implementation of Resolution 1244, entry into the Transitional Administration Council for Kosovo is an act directed against the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohia, Mitrovic said.

    He said that a "handful of Serbs who do not represent anyone and with a mandate they gave themselves," has the task to amnesty all misdoing so far of Albanian extremists and give legitimacy to Kouchner's decrees, which run counter Resolution 1244.


    (B2 - 92, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday – Kosovo Serb leader Rada Trajkovic today told media that she had accepted membership of the Temporary Administrative Council of Kosovo to help Serbs in the province and those who hoped to return to their homes. Trajkovic, who is a member of the Serb National Council of Kosovo, told a Nis newspaper that she clarified with the Council that her membership would give Serbs the full right to demand that the international community urgently facilitate the return of displaced Kosovo Serbs and involvement into plans for Serb survival in the province.


    (Borba daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    A decision by Kosovo and Metohia's Serb National Council to join in the capacity of observer the Kosovo provisional executive council led by chief of the UN civilian mission (UNMIK) Bernard Kouchner is rash and not in the interests of the Serbian people, Sveto Grujic, chairman of Kosovo Polje's Serbian National Parliament, said Monday.

    Grujic told Tanjug, "We, the Serbian National Parliament, do not recognise the decision and take the view that it will help legalise (leader of ethnic Albanian extremists) Hashim Thaqi, terrorising (practised by them) and all that has been done to Serbs and other non-Albanian ethnic communities in Kosovo and Metohia in the nine months of the deployment of Kouchner and UNMIK."

    UNMIK and Kouchner have not brought with them peace, order and work to Kosovo and Metohia but genocide and destruction of all that belongs to Serbs, he said adding that the U.S. administration's offer to Serbs to join Kosovo provisional executive council was yet another trick aimed at salvaging Kouchner's and UNMIK's mission.

    Grujic said that all Serbs in Kosovo and Metohia would condemn the Serbian National Council's decision to join, even in the capacity of observer, Kouchner's council.

    He said that neither the Serb National Council for Kosovska Mitrovica where nearly 60,000 Serbs lived, nor Serbs in the Kosovo district backed the decision which they believed to be tantamount to treason.


    (Danas, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pec - "If it was not for the Italian KFOR soldiers who closely guard Pec Patriarchate, the monks together with some ten elder Serbs would be dead already", writes Reuters in its reportage about the hard position that few remaining Serbs, out of recent 20.000, found themselves in. Here is what Father Peter had to say about it:

    "This is the seat of our Faith, but not a Serb dares to come here. I asked the Italian soldiers: "How would you feel if you, the Italians, would be the only people in the World who cannot go to the Vatican?"

    The Serbian monks stated that 70 per cent of the Orthodox churches in Kosovo had been destroyed, and that invaluable icons and frescoes, from the Medieval, the Golden Age of Serbian Orthodox Church, had been deliberately desecrated. Graffiti written on demolished icons clearly display the UCK (KLA) was responsible for it: it was done with a conscious intention to annihilate and erase any trace of Serbian Culture within Kosovo and Metohia.

    It is not very likely that Orthodox communion services will be held in close future; if ever gain. It is valid especially for the Serbian Orthodox churches in western Kosovo, remarks Reuters.

    The churches still not destroyed, as the Pec Patriarchate, are under siege and remained intact only because peacekeeping forces guard them.

    Historic monastery Gracanica, situated near Pristina, is surrounded by barbed wires, sand-sacks under constant surveillance from the military watchtowers. (Beta, Reuters) (*)


    (Borba daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    Bajram Berat, a member of the Macedonian Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations, said terrorist groups of ethnic Albanians, members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, rule in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohia province, with the tacit approval of western power figures.

    In a talk with correspondents of Yugoslav media in Macedonia, Berat, a physician by profession, said terrorists have the approval of Javier Solana, Wesley Clark and Bernard Kouchner ethnically to cleanse Kosovo and Metohia, to expel from the southern Serbian province all Serbs, Romanies, ethnic Turks, and other non-Albanians.

    Berat stressed the international force KFOR's and UN civilian mission UNMIK's disrespect of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

    The west invented a humanitarian disaster in Kosovo and Metohia, the Skopje doctor said, in order to justify its aggression on Yugoslavia. It still persists in this interpretation, even though facts completely deny such allegations. The best confirmation of this is that ethnic Albanians has expelled Kosovo Romanies from the province in order to make an all the more convincing picture of the alleged humanitarian disaster.


    (B2 - 92, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday – Two New York Times journalists were yesterday fined 2,000 dinars each in the district court of the south Serbian town of Novi Pazar after being convicted of entering Serbia from Kosovo without visas. Carlotta Gall and Andrew Edward, both US citizens were also banned for a year from entering the country. The two told the court that they had set off from Kosovo and become lost because they had intended to travel through Montenegro, for which they did not need a visa.. They were returned to Montenegro after paying the fine.


    (Danas, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina – According to Coha Ditore, an Albanian Pristina daily, people employed in the public affairs, i.e. employed by UNMIK, are being paid from the Province budget since March.

    Two co-presidents for the Public Sector, Bexjet Brajsori and Peter Suman, stated the lowest allowance would be 150, and the highest 900 DEM. Suman estimates there is too many people employed in the Province administration and consequently, a decrease in the number must ensue by forming a private sector.

    According to UNMIK data, 70.000 people are employed in public services.

    Suman also added: "In future, the money for the Province budget will be collected from the taxes, custom-taxes and other sources. Not from the donors abroad, as was the previous case. (Beta) (*)


    (Glas javnosti, 5. 4. 2000)

    Pristina – A Serb, who voluntarily surrendered himself, has been accused of committing double murder, stated UNMIK. He is being questioned now, for he shot a bar-owner and a waiter (both Serbs) from AK-47 rifle on Monday night. After the suspect spent the whole evening in the bar, the owner of the bar and the waiter were forced to throw him out, since he was drunk. (*)


    (Serbia info, 5. 4. 2000)

    April 04, 2000 - Nis, April 4th - The President of the temporary Executive Council of Kosovo-Metohia, Zoran Andjelkovic, said that "only unity and united actions of Serbian people in Kosmet and Serbia as a whole can help that in that southern province remain those who stayed there and to bring back those who had to, temporarily, leave their homes".

    "The area of Kosmet is at the moment, the region with the biggest crime and lawlessness in the world, which has no comparison in the world. There are no courts, nor any other authority or safety, not even for the members of the UN mission, in this region and such current state is untenable. It is only suitable for the terrorist 'OVK' and for those who have supported it in its separatist aspirations and their own intentions to bomb our country", said Andjelkovic.

    Andjelkovic considers that if they really wish to introduce order to Kosmet the international representatives should, together with Serbia and Yugoslavia, first make a political agreement, to form a joint body that would outline the status of autonomy and then create conditions for the election organs.

    He emphasised that before all that it is necessary to create safety and other conditions for the return of 360.000 banished people and then all other conditions predicted by UN Resolution, which Kouchner keeps breaking.


    (Borba daily, 5. 4. 2000)

    The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Kosovo and Metohia Provincial Board Executive Committee said the entries of Rada Trajkovic into the so-called Transitional Council and of Sava Janjic, Dragan Velic and Randjel Nojkic into the so-called Temporary Administrative Council of Kosovo are a betrayal of Serb and Yugoslav state and national interests, the Provincial Board Information Service said on Tuesday.

    When there is gross violation of the elementary documents of the world organisation on Kosovo and Metohia, primarily the relevant Security Council resolution, the entry of any person into any institution of the UN civilian mission means building oneself into the authorities of occupation in the southern Serbian province, which is equal to national betrayal, the statement said.

    Joining such institutions which are aimed at the further Albanisation of Kosovo and Metohia and its carving out of the constitutional-legal systems of Serbia and Yugoslavia, is considered by the Provincial Board as an attempt at justifying everything that has so far befallen the Serb and Montenegrin peoples and other citizens of this part of Serbia, in the very presence and in plain view of those who organised such and similar organs and other institutions, the statement said.

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