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by William Dorich



Chronology of Serbian and Montenegrin Rulers

Stefan Decanski


1168-1196 Nemanja, founder of Nemanjic dynasty
1196-1223 Stefan Prvovencani (First Crowned), second son of Nemanja
1223-1233 Radoslav, first son of Stefan
1233-1242 Vladislav, second son of Stefan
1242-1276 Uros I, third son of Stefan
1276-1281 Dragutin, elder son of Uros I
1281-1321 Milutin, younger son of Uros, brother of Dragutin
1321-1331 Stefan Decanski (Uros III), son of Milutin
1331-1355 Dusan (Stefan Uros IV), son of Stefan Decanski
1355-1371 Uros V, son of Dusan
1372-1389 Prince Lazar (Hrebeljanovic)
1389-1427 Despot Stefan (Lazarevic), son of Lazar
1427-1456 Djuradj Brankovic, nephew of Despot Stefan
1456-1458 Lazar, son of Djuradj
1459-1804 Serbia under Turkish rule
1804-1813 Karadjordje, founder of Karadjordjevic dynasty
1815-1839 Milos Obrenovic, founder of Obrenovic dynasty
1839-1858 Alexander Karadjordjevic, son of Karadjordje
1858-1860 Milos Obrenovic
1860-1868 Mihailo Obrenovic, son of Milos
1868-1889 Milan Obrenovic, nephew of Milos
1889-1903 Alexander Obrenovic, son of Milan
1903-1921 Petar I Karadjordjevic
1921-1934 Alexander I Karadjordjevic, son of Petar
1934-1941 Regency for Petar II Karadjordjevic, son of Alexander

(center of Serbdom in 17th and 18th centuries)

1499 Last of Crnojevic family
1499-1697 Tribal chieftains and bishops rule under Ottoman Turks
1697-1735 Bishop Danilo, first effective opponent of Turkish rule
1735-1781 Bishop Sava, cautious, timid, gave up power twice
1750-1766 Bishop Vasilije
1767-1773 Scepan Mali
1782-1830 Petar I Petrovic-Njegos
1830-1851 Bishop Petar II Petrovic-Njegos
1851-1860 Prince Danilo Petrovic-Njegos, nephew of Petar II
1860-1916 Prince Nikola Petrovic

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