GOOD FRIDAY (28 April, 2000)

Albanian extremists blew up Serbian church in Grncar
April 28, 2000

Kosovska Vitina, April 28th 2000 (Tanjug) - Albanian extremists blew
up "St. Petka" (St. Parasceva) church by a time bomb in village Grncar in Kosovska Vitina district, this morning around 7.45 a.m., on the day of Good
Friday, radio amateurs from Kosovo and Metohija reported.

The church, which is at the border of the village, was crashed to the

"St. Petka" church is in the region controlled by the American KFOR
troops, whose main purpose should be protection of Serbs and their

Albanian extremists set bomb during the night and arranged it to explode
around 8 a.m., at the time when on Good Friday, the day of Christ's
suffering, chapters from the Bible were read at the church.

This confirms that their intention was not only to demolish the church, but
also to hurt Serbs, the believers, great number of which was expected in
today's mass. Victims were avoided as the mass was late because the
priest's car broke down.

Serbs demand that KFOR pay for reconstruction of church in Grncar
May 01, 2000

Kosovska Vitina, April 30 (Tanjug) - At the meeting with the KFOR contingent officers in charge of security in the villages of Vrbovac and Grncar, representatives of the Serbian villages in the Vitina municipality
demanded that KFOR pay for construction of the destroyed Serbian
Orthodox church in the village of Grncar, report amateur radio

At the yesterday's meeting, the Serbs said KFOR was responsible
for the destruction of the church by ethnic Albanian terrorists. The
Serbs asked for an answer to their demand by their next meeting
with KFOR officers on Wednesday. The church in Grncar, village
located in the area in east Kosovo -Metohija controlled by U.S.
KFOR troops to whom the protection of Serbs and their property
should be the first duty, was blown up by ethnic Albanian terrorists
on Good Friday two days ago.

The way the church was destroyed showed it had been blown up by
members of the so-called, allegedly disarmed KLA.

Desecrated Serbian cemetery in Ajvalija
April 28, 2000

Pristina, April 28th (Tanjug) - In Ajvalija, a place near Gracanica,
Serbian orthodox cemetery was desecrated, radio amateurs from
Kosovo-Metohija said today.

According to the report of an Albanian from that village, militant
Albanians were those who desecrated or destroyed tombstones
in Serbian orthodox cemetery in Ajvalija.

Ajvalija was Serbian village until two decades ago, with only six
Albanian families living there.

Terrorist actions of Albanian separatists then, led to the fact that
Ajvalija became a place with mostly Albanian population, but there
were still over 30 Serbian houses. But, on the arrival of KFOR and
UNMIK forces, Ajvalija became ethnic clean Albanian place.

Serbian residents of Ajvalija escaped because of the invasion of
militant Albanians and because of the lack of protection from
KFOR peace forces.


Since 1998, 1,200 Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohija
March 30, 2000

Belgrade, March 29th (Politika) - Since 1998, 1,200 persons have
been kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohija, stated Ranko Djinovic
head of the Association of Families of Kidnapped Persons
in Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province.

Over the last eight days, our
association has learnt that 402 persons have been kidnapped.
According to our research, 20 percent of all the kidnapped were
abducted before the NATO aggression (March-June, 1999), five
percent during the aggression itself, and as many as 75 percent
since the arrival of the U.N. mission in Kosovo and Metohija in June
last year. KLA teams spared no one. They took mostly men -
children, persons suffering from chronic diseases, invalids, even
army and police members, under the pretext that they possessed
arms or participated in attacks against KLA. None of the families of
the kidnapped know exactly where their sons and husbands are.
The family members only guess or hear from ethnic Albanian
neighbours that there are special prisons for the Serbs from
Kosovo, explains Djinovic.

The association has data which show that there are special camps
for Serbs in northern Albania. For the first time, we got the
information from witnesses on the identity of the persons who
regularly participate in abduction of Serbs.

We cannot reveal the identity of the witnesses, but we know that
the kidnappers are Ejup, Kasun Kabashi, Sedat Saljin Krasnici and
Hadzi Azil Mazreku, all members of KLA secret military police.
Predrag Dedic and Petra Kostic from Orahovac and Rada
Djukanovic from Prizren spoke at the conference about the fate of
their sons and husbands who were kidnapped.