Kosovo Albanian Rebels in the History of XX century

Photo Gallery (1870-2001)

Albanian in a traditional costume
A traditional costume of an Albanian armed man, end of 19th century

Kosovo Albanian check-point in 1020ies during the rebellion of Azem Beita

Albanian rebels attacked retreating Serb Army in WW1 joining the
efforts of Austro-Hungary and Germany, photo 1915

Albanian Ballists which commited many crimes against Serb Christian population, 1941

A Nazi Albanian soldier killing a Serb priest in Kosovo
Albanian Nazi's murdering an Orthodox priest in Devic, WW2

Albanian nationalists during the WW2

KLA rebels in Kosovo

UCK rebel in Kosovo, 1998
KLA rebel in Kosovo 1998-1999

NLA/UCK rebels
NLA rebels in Macedonia 2001

The Wild West in the Balkans
An ethnic Albanian rebel riding through the village of Sipkovica,
West Macedonia, Aug 2001 photo FONET

Albanian Militancy remains the most troublesome threat for the
regional stability of the Balkans