The leading Albanian daily in Pristina reveals that the latest bomb attack in Pristina, in which 30 people were injured, might be an action by the mebers of the UCK who try to intimidate witnessess in the trial to the former UCK commander Rrustem Mustafa "Remi". The story reveals that UCK still illegaly exists despite its alleged transformation into the Kosovo Protection Corps and official UNMIK denials that Albanian extremism and terrorism exist at all. (ERP KIM)

With bombs against women and children in Pristina
KLA (UCK) is still operating in Kosovo


Pristina, December 16, 2002

Although the motive of Friday"s evening attack in Dardania neighbourhood is not made public by investigative bodies, family members of Sekiraca, wounded in the attack, leave open the possibility that this was done by former UCK members. The cousin of Enver and Naim Sekiraca, Sali, told Koha Ditore on Sunday that "they don"t have good relations with the UCK because many of them thought we were collaborators of the previous regime." For the moment, he was not able to allude any possible person that might have carried out the act. Sali prefers to wait for the "end of investigations that are being carried out by competent bodies," and not talk about the motives and possible participants in organising the attack. In the meantime, investigative policemen of the case took the statements of three witnesses who continue to be cured in Prishtina hospital.

Sali Sekiraca was one of the few allowed people by the international police to stay close to the three patients Enver and Naim Sekiraca and Driton Emini. The room of these three patients continues to be blocked by a great number of international policemen. "These three patients need protection, that"s why we are here. They are supposed to be the target of Friday"s attack. We have an order to protect them, that"s all we know," said one of the policemen close to the door of patients" room, making contact with them impossible. "They are protecting us from another possible attack. We were continuously attacked and at the night when the explosion happened, there were UCK people at the hospital looking at possibilities to kill us when we came to get the first aid," said Sali Sekiraca.

KLA terrorist leader "Remi" with the present chief of
UN sponosred Kosovo Protection Corps Agim Ceku

There are rumours that the motive for the attack is the testimony Enver Sekiraca will give in the trial against Rrustem Mustafa " Remi. In the meantime, Sali says Enver has still not decided whether to testify or not. "Six or seven months ago, Enver was offered to testify against Remi by international judges. He did not do it. He has the same opinion now but I don"t know what will happen later," said Sali. According to him, what Enver could testify is the period when he was arrested by UCK in Llapashtica from where he escaped and not released as UCK members claim, then he fell in Serbs" hands, who kept him in the prison of Sremska Mitrovica and maltreated him. Remi lawyer, Aziz Rexha, says that the official accusation does not include the testimony of Sekiraca, while he does not exclude the possibility of this happening later. Rexha did not accept to comment for the moment the kind of the testimony Sekiraca could give against Remi. According to what I have heard, I know it"s about a man with a criminal past without mentioning any other detail.

After the most recent terrorist attack in Pristina, December 14, 2002