Destruction and Desecration of Serb Orthodox Cemeteries During the Period of Albanian Autonomy of Kosovo in the 1980-ies

Srbica 1985


Dimitrije Petkovic 1984: "It is clear that this is the work of Albanian irredentist to force us to leave Kosovo, but I, my wife Krstana, my four sons and two daughters are determined to stay on our land. No one will chase us away..." (from Ilustrovana Politika 4. Dec 1984) - Petkovic lived in a village near Pristina.

(upper left: Slakovce, near Samodreza, 1984; lower left: Srbica, summer 1985; right: Slakovce, near Samodreza, 18. July 1984,

October 8, 1985, Begov Lukavac, the burned Serb cemetery