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Compilation from Belgrade daily newspapers, prepared by editorial staff of the Voice of Kosovo and Metohia

March 29, 2000

  • Bomb in central Pristina
  • Burglers Plundered Serbian House in Orahovac, Sick Woman Denied Escort
  • Ethnic Albanians commit new crimes against Serbs
  • Powerful blast rocks northern section of Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Sava Janjic about Crown Prince: Church and Crown Together
  • Statement by Rada Trajkovic, member of Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohia: Serbs will be observers in PAVK
  • Serbs may join Kosovo Council
  • Goranies National Community: Who Supports KLA
  • USA Disappointed by Albanians
  • Poland to contribute about 600 troops to KFOR
  • Kosovo toxic but not radioactive
  • New "Ideas" of CIA about Kosovo: Fabricated Story about Crushing Helicopter
  • Chizhov to Head Russian Delegation to Paris
  • Contact Group Meets
  • Albanian leader Denies Prison Camp Reports
  • Trial of Le Monde of Paris opens
  • KFOR and UNMIK should leave the province as soon as possible

    (B2 - 92, 29. 3. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday Central Pristina was in panic today after a bomb planted in a rubbish container exploded. United Nations civilian police took over control of the central city area, searching the UN headquarters on the suspicion that another device had been set in the building. There were no casualties in the explosion.


    (Politika daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    Orahovac, March 28th (Tanjug) - Two Albanian youths, whose surnames are Ljatici and Beljiju forcibly broke into an abandoned Serbian house, which separates the Albanian and the Serbian part of the town, and took away all the valuables.

    The burglars demolished the house, breaking the household furniture and the noise woke up the neighbours who reported the case to KFOR.

    KFOR arrived an hour later caught the two plundering and arrested them.

    Peko Stankovic a Serb, who was driving his sick woman to the Prizren hospital, has been stopped by the German KFOR at the control-post near Bela Crkva. They denied him escort to Prizren, moved him back to Orahovac not making it possible for him to continue his trip. (*)


    (Serbia info, 29. 3. 2000)

    March 28, 2000 - Gnjilane, March 28th (Tanjug) - Ethnic Albanian criminals set fire to a Serb farm in the village of Cernica, municipality of Gnjilane in eastern Kosovo and Metohia, early Monday, while the owners were asleep, local amateur radio operators report. The terrorists first doused the farm compound with gasoline and then set fire to it, the sources said.

    In the same village in this southern Serbian province, ethnic Albanians burgled the house of Milorad Savic who lives abroad.

    In another incident, ethnic Albanian extremists threw stones at a convoy of Serb vehicles in the place of Dobrcane on Monday afternoon. In this attack, windscreen of Dragan Pavic's car was broken. Troops of the international force KFOR did not react to this attack, the radio operators said.

    Also, KFOR troops arrested three ethnic Albanians for concealing weaponry during a vehicle search near the village Pones, municipality of Gnjilane, the sources said.


    (Borba daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    A powerful explosion was heard in the Bosnjacka district in northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica on Sunday evening, the town's Serbian National Forum, said on Monday.

    No casualties were reported after the blast.

    After the incident, French troops participating in the UN peacekeeping force KFOR searched the houses in this part of Mitrovica, predominantly populated by Muslims and ethnic Albanians, discovering large quantities of weapons, unofficial sources said.


    (Glas javnosti, 29. 3. 2000)

    Belgrade, London - "Crown Prince Alexander and I have exchanged our opinions about Kosovo and Serbia. We concluded it was very important that Church and Crown - together with our people in diaspora, opposition representatives and various non-governmental organisations who are in favour of establishing democratic society - become more co-ordinated, join their forces in order to initiate necessary democratic changes within the country", stated Hieromonk Sava Janjic, a monk from Decani monastery, after the meeting with Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic.

    "We established a high level of understanding. The Crown Prince presents a man with a vision of a better and more just society and in the same time I can see his deep concern for the hard situation that our country had found itself in", said Fr Sava.

    According to his words, Princess Catherine would soon endow the Serbian Orthodox Church movable clinic with a surgery room, which is to be set in Gracanica monastery.

    "This is the additional proof of how much the royal family thinks about its people", said Fr Sava.

    He held a lecture to the Serbs on Monday night at the Serbian Orthodox Church in London, where a film projection "Crucified Kosovo" has been shown.

    "I talked about grave suffering of our people, especially about the strife that ensued since last year June. I saw a great compassion and understanding of our people in diaspora for the hardships in Kosovo. Our people are going through Golgotha. We consider that the Serbs from diaspora might help as ambassadors of our faith and the nation with their constructive attitude, which is not going to be only criticism, but the active endeavour to familiarise the people in the west with the critical condition in our country", emphasised Fr Sava. (*)


    (Blic daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    Gracanica - Member of the highest leadership of Serb National Council for Kosovo and Metohia Ms Rada Trajkovic said yesterday that political representatives of Kosovo Serbs were on the way to make decision about their joining Transient Administrative Council of Kosovo /PAVK/ as observers.

    The final decision is expected to be made at the session in Gracanica on April 2, Trajkovic said.

    "In case Serb National Council decides about joining PAVK, Serb requests will be clear, precise and time limited", Trajkovic concluded.


    (B2 - 92, 29. 3. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday The Serb National Council of Kosovo has discussed joining the province's temporary administration, Council committee member Rada Trajkovic told Radio B292 today. Trajkovic said that Serbs would consider accepting the status of observers in the temporary administration from the beginning of April, adding that she would accept a seat on the Temporary Administrative Council if asked to do so by Serb representatives.


    (Danas, 29. 3. 2000)

    Pristina - Albanian terrorists dressed in "Kosovo Protection Corps" uniforms have blown up the house of commander's assistant of the OUP Gora Rustem Agusi.

    "This is the additional terrorist act of the KLA, dressed in the "Kosovo Protection Corps" with an aim to intimidate and expel the Goranies from the Gora municipality. This is an additional proof that the "KLA" has not been demilitarised. We do not want to believe that the international community supports suchlike activities of Albanian terrorists, but the events taking place since KFOR deployed, did not convince us that situation was the opposite", stated Orhan Dragas the president of GNC, at the KFOR HQ in Pristina. (*)


    (Glas javnosti, 29. 3. 2000)

    Washington - USA are disappointed by the unfulfilled promise of the Albanian guerrilla in south of Serbia, said James Folly State Department Spokesman.

    "We continue to emphasise to the Albanian terrorists that we mean it seriously when we say that we shall not tolerate violence and extremism at all", stated Folly to the journalists in Washington.

    "KFOR supported these messages with appropriate concrete action and will keep that way". (*)


    (Borba daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    Poland will send some 600 troops to Kosovo and Metohia to join troops of the UN peacekeeping KFOR in the area of Kosovska Mitrovica, in the north of the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's southern province, NATO sources said on Monday.

    The Polish government informed the NATO command about its decision to send reinforcements to the province last Friday.

    Italy and France pledged to send 1,000-strong reinforcements to Kosovo and Metohia in February, but the NATO command's decision to this effect has not been yet been implemented.

    NATO member states have contributed 30,000 troops to the 37,200-strong peacekeeping contingent in Kosovo and Metohia.


    (B2 - 92, 29. 3. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday UNHCR spokesman Chris Janowski said today that there was no danger from radioactive material at Kosovo sites where NATO had used depleted uranium bombs. However, he added, there was a danger to health from toxic materials at the same sites. Janowski said that UNHCR staffs in Kosovo were not taking any personal protective measures but that it was necessary that local bodies and health institutions faced the problem of a long-term danger to human health.


    (Politika daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    London, March 28th (Tanjug) - General Wesley Clark and NATO Secretary General George Robertson cancelled the visit to Mitrovica, since the CIA has, supposedly, found out that "Belgrade had prepared their assassination, by crushing their helicopter with bazooka", the London Times reported. - This is the latest spectacle launched as a continuation of manipulating the public opinion and the propaganda against Serbs, as the easiest way to deviate the attention from the unsuccessful visit of the NATO heads.

    CIA claims that the crushing of the helicopter has been planed to be carried out with bazooka. According to the press, the American Agency does not accuse the remaining Serbs of the attempt, but "the Belgrade". The previous stated means that the bazooka must be used from somewhere outside of Kosovo.

    The chopper, hence, on the line between Pristina-Mitrovica, would have to be fired at, from a distance, somewhere from Serbia.

    Such a bazooka does not exist in the world, simply because there is no such technology in order to produce it.

    The only people who are able to fire at the chopper from a shoulder on Pristina - Mitrovica line, are the Hashim Taci's Albanian terrorists. Since not being disarmed by KFOR, they have abundance of weapons at their disposal, including the rockets for crushing down planes that were given to them by their western sponsors; headed by the Americans and the Germans. [...]

    The Clark and Robertson's visit to Kosovo caused many disputes in the West in which a predominant estimate has been marked as -"a humiliation for NATO". (*)


    (Borba daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    Vladimir Chizhov, the director of the All-European Co-operation Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, will head the Russian delegation to Tuesday's meeting of the Contact Group in Paris at the level of political directors.

    The experienced diplomat has been dealing with Yugoslav issues for several years. He arrived in Paris on Monday, where he will present Russian proposals for overcoming the crisis in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohia province, Russian diplomatic sources said.

    Russia insists on strict implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo and Metohia, the sources said.

    This implies, among other things, that the problem of this province must be resolved only with full co-operation with the Yugoslav authorities and preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    Moscow also wants the international community to take immediate steps to isolate Albanian extremist leaders and to confiscate all illegal arms, and to establish reliable control of Yugoslavia's borders with Albania and Macedonia.

    It is necessary that the agreed number of members of the Yugoslav Army and Interior Ministry return to the southern Serbian province, the sources said.

    Russia will also propose that steps be taken to open talks on determining the political status of Kosovo and Metohia within integral Yugoslavia.

    The Russian side will announce that it will not oppose the holding of elections in Kosovo and Metohia, but only provided normal conditions are created there before that.

    This primarily implies the return of refugees to their homes and the ensuring of their full security, the diplomatic sources said.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry underscored that the main objective of the Paris meeting is to consider the situation in Kosovo and Metohia and determine if conditions have been set for a meeting of the Contact Group at the level of foreign ministers.


    (B2 - 92, 29. 3. 2000)

    PARIS, Monday The political directors of the Contact Group member countries met in Paris today to discuss preparations for local government elections in Kosovo. French Foreign Ministry representative Anne Gazeau-Secret told media that the issue of voter registration complicated election planning for Serbs who fled Kosovo last year.


    (B2 - 92, 29. 3. 2000)

    Pristina, Tuesday The Commander of the Kosovo Protection Corps, Agim Ceku, told Radio B2-92 today that reports of Serbs held captive in prison camps in Kosovo were not true. The president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Novi Pazar, Sefko Alomerovic yesterday said that Serbs were being held in camps in six locations. Alomerovic also alleged hat Ceku's brother headed what he described as the secret police of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the officially disbanded Albanian guerrilla organisation whose former members largely make up the Kosovo Protection Corps now headed by Ceku.

    UN civilian mission representative Susan Manuel said today that the mission had no information about the report from the Helsinki Committee. She added that there had been rumours for months about the existence of such camps but that KFOR and the UN police had been unable to find any confirmation of the claims.


    (Borba daily, 29. 3. 2000)

    The trial of the Paris daily Le Monde was staged here Monday after charges of incitement to racism and denial of the right to response had been filed against the paper by the Lawyers without Frontiers association.

    The association's move was prompted by an article published by the paper on August 12, 1999, in which Philippe Refabert, a psychoanalyst, had tried to justify crimes committed against Serbs by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and Metohia since the deployment of the UN peacekeeping force KFOR and the UN civilian mission (UNMIK) to the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's southern province.

    Refabert's justification of the crimes committed by ethnic Albanians and of ethnic cleansing of Serbs appears to be based on the allegation that the Serbian people are collectively responsible for crimes committed in the province over the past ten years, although Serbs have never committed any crimes. Even if they had committed them, only individuals should be tried for them and not the entire people.

    Gilles William Goldnadel, chairman of the association that fights against racism in the world, sent a letter to Le Monde's director Jean-Marie Colombani after the article had been published, asking to be granted the right to respond to it. Colombani, however, rejected his request.

    Although both the public prosecutor and the paper's lawyer conceded during the trial that Refabert had used 'dangerous phrases' and 'shocking wording,' a request was made for the suspension of the court proceedings allegedly because the author had not once urged in his text that the entire Serbian people be punished.


    (Serbia info, 29. 3. 2000)

    March 28, 2000 - Kosovska Mitrovica, March 27th (Tanjug) - KFOR representatives and UNMIK police, stationed in Kosovska Mitrovica district, do not respect the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and take no measures to protect non-Albanian population, but are mere passive observers on ethnic Albanian terrorists' side, it was underscored at today's meeting of the chief of the district Zdravko Trajkovic with representatives of municipalities and members of parliament of the region.

    For this reason, we are very distrustful of UNMIK and KFOR.

    It was stressed at the meeting that terrorist attacks in the Vucitrn municipality are more frequent these days, because of which lives of the Serbian population in Gojbulja, Miroca, Banjska and other villages are endangered.

    The house of Ratomir Jankovic from Gojbulja was blown up with an explosive device, which indicates that KFOR members from the United Arab Emirates, controlling the area, do not take much care of Serbs and Montenegrins, Trajkovic said.

    It was also pointed to the problems of Suvi Dol residents who are not able to reach Kosovska Mitrovica due to the attacks of ethnic Albanian terrorists.

    Trajkovic pointed out that those facts indicated passive behaviour of the international peacekeeping forces and complete failure of the UN mission, and for this reason KFOR and UNMIK members should leave Kosovo and Metohia as soon as possible and be replaced with legal state bodies which would restore order and peace.

    President of the Leposavic municipality parliament Dragan Ivanovic stated that 27 anti-tank mines were discovered on the Bistrica River Bridge the same day when the Railway Bridge on Zvecan-Leposavic road was mined.

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