UNMIK Condemns And Investigates Incident
February 10, 2005

Pristina, 09 Feb (B92) - Gyorgy Kakuk, UNMIK spokesperson from Kosovska Mitrovica said that KFOR and UNMIK police give a big importance to this case and the first police reports shows that the bomb was in the car.

Fredric Shving, chief of the UNMIK police department for prevention of crime, stated yesterday that according to the current results of the investigation, it is believed that the explosive ordnance that blew up Ivanovic's car was activated by remote control. Shving assessed also that it is to early to talk about the motives and about the eventual suspects and that the final word for this case will be given to the Special unit for prevention of crime when the investigation will be done.

Milan Ivanovic, the member of the Serbian National Council did not want to comment on the attack on his political rival: "I think the investigation should be finished soon. I would not like to talk about it without some further information."

Jeff Bieley, UNMIK spokesperson called all citizens who knows something about this attack to help the police with the investigation.