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Kosovo - Why does Kfor support KLA killer Remi ?

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Source: Columbia University
Published: November 1999 Author: Max Sinclair
Posted on 02/10/2000 14:08:21 PST by vooch

Since this article was written, Commander Remi has been made second in command of the UN police force in Kosovo (TMK). The 43 full time TMK 'police' get to divide 11mm DM of wages among them thanks to the genorosity of US and Euro taxpayers. This article describes Remi's murderous rampage against moderate Albanians last Spring. It suggests that it is precisely our support of individuals like Remi which has caused the people of Kosovo so much harm

Why does the Killing in Kosovo continue ? What's Going on in Kosovo?

Roughly 400 people have been murdered in Kosovo since Kfor's occupation began. The nomenklatura downplays these murders and issues stories which are designed to have the public conclude something along these lines:

.....400 murders ?, 400 doesn't sound too bad to me. I mean those people over there are a bunch of cutthroats anyway. Shucks before we went in and kicked some butt, things were much worse. We had to go in and do something to stop that mad dog Milosevic. Everyone knows he was killing zillions of people. He was frying little babies ! Don't you know we all saw it on TV. ........

But let's step back a little and put those 400 murders in some sort of context. First, those 400 murders occurred on our watch, not on Milosevic's. Actions are being done in our name and therefore each and every American bares some responsibility for its results. NATO forces led by America have occupied Kosovo with the primary stated intention of creating a peaceful and safe environment. Our leaders told us that Milosevic was doing terrible things and once we stopped him things would be better.

So, the first question we need to ask our leaders are things better in Kosovo now that we have taken over ? What was it like in Kosovo before we intervened ?

Before the "Humanitarian Intervention"

In the two years prior to the bombing campaign, the KLA reported around 2,000 people died in Kosovo. Dispassionate experts dispute this number as being a wildly inflated and it is worthwhile to review how and where these numbers were generated.

Few people know that the 2,000 figure emanates from a KLA front organization founded by hard line nationalist Adem Demaci. This KLA front organization with the innocent sounding title "Center for Defense of Human Rights and Freedom"(CDHRF) had a vested interest in inflating the death toll. The KLA needed to have a high death toll, because only a high death toll would justify a 'humanitarian intervention' on Washington's part. The KLA figures were repeated ad nauseam because the nomneklatura had long since allied itself with the KLA. This nomenklatura trumpeted the 2,000 number as an absolute fact and led us to believe that each and every one of these 2,000 were killed by the bloodthirsty, drunken Serbian barbarians.

The partisan nomneklatura did not tell us that the CDHRF counted each and every death in Kosovo as resulting from the hands of the evil Serb regime. A quick perusal of the CDHRF's website would immediately show that the CDHRF cynically listed traffic deaths and deaths by natural causes as victims of "Serbian Oppression". But even more cynically, the CDHRF suggested all actual murders of Albanians was done by government forces when in fact most of the killing of Albanians in Kosovo was done by the KLA. Later on in this article we shall see a case by case study of KLA murders of Albanians executed by one of Adem Demaci's protegees, the infamous Commander Remi. But for now, let's focus on the question, are things better now that Kfor is in charge ?

Let's accept for argument's sake the self serving KLA figure of 2,000 deaths in Kosovo as a starting point. These deaths occurred over a two year time span which represents a death rate of 2.4 people per day. This number excludes KLA killings of government forces which would bring the total death slightly higher.

In the 150 days since Kfor occupied Kosovo, there have been nearly 400 murders and more than 75 people killed by unexploded USAF cluster bombs. During Kfor's watch, 3.0 civilians per day have been killed in Kosovo. In other words, even using the self serving KLA numbers, Kosovo is at least 30% more dangerous now than before the intervention ! [posters note: since the article was written the death toll in Kosovo has risen to more than 800. The murder rate has increased since November]

How can Kosovo be a more dangerous place now that the tyrant Milosevic has been kicked out ? Kfor, and its civilian counterpart the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), have flooded tiny Kosovo with more than 70,000 soldiers, police, administrators, and observers. If the 6 million people of New York City can be pacified with 40,000 middled aged policemen, why can't the 1 ½ million people of Kosovo have the same level of law and order with almost twice as many "peacekeepers" ?

Why is Kosovo a more dangerous place now than before we took over ? The simple answer is that we have allied ourselves with the KLA. Kfor and UNMIK allow the KLA control of most every aspect of daily life in Kosovo. The KLA happens to be the very group that did most of the killing in the first place. Yes, the KLA did most of the killing in Kosovo. As far back as October 29th , 1998 the New York newspaper Newsday reported on the "KLA's well-documented atrocities against innocent civilians, especially ethnic Albanians perceived as collaborators" .Despite what our leaders told us, the KLA is not a bunch of romantic freedom fighters.

Our Allies the KLA

The KLA's primary activity has been to silence all moderate opposition: Serbian, Roma, Albanian, Jewish, or Albanian. Most Albanians are opposed to the KLA. As the Washington Post pointed out a few weeks ago, less than 25% of Albanians support the KLA. As part of the KLA's strategy to take power in Kosovo it had to do something about those 75% of Albanians who did not support it. The KLA decided to silence these opponents using brutal terror methods. Christopher Hedges of the New York Times has written extensively of the criminal behavior of the KLA's supreme leader, Hasam Thaci. Thaci is believed to have order the murder of at least 6 Albanians, including his roommate. The United States has actively supported Hasam Thaci and the KLA.

Madeline Albright has been photographed greeting Thaci with kisses. He has been invited to Washington in an official capacity numerous times. The American organizers at Rambouillet forcefully promoted the KLA over Ibrahim Rugova's more moderate LDK. Six US Senators have called Thaci the "George Washington of his country". More than enough evidence exists of American support of Thaci political leader of the KLA.

Thaci is not the only high ranking KLA member supported by the US who is suspected of murder. The supreme military commander of the KLA, Agim Ceku, is under investigation by the UN for killing hundreds of civilians in 1993 and perhaps thousands in 1995. Agim Ceku was extensively trained by 'retired' American Generals while in the Croatian Army. However heinous the crimes of Ceku, the nomenklatura does want him indicted. Why ? As one diplomat close to Bernard Kouchner was quoted in the London Times on October 10th as saying "If we lose him it will be a disaster," said a diplomat close to Bernard Kouchner, the UN's special representative. "When you get to the second level, you're down to a bunch of local thugs."

One such thug is Commander Remi. He remains well ensconced in the KLA press center in Pristina which he opened on June 12th under the protection of Kfor troops. The first visitor to the KLA press center was none other then hard line Adem Demaci, inventor of the 2,000 killed in Kosovo statistic. Commander Remi's campaign of killing Albanians is representative of KLA methods and should be understood by all concerned NATO citizens. For Commander Remi is our ally. What he has done and continues to do is being done in our name.

What happened in Commander Remi's zone of operations was repeated all over Kosovo by the KLA. Therefore, it is worth examining his record.

Commander Remi and the KLA

Rrustem Mustafa is a leading UCK commander. Using the nom de guerre Commander Remi, he was responsible for KLA actions in the so-called Llap operational zone. This vital zone includes Pristina, the strategic highway linking Kosovo with Serbia, and the market town of Podujevo. At 27, Remi had a hard line reputation and a flair for media posturing. He frequently gave interviews to naive reporters driving up for the afternoon from Pristina. His extremist political views are therefore quite well known to Kosovo watchers. What is not as quite well known are the methods he used to carry out his rigid political program.

Remi seems to have believed that any person who would not support the KLA was a traitor and deserved to be treated that way. Remi rejected the Rambouillet Peace agreement signed by the UCK leadership describing it as a betrayal by 'business patriots' and criticized the 'fraud' and 'manipulation' which went into the agreement. (source Reuters Tuesday March 16 12:31 PM ET ; Yugoslav Army Advances: By Sean Maguire)

The day to day work of leading Remi's fighters appears to have been the responsibility of Kadri Kastrati, deputy commander of the Llap zone. Kastrati was a 39 year old seasoned mercenary from the Croatia Army who spent the early 1990's with the paramilitary group "Vangas" ethnically cleansing the Dalmatian coast from Zadar to Dubrovnik. It is not known if Kastrati received training by 'retired' American Generals while in the Croatian Army (source: Vecernji List (Zagreb) 9 March 1999; Some 300 Former Croatian Army Members Fighting in Kosovo ; by Sonja Hodak).

It is the nature of terror campaigns that vendetta killings are not publically acknowledged nor are written orders given out for such acts. When the Mafia murders someone, those who need to know why, knew why. Others are left in the dark. The KLA operated under similar norms and rarely publically confirmed it had executed someone. Therefore, the evidence which against Remi is circumstantial. He is unlikely to ever be tried for his crimes. However, as the reader will soon discover a clear pattern emerges of Remi's campaign against moderate Albanians.

Remi, the 20 something failed law student and Kastrati, the unemployed paramilitary from Croatia organized a focused campaign against moderate Albanians within their zone. It is unclear when exactly Remi took control of the Llap command. However, by November 1998 he was firmly in charge of his zone of operations and Remi's the first attack against an Albanian occurred on December 3rd.

Remi's Campaign Against Moderate Albanians

The fifty-six year old Hajif Hoti, was kidnaped by a group of people wearing UCK uniforms near Poduejvo and never heard from again. Hoti's case is typical of what happened to moderate Albanian villagers in Remi's zone. They go about trying to avoid all conflict and find themselves disappeared (source Pristina Media Center 3.December)

Moderate villagers were not the only victims of Remi's wrath. Two days later on the 3rd of December, Remi's fighter's assassinated Hizri Tala and his two companions; the journalist Afrim Malici, and the student Iljir Durmisi when their car was machine gunned in Pristina's University district. Albanians who attended multi-ethnic Yugoslav schools were by definition traitors because they refused to attend KLA run nationalist schools. (source Pristina Media Center)

The next day, Remi ordered two of his fighters to sneak into the Pristina hospital for unknown reasons. When confronted with a request to show identification inside a hospital corridor, Remi's fighter's opened fire wounding 4 Albanians: Semsija Ceri, Dzevat Ceri, Jeton Muljaj, and Shuban Beahimaj. There are conflicting stories about what happened next. One version states that the female UCK threw a grenade forgetting to pull the pin. Her KLA companion then shot her while berating her for her incompetence. ( numerous sources )

Remi's attacks against Albanians seemed to quite down until 10:30 on the night of 23rd of December when his fighters shot up the "Melisa" cafe in Kosovska Mitrovica killing 24 year old Naser Haziri and wounding 20 year old Ljulzim Ademi. Ademi was an Albanian member of the local Yugoslav police and therefore a target for assassination by Remi. (source Pristina Media Center 23.December)

Moderate Albanian intellectual leaders were a particular target of Remi . For example, on the 9th of January at 4:00 in the afternoon Enver Maloku was shot and fatally wounded while stepping out of his car in front of his home in Prishtina. Maloku was a leading member of the Albanian nationalist political party known as the LDK. The LDK was the chief political rival of the UCK. Maloku's crime in Remi's eyes was that he advocated a peaceful struggle for independence. Remi considered that traitorous and therefore assassinated Maloku. (Sources Kosovo Information Service, Pristina Media Center 10. January, written statement by LDK activist F. Muenzel, August, 1999)

Even driving a cab using Yugoslav registration was enough to earn a guilty verdict from Commander Remi. On the morning of January 21s, Fatmir Sheqiri, 21, was found killed at Livaxhë, on the Prishtina - Ferizaj roadway. The body of Fatmir was found in the trunk of his car. It seems he was shot with two bullets on the neck, whereas signs of violence were all about his body, according to reports issued by the Pristina Association of Taxi Drivers. Fatmir was guilty of two crimes the first was working within the Yugoslav system. The second was to be a 21 year old Albanian and not fighting with the KLA under Commander Remi. (Source Kosovo Information Service 22.Jan)

Commander Remi seemed to specialize in the bombing of cafes which were frequented by ethnically mixed groups of youth. At 8:45pm on January 29th , Remi's fighters threw a Chinese made hand grenade into the downtown Pristina "Galerija" Cafe wounding Gordana Miladinovic, Milovan Vujosevic, Milenko Stojanovic, his sister Mirjana Stojanovic, Miodrag Markovic and Alma Beljulji, while Nikola Gavrilovic was lightly wounded. The Albanian girl, Alma Beljuli, was 21 years old and presumably attacked because she was mixing with Serbians.

Another middle aged Albanian writer was shot and wounded by Remi at the end of January. Selman Konjusha (50), a Pristina writer, was shot in the entrance to his flat in downtown Pristina. Konjusha was shot twice - in the chest and his kidneys - and was taken to the Yugoslav run Pristina surgery clinic in a critical condition. When operated upon, he had one of his kidneys removed. (Source Kosovo Information Center)

Two days after the "Galerija" grenade attack, Remi's fighters struck yet again. This time they attacked two cafes frequented by young Albanians who were more interested in drinking Fantas and flirting than joining the KLA extremists shivering in the hills. At 10:00pm a bomb was tossed in the courtyard of the "Gëzimi II" cafe in downtown Pristina. Luckily it caused no injuries and only light damage. The Albanian proprietor, Rrahman Ismaili may have also been getting a warning from Remi to pay his UCK protection money on time.

Twenty minutes later, an Albanian student was killed, and six other young Albanians were wounded at 10:20pm on Sunday when a bomb was hurled in the "Beqa" grill bar in Vellusha street in downtown Pristina, The killed university student was Osman Ibrahim Gashi (23). An eye-witness, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a tall man with a black overcoat was seen leaving the scene and being driven away by a waiting car a few meters away. ( sources Center for Defense of Human Rights and Freedom, Kosovo Information Center, and Pristina Media Center 1st February)

The next weekend Remi's fighters were at it again, this time bombing the "Almir" convenience store in Pristina's Ulpijana suburb and killing 3 Albanians. Storeowner Enver Salja (52) and Viljora Kumoli (16) were killed outright, while Arton Ajeti (20) died on his was to the hospital. A powerful explosive device, planted outside the store, went off at around 7 PM local time, shattering windows of a post office some 100 m away. The BBC reported that "those killed were ethnic Albanians who were loyal to Serbia and had apparently been targeted by separatists." Particularly grisly footage of Remi's handiwork was shown on CNN with the voiceover " A leg with the shoe still on and other pieces of mangled bodies were scattered on the city's main road, and a trail of blood ran along the gutter," The LDK condemned in the strongest terms "the terrorist attack". Interestingly, the UCK made no comment on this attack. The attack coincided with the start of the international conference in Rambouillet, France which Remi was adamantly against. The day before there had been another bomb attack in Pristina, this time on a Serb owned bar causing no casualties. It has been suggested that Remi intended these bombings to undermine the peace talks. ( Reuters, Kosovo Information Center, BBC, CNN 7th Feb)

By the first week of February, the OSCE monitors were deployed throughout Remi's zone of Operations. One of their reports describes how Remi's men operated when accosting Albanian villagers. The monitors reported that on February 5 Arben Rahmani was accosted by three men, one dressed in UCK uniform, in a vineyard at Pashki Dol Teca. After checking his identity papers, one of the men used his radio to ask whether the man should be killed or released. Before releasing him, the three questioned Rahmani about his relations with Serbs, how many Serbs were in his village, and what arms the Serbs have. He was warned not to return to the vineyard on penalty of death (source: KDOM report 8.Feb)

Remi's methods in harassing Albanian villagers are illuminated by another OSCE dispatch in which a female resident of Vucitrn reported that on February 6 four "terrorists," one sporting a KLA badge, broke into her home and beat her with a rifle butt. The "terrorists" allegedly searched the home and took a rifle, saying they would kill her if she reported to police. ( source: KDOM report 9. Feb )

Remi's depredations around Vucitrn increased dramatically in the next few weeks. On Tuesday the 23rd of February at 9:00am an Associated Press photographer was wounded by KLA fighters in an attack designed to expel non-Albanian residents of Bukos village near Vucitrn. The previous day, 32 year old Mirko Milosevic was murdered while working in front of his farmhouse. On Thursday, KLA snipers wounded Milorad Milic also near Vucitrn. On Saturday, Milan Milosevic died from torture wounds he recieved while he was kidnaped on February 22ndby Remi. ( Kosovo Media Center, Radio Yugoslavia, Kosovo Information Center, UPI, AP, and AFP)

By the end of February, Remi's fighters turned again to terrorizing Albanians in Pristina. Automatic gunfire killed Ekrem Gashi and seriously wounded Fahri Bejti and Genc Nuha as they shopped at a group of Serb owned shops early Sunday evening on the 28th February. (Kosovo Information Center 1.March)

The next weekend, Remi's attacked the "Kovac" restaurant in the Pristina suburb of Vranjevac, killing one and wounding seven Albanians who remained in the city and refused to join the KLA: Agim Revuci was killed, and Saban Zeciri, Bajram Zakupi, Gani Ismailji, Isa Krasnici, Avdulj Musica, Ismet Labljani and Arben Tahiri were wounded. (Reuters 6.March)

Nine miles north of Pristina, Remi's men shot two middle aged Serbian brothers Ljubisa and Radivoje Mitrovic in the back as they tried to escape being kidnaped on March 3rd . ( March 4th By ANNE THOMPSON (AP) MIJALIC, Yugoslavia )

Remi did not forget to continue the silencing of the KLA's main rivals the LDK. On Thursday, March 11th , His fighters assassinated Enver Feka chairman of the Velika Reka chapter of the LDK outside Vucitrn. Feka was guilty of two capital offenses in Remi's eyes. First, he led a political party which advocated peaceful transition to autonomy and Second, he owned a shop which was frequented by Serbs. ( source: Thursday March 11 6:50 AM ET; By Deborah Charles Reuters)

Up until now, Remi had spent most of his resources in minor attacks on moderate Albanians and terrorizing non-Albanians of every persuasion. These minor attacks and individual murders appeared to be part of a strategy designed to support a KLA offensive in the Summer. However, events began to unfold quickly in mid-March and the threat of a Peace Agreement loomed at Rambouillet.

Remi was adamantly against the Rambouillet Peace Agreement and therefore attempted to destabilize the situation in the most dramatic fashion. After meeting with his KLA counterparts who departed on Friday to sign the Rambouillet Agreement, Remi undertook a bombing campaign of a ferocity heretofore unknown in Kosovo.

It appears Remi undertook the bombing campaign as part of an overall KLA strategy to undermine the talks. The KLA was strongly against the Rambouillet accords at this time. It was only after extreme pressure was put on the KLA from their NATO mentors, that the KLA tactically agreed to the Rambouillet accords.

Remi tries to scuttle Rambouillet Talks

Remi's first series of bombs were set off on Saturday , March 13th ,in the crowded town marketplaces of Mitrovica and Podujevo. In Podujevo, Remi set two bombs to blow up 15 minutes apart which would inflict maximum damage to rescue workers arriving at the scene. The Mitovica bomb exploded only 750 meters from the OSCE mission there. On this day, Remi killed at least 8 innocent shoppers and wounded more than 58. At least 40 of the injured in the bombing were Albanians. The wounded included a eight year old girl who lost both her legs. 10 people were listed in critical condition. Reporters described pools of blood which lay amid the pulped remains of fruit and vegetable stalls.. Discarded shoes and torn clothing were strewn amid the metal stalls. (Sources: The Guardian, The Times, UPI, Reuters, AP, March 13th - 15th )

One of Remi's last acts before the KLA demanded NATO cluster bombing of Kosovo started on March 24th was the drive by machine gunning of 4 traffic cops in Pristina. (Source Reuters 21stMarch) This wanton act of violence again betrayed his remarkable cold blooded attitude towards killing.

However, once the bombing began, Remi proved that while he professed to be attacking the hated Serbs, his true attitude was exposed in the forced expulsion of more than 220,000 Albanians from his zone of operations.

Remi expels the Albanian population

Remi began expelling Albanians from the Llap region once the international monitors pulled out. The sole intent of this strategy seems to have been to provoke a refugee crisis. Evidently, the KLA knew it could only rise to power through the maximum suffering of the very people it purported to be defending. Chris Bird of the Guardian filed a story on Saturday March 20 which described how the KLA knocked on people's doors in Srbica telling them they had to "leave immediately, at one in the morning" as the UCK spread land mines throughout the village. The villagers then had to walk miles through a wind swept snowy night.

The tide of KLA induced refugees grew until it reached 160,000 as described by Lirak Qelaj. Qelaj acted in part as an information officer for Commander Remi and one of his jobs was to film the plight of displaced Albanian civilians with a video camera. Qelaj " disclosed that it was KLA advice, rather than Serbian deportations, which led some of the hundreds of thousands of Albanians to leave Kosovo" as reported by Jonathan Steele of the Guardian on June 30th. In one episode, around 160,000 displaced people were stranded near the village of Kolic on the east side of the Pristina-Podujevo road. Qelaj said the UCK " urged the people to go on to the main road and start walking to Pristina."

Sometime in late April, in the north of the Llap region, the KLA urged another crowd hiding from the bombing and numbering almost 60,000 to leave for Macedonia and Albania according to Qelaj.

In Remi's zone of operations alone, the KLA expelled 220,000 Albanians. This is keeping with the pattern Remi established prior to the bombing. Albanians were only worthy of decent treatment if they were actively supporting the KLA. Those who stood on the sidelines were to be used for propaganda purposes or worse.

After the military occupation of Kosovo by forces led by English General Sir Michael Jackson, Remi opened a KLA information center in Pristina. A few weeks later Remi personally insulted Gen. Jackson for his " lack of respect for KLA soldiers" and issued veiled threats against the occupation troops. In response to this insult, General Jackson made an humiliating apology to Remi

Why would the hardened paratrooper General Jackson apologize to someone who was described by a UN officer as a "local thug" ? It has been suggested that General Jackson made this apology in order because Kfor did not want to offend its KLA allies.

General Jackson apologizes to Remi

The following article was published by the KLA press office in Pristina, which was founded by Remi only 2 weeks before. It therefore represents Remi's as well as the official KLA position on the subject. In addition to the humiliation of apology, General Jackson agreed not to harass KLA soldiers and suggested he would take action against his own troops. What the KLA article fails to mention is that the two KLA soldiers shot by Kfor troops were standing on a crowded truck firing their AK-47's wildly into the air in the middle of downtown Pristina which was packed with KLA supporters celebrating their violent takeover of Kosovo. Refusing to stop their dangerous machine gun "celebratory fire" in the midst of a parade, they were shot by the English Paras.

...................."Prishtinë, July 3, (Kosovapress) Following last night's incident in which KFOR soldiers killed two Albanian civilians and injured two others, KFOR commander Mike Jackson expressed to the commander of the Llap operative zone, Rrustem Mustafa-Remi his profound regrets. They met today upon the request of General Jackson. Agim Çeku, Chief of Staff of the KLA also attended the meeting.

Commander Remi expressed his concern over the uncontrolled behavior of some KFOR soldiers towards Albanian citizens, in particular, towards KLA soldiers and their superiors. Some incidents between KFOR troops and Albanian civilians and personnel have been categorically stated as unacceptable. Remi added that these acts increase the tension between KFOR and Albanians.

In relation to the incident last night which resulted in the death of two KLA soldiers, Fahri Bici and Avni Liman Dudi, and the injury of two other civilians, Commander Remi, said this was an undisciplined attacked and was unacceptable coming from the allies of the Kosovar people.

These actions are not necessary, said Remi, "because, based on information gathered from eyewitnesses, KFOR soldiers were not in danger. Last night thousands of citizens were in the streets to celebrate the victory over a common enemy. Our citizens were celebrating together with KFOR soldiers. This joy turned to death due to an irresponsible act taken by the KFOR patrol.

"I expect from you that those who committed this act to be held responsible. I am afraid that among your soldiers there is a lack of respect for KLA soldiers. It is in our common interest to work together in a mutually respectful atmosphere between the KLA, the Kosovar civilians and KFOR troops. We must do everything to make sure these acts will not be repeated again."

KFOR commander Jackson expressed his regrets and apologized for last night's incident. "Our soldiers did not know that they were KLA soldiers. They felt they were in danger and they opened fire. "Commander Jackson promised the case would be investigated fully with all necessary measures taken.

Commander Remi also wanted to clarify with his counterpart the process of transforming the KLA into a regular army. "We insist, as the people of Kosova, to keep the continuity of our army. We will not disband our troops under no condition but we will maintain this organization until we are able to transform ourselves into a regular army as the agreement stipulated." (End of Kosovapress release)....................................

Not only is Remi able to insult Gen. Jackson directly to his face, in response General Jackson offers his most humble apologies. Remi apparently also continues to hold fast to the idea that his troops will never disband. Since the time of Remi's last communique reprinted above, there has been little news about him. However, the increasing number of mass graves are being uncovered in North-East Kosovo which seem to be his handiwork. These mass graves are filled with bodies of civilians murdered after Yugoslav forces left Kosovo. Remi may be as active as ever, but not just getting as much airtime.

This time the killing is being done while we, with Kfor as our agents, are responsible for the well being of the people of Kosovo. The Kfor/UNMIK forces have more than 70,000 people occupying Kosovo. Simply saying "its out of our control" is either fooling ourselves or just a plain lie.

For those who agreed that humanitarian intervention in Kosovo was a moral necessity of the highest order, it may be time to ask some hard questions of our leaders. These leaders, elected by us and acting in our name, determined there was no other choice but to bomb. We knew bombing may result in the death of innocent civilians, but were told their deaths would be justified by a greater good. And that good was that the people of Kosovo would live free and peacefully.

We have accomplished the opposite by allying ourselves with the KLA and the likes of Commander Remi,. Kosovo is now a more dangerous place to live than before the humanitarian intervention. In addition to making Kosovo even more dangerous than it was before, our bombing killed nearly 2,000 civilians.

The killing of those 2,000 civilians by our flyers, sailors, and soldiers demands accountability. Their deaths at our hands can not just be swept aside as some sort of trivial error. If we are to call ourselves a civilized nation, we must admit our mistakes and rectify them as early as possible.

November 15 , 1999
By Max Sinclair
New York City

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