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The Kosovo Chronicles by Dusan Batakovic (1992)
Book on history and nature of Serbo-Albanian relationship, by famous Balkans historian. Essential reading! /the complete Internet edition/

The Kosovo Question: Past and Present by Dimitrije Bogdanovic (1985)
Summary of a book by renowned Serbian historian, published by Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The Balkan Geopolitical Knot and the Serbian Question (Characteristics and Importance of the Geographical Position of the Balkan Peninsula) by Jovan Ilic
(From Serbian Question in the Balkans, University of Belgrade, 1995.)

The Migration of Serbs and Montenegrins from Kosovo and Metohija
Life of Kosovo Serbs under the Albanian dominated Kosovo autonomy prior to Milosevic / the complete Internet edition /

The Battle of Kosovo (Serbian Medieval Epic Poems)
The Battle of Kosovo cycle of heroic ballads is generally considered the finest work of Serbian folk poetry. Translated by John Matthias and Vladeta Vuckovic /the complete Internet edition/

Kosovo Origins by Hugo Roth
A comprehensive historical overview of the Kosovo problem. The goal of this valuable study is to help better understanding of Serb-Albanian relations through the history. /the complete Internet edition/

The Saga Of Kosovo by Alex Dragnich & Slavko Todorovich
An elaborated historical analysis of the complicated Serb-Albanian relations during the last several centuries. The book covers the contemporary history until 1984. A rich catalogue of select bibliography. /the complete Internet edition/

Kosovo by William Dorich
Another valuable historical study of the Kosovo and Metohija history. The author offeres an anthology of texts important for better understanding of the Kosovo problem. /the complete Internet edition/

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