Slavoljub Radunovic was born in 1963 in Pec and lived all his life with his mother because he was mentally retarded. He regularly attended all church services in Pec Monastery or in Decani. When the Serbs were fleeing Pec in front of KLA millitants in June 99 Slavoljub and his mother found refuge in the Pec Monastery. There Slavoljub lived and prayed to God until December 20, 99 when he unexpectedly left the monastery without the knowledge of his mother. He said to Italian soldeirs who were guarding the monastery that he wanted to have his hair cut in the city and they let him go. As soon as he was recognized by Albanians as a Serb he was abducted by unknown Albanians. After 10 days his mutillated body was found by UN police in one empty house. His body was half eaten by dogs. The body was brought to the monastery in a plastic bag to be burried there. The perpertrators have never been found as in all other cases of ethnically motivated murders.

Slavoljub's funeral in the Patriarchate of Pec.

Mutilated body of Slavoljub Radunovic
Mutilated body found in an empty house
This photo was secretly obtained from an UN policeman. The police has officialy refused to give any further information on his murder.