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Mart 2000 News Archive

Friday, Mar 31, 2000

  • Kosovo Albanian terrorists attack Serb house in Obilic
  • Cernice near Gnjilane: 30 Albanians Attacked Nebojsa Petkovic
  • Villages in Kosovska Vitina Municipalities: Terrorists burning down Serbian Estates
  • Since 1998, 1,200 persons kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohia
  • Serbian Patriarchate: Film "Crucified Kosovo" on Internet
  • Registration of Kosovo and Metohia population by OSCE illegal
  • Serbs refuse registration of the population
  • Serbs in North of Kosovo and Metohia Urge Return of Expelled People
  • Kouchner: Kosovo Elections in Autumn
  • UNHCR official: Deportation of Albanians from Germany Increases Crime in Kosovo
  • Trial of murder suspect of Russian KFOR soldier starts
  • No proof of Yugoslav Army movements on Kosovo border
  • Representative Body of USA Congress: No Retreat
  • Conflict KFOR vs. "KLA" about to Happen
  • Bil Clinton: Kosovo Needs Time
  • Skopje: KFOR Soldier Died of AIDS

Thursday, Mar 30, 2000

  • Bomb in southern Serbia
  • Obilic Two Nights Ago: Attack on Milorad Stankovic's House
  • Only 30 Serbs Remained in Milosevo
  • Ethnic Albanians commit new crimes against Serbs
  • New ethnic Albanian terrorist attacks
  • Another attack on a Serb in Gnjilane
  • Father Sava Janjic on Intruding of His Speech in London: Only Few Serbs Provoked
  • Statement by Rada Trajkovic, member of Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohia: Serbs will be observers in PAVK
  • Kouchner: Elections even Without Serbs
  • No partition of Mitrovica, KFOR Commander
  • Russian police to remain in Kosovo and Metohia
  • James Folly: Careful Warning to Ethnic Albanian Terrorists
  • US "disappointed" with Albanian guerrillas
  • UN monitoring delegation for Kosovo
  • Contact group begins meeting in Paris
  • Latest fabrications
  • Col. Mechain detained, to face charges
  • Yugoslav army denies it is opening border checkpoint with Montenegrin Police
  • Jiri Dientbier: KFOR has only one option - To oppose Kosovo Albanian extremists
  • "Washington Post": OV(LA)PBM Disrespecting Agreement with USA: They Do not Cease Provoking Serbs
  • Ogata concerned that Serbs, Romanies still leaving Kosovo
  • Putin, Sergeyev discuss situation in Kosovo
  • Vladimir Tchizhov: Russia will never accept the situation in Kosovo-Metohia
  • Constitutional amendments enabled Kosovo to remain part of Serbia, Yugoslavia

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2000

  • Bomb in central Pristina
  • Burglers Plundered Serbian House in Orahovac, Sick Woman Denied Escort
  • Ethnic Albanians commit new crimes against Serbs
  • Powerful blast rocks northern section of Kosovska Mitrovica
  • Sava Janjic about Crown Prince: Church and Crown Together
  • Statement by Rada Trajkovic, member of Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohia: Serbs will be observers in PAVK
  • Serbs may join Kosovo Council
  • Goranies National Community: Who Supports KLA
  • USA Disappointed by Albanians
  • Poland to contribute about 600 troops to KFOR
  • Kosovo toxic but not radioactive
  • New "Ideas" of CIA about Kosovo: Fabricated Story about Crushing Helicopter
  • Chizhov to Head Russian Delegation to Paris
  • Contact Group Meets
  • Albanian leader Denies Prison Camp Reports
  • Trial of Le Monde of Paris opens
  • KFOR and UNMIK should leave the province as soon as possible

Tuesday, Mar 28, 2000

  • Albanian Terrorists Committed Two Attacks near Bujanovac: With Rocket on Lorry
  • Another explosion in Kosovska Mitrovica
  • KFOR soldiers set dogs on Serbs
  • After explosion six people arrested
  • Serbs held in Concentration Camps in Kosovo: Helsinki Committee
  • Helsinki Board possesses proofs for raising of charges against Besim Cheku: Six concentration camps for kidnapped Serbs
  • "Glas" Reports: Rada Trajkovic Entering Interim Kosovo Administrative Council
  • KFOR Does not Want OSCE's Report about Serbs Moving out from Novo Brdo
  • Ethnic Turks also jeopardised in Kosovo and Metohia
  • French troops confiscate weapons
  • German Soldiers To Be Under Uranium-Dust Protection Programme: Victims Of Their Own Bombs
  • Kosovo Albanians released from prison
  • NATO manoeuvres enter operational phase
  • British Press on "Neutral Kouchner" - Overt Benevolence Towards Albanians
  • Serbia's assistant interior minister - KFOR, UNMIK faced with fiasco
  • Yugoslav committee chief meets with UN high commissioner for refugees

Monday, Mar 27, 2000

  • Lepina Village in Lipljan Municipality: Finnish KFOR Soldiers Let Bloodhound Dogs at Serbs
  • Attack on several Serbs in the village of Cernica: Two people wounded by a bomb
  • Two Serbs wounded in Gnjilane
  • Crkvene Vodice Village, 3 km from Obilic: Bomb Thrown at House of Ratko Mitrovic
  • Service of Commemoration for Serbian victims - Albanians' Reason to Celebrate
  • Hieromonk Sava from London: To Establish Peace in Kosovo
  • Philippe Anido, KFOR Spokesman: Albanian Youth Accused of Murdering Russian Soldier Re-Arrested by Spanish KFOR; American Soldier Wounded Himself to Avoid Service
  • Massacre in Racak - Walker's forgery
  • "Dynamic Response 2000" Commences Today: KFOR Will Have Two Week Exercise
  • Kosmet Albanians refused to leave Great Britain
  • Ogata: Too early for return of Albanian refugees in Kosovo: There is no multi-ethnic society in Kosovo
  • Ogata: Mass return of Kosovo Albanian refugees will threaten stability in the province
  • Jaksic blames UNMIK and KFOR for Serb exodus, KFOR Realised Albanians are Threat
  • Representatives of Montenegrin parties about special status of Albanians in Montenegro: Democratic Party of Socialists: Questionable arguments of Albanian party leaders
  • According to London Times: Robertson's Visit Ended with Humiliation
  • Greek Prime Minister Kostas Simitis about Kosovo: EU results minimal
  • Ivanov: Three principles for Kosovo
  • Serbian Renewal Movement: Support to regime

Saturday, Mar 25, 2000

  • South Serbian Albanians establish political council
  • Extended Session of Democratic Reform Party of Albanians: We Defended Sovereignty of Our Country
  • Strpce: Protest against the NATO aggression
  • Philippe Anido Denied Serbian Media Report: Border is not "Closed"
  • Contact Group on Tuesday about Kosovo
  • "Berliner Zietung" Reveals: Racak Massacre Never Existed
  • General elections in Kosovo next year: Albright
  • Kosovo Refugees Afraid of Mobilisation

Friday, Mar 24, 2000

  • Terrorists blew up the overpass
  • Committee for Protection and Human Rights: Albanians forcibly took over 27 Serbian Flats
  • Momcilo Trajkovic, SNC EB President: I will Invite Rugova
  • Patrick Shanliot: Trust zone only when Serbs return to the southern part
  • William Nash, UNMIK Mitrovica Regional Administrator: For Security and Return of Serbs
  • US sends in the marines
  • Madeleine Albright: USA against Kosovska Mitrovica Division
  • Incident near Tetovo: Albanians Beat up Soldiers of Western Alliance
  • Germany Expelled 50 Criminals to Kosovo
  • Ogata: Ethnic Albanian leaders oppose return of Serbs, other non-Albanians
  • Moscow Dissatisfied with Kosovo Situation: UNMIK Left without Russians
  • Russia calls off agreement to send police troops to Kosovo
  • Belgrade still provoking conflict: Albright
  • Ivanov: NATO aggression brings Kosovo crisis into deadlock
  • International operation in Kosovo a total fiasco
  • UN civilian, military missions siding with ethnic Albanian terrorists
  • Dienstbier: International operation in Kosovo total fiasco
  • Author text of German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer for "Blic" daily: Kosovo - challenges and chances
  • Moscow again criticises Kouchner
  • Kosovo situation deteriorating: Russian Defence Ministry
  • Yugoslav official Vukicevic visits Prizren, Orahovac, and Velika Hoca

Thursday, Mar 23, 2000

  • Ethnic Albanian extremists torch Romany house in Orahovac
  • A year after NATO intervention Clark said: NATO is not responsible for Kosovo
  • Explosion in Kosovo
  • Lukin says U.S. wants to blame Europe for Kosovo and Metohia fiasco
  • Greece for Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244
  • KFOR Closed Administrative Border Between Serbia and Kosovo
  • Kosovo Protection Corps: Albanian Must not Lose Victim Status
  • Igic: KFOR has to leave Kosovo
  • A bridge destroyed in an explosion
  • Gnjilane Human Rights Protection Committee: Serbian Families Leaving Novo Brdo Region
  • Security of Serbs in Gnjilane area reported to be improving
  • Solana defends slow progress in Kosovo
  • Germany Expunged 50 Albanian Criminals
  • Pentagon on "Negotiations" with Albanian Forces: There is no Agreement
  • Obilic, Albanian Terrorists are Restless: Serb Abduction Attempt, House Burnt
  • Vitina: Albanians Attempted Deception by Putting False "Kosovo Republic" Stamp

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