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Newsletter 29, November, 2003

Serbian Orthodox Church condemns most recent terrorist attack in Cernica
Hand grenade tossed into yard of Serb-owned house in Cernica near Gnjilane"This attack is another example that shows that unpunished previous crimes against Serbs in Cernica are only encouraging Albanian extremists whose goal is to expel the remaining Serbs from this martyred village," said Bishop Artemije 

Serb Ivan Todorovic injured in Albanian group attack despite his UNHCR marked car
UNHCR employee in Novo Brdo Ivan Todorovic sustained minor injuries yesterday at about 15,00 hours during an attack by a group of ethnic Albanians, reported Serbian sources from the Novo Brdo area in Kosovo and Metohija today.

Wounded KPS Officer wounded in terrorist attack on Nov 24 dies
His death was due to gun shot injuries that were inflicted upon him and other KPS Officers during the shooting incident in Pec on Monday 24th November 2003. This is the second KPS Officer that has died from injuries sustained on that day. Sebahate TOLAJ, a female KPS Officer, was killed during the shooting incident on Monday and her funeral was held on Wednesday.

"Specific Threat" against Internationals triggers Kosovo Alert
NATO has raised security in Kosovo in response to a "specific threat" of attack against international organizations in the United Nations protectorate, alliance peacekeepers said Friday. "We now know that a specific threat has been made toward international organizations within Kosovo," Wing Commander Chris Thompson of KFOR told a news conference in the Serbian province where nominally Muslim ethnic Albanians predominate.

Albanians tear down Serb flags in Southern Serbia to commemorate "Flag Day"
On Friday, in Presevo (a Serbian city outside of Kosovo administrative boundaries), during the celebration of the Albanian national holiday, Serbian flags were taken down from the administrative building of the Presevo municipality, and were replaced with flags of Republic of Albania.

IWPR (UK) Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia: Armed to the teeth
Disarming civilians in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia means making them see guns are a threat to security, not a guarantee.

Opinions about Kosovo-Albania Union
Leading ethni Albanian politicians reveal that the idea of territorial unification of all Albanians in the Balkans remains the final goal. Independence of Kosovo is a focal element in this pan-Albanian strategy which is, as Paskal Milo observes: a strategic objective to all Albanians and nobody doubts it.

Serbian Orthodox Church supports Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
His Holiness Pavle, the Patriarch of Serbia has sent, on behalf of the Holly Synod of Serbian Orthodox Church a letter of support to HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy:

INET News from Kosovo and Metohija

Newsletter 28, November, 2003 Second Edition

Flag Day - symbol of pan-Albanian expansionism and not a way towards democracy
One thing is quite evident. The present Kosovo Albanian political elite is not leading Kosovo Province towards the 21st century, integrated and multiethnic Europe, but to the anachronistic ideals of the 19th century romantic nationalism. Today, streets of Kosovo cities will be decorated with flags of a foreign state, Republic of Albania. Serbs and other non-Albanians cannot even dream of allowing themselves such displays of patriotism although Kosovo Province officially, according to the UN SC resolution 1244 is not a province of Albania but of Serbia-Montenegro.

26 Serb returnees wait to be allowed to return to their homes in Klina town
"Kosovo Albanian leaders and UNMIK representatives constantly claim that all returnees may freely return to their homes. Therefore this is a good opportunity to follow the words with action and demonstrate sincere readiness of the local municipal structures to receive Serb returnees to Klina", said Bishop Artemije for the ERP KiM Info-Service. "I strongly appeal on UNMIK and KFOR to support return of Klina Serbs to their homes and create conditions for their safe and dignified life", added the Bishop.

Vandals target Serb Orthodox church in Kosovo
Serbian Orthodox Church in Gornja Brnjica near Pristina robbed. Serbian Orthodox Diocese for Kosovo and Metohija expressed serious concern because of continuation of vandalism against Christian holy sites in Kosovo Province.

Serbs in Obilic evicted from their apartments
465 out of 5.000 Serbs who lived in Obilic prior to the conflict are in danger of losing their apartments

Threatening letters against Western diplomatic offices in Kosovo
On Thursday, UNMIK Police has confirmed that UN in New York has received several threatening letters for possible attacks against diplomatic offices of several western countries in Pristina. For this reason security measures have been increased on the streets of the capital of Kosovo.

Crime threatens Courts, Prosecutors and Police in Kosovo says "Kosova Sot"
Courts, Prosecutors and Police in Kosovo say that they are working under threat of criminal elements and on conducting of their duties they are facing the danger of losing their lives. Courts and Prosecutors report for attacks and threats of their personnel. Also UNMIK Police Spokesperson, Michael Kreuzpainter said that it is not easy to work as a policeman in Kosovo. "Sometimes it is very dangerous to work as policeman_ You always have the feeling that you are under threat and that your life could end," he said.

Newsletter 28, November, 2003

Three "Dukagjini witnesses" killed - Bota Sot
A leading Kosovo Albanian Dailly explains that the recent murder of a Kosovo Policewoman was a part of a systematic liquidation of crucial witnesses against former KLA and Albanian mafia warlords in Pec-Decani area: " Three of these witnesses have been murdered: Tahir Zemaj, Ilir Selimaj and Sebahate Tolaj; while there have been several attempts to kill Ramiz Muriqi"

Pastor of the faith and the Church - most noble achievement of the year
"Every night and every morning, they have only one thing on their mind," says the priest. "Early in the morning, when I set out to visit our unfortunate compatriots who have been living imprisoned for more than four years, I am always afraid whether I will still find them all. I understand them. If they want to visit the church, they leave their houses and apartments at their own risk."

Deteriorating safety conditions in Kosovo and Metohoija
The recent cases of murders and violence in the province send a clear message to the Serbian community in Kosovo-Metohija that it has no place in the province and negatively affects the return of refugees and displaced persons, said Krstovic, the whip of the Serbian Coalition Povratak in Kosovo Parliament

News from Kosovo and Metohoija Nov. 22-26

Newsletter 27, November, 2003


Fr. Sava Janjic
November 26, 2003

NYC Mayor visits Kosovo but meets Kosovo Albanian leaders but not representatives of other ethnic and religious groups

Two opposite views of Kosovo's future: Nexhad Daci and Goran Bogdanovic
Kosovo and Metohija Parliament President Nexhat Daci said in Washington on Tuesday that independence of Kosovo has no alternative..."The Serb community is absolutely against an independent Kosovo and Metohija, and we do not see a single politician in Belgrade who would give up part of the Serbian state territory and who would agree to the independence of this province," Bogdanovic said.

Two new Albanian attacks on Serbsin Kosovo
Two Serb youths assaulted by a group of 20 ethnic Albanians in Mitrovica - another elderly Serb beaten by K/Albanians in Eastern Kosovo. Head of the MP club of the Serb coalition Povratak in the Kosovo Parliament Dragisa Krstovic has stated that the latest murders and beatings of Serbs suggest that Serbian community is not welcome in Kosovo-Metohija since those assaults prevent return of the displaced. President of the Serbian Renewal Movement from Kosovo-Metohija Momcilo Trajkovic has pointed out that the situation in the Province will not improve before those responsible for crimes are prosecuted before the Hague Tribunal.

One Kosovo Policewoman murdered, two of her colleagues wounded in a terrorist attack
UNMIK Head Harri Holkeri assessed that armed attack near Pec, when one local police member was killed and two of them seriously wounded, was aimed against investigations that police and judiciary were conducting in that part of Kosovo.

Velika Hoca enclave: Only Time is Passing
In Velika Hoca and Orahovac, not far from Prizren, wine and troubles flow freely. Faced with numerous problems, their freedom of movement limited to a diameter of one and a half kilometers, local residents of Velika Hoca and Orahovac, nevertheless, hope for better days. As long as there is wine, there will be life here, says Father Milenko Dragicevic

Families protest innaction on Kosovo missing
A lobby group of the families of Serbs missing in Kosovo today told UNMIK representatives that nothing has been done to shed light on the fate of the missing.

Newsletter 26, November, 2003

Patron saint's day of Holy King Stefan of Decani celebrated at Visoki Decani Monastery

Bishop Atanasije of Zahumlje-Herzegovina (retired), Bishop Artemije of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija and over 20 concelebratnts, joined in prayer by more than 650 Orthodox believers, celebrate the religious holiday of St. Stefan of Decani

Newsletter 22, November, 2003

Targeted Childhood

Children escorted to school by KFOR troops
Desperate security situation in Kosovo and the pervading atmosphere of ethnic discrimination and the lack of free movement especially affects Kosovo Serb children some of which still go to school escorted by KFOR military vehicles. In this edition of our Newsletter we are bringing two life stories: one showing the hard life of a Kosovo Serb girl in an isolated community and the other about the elderly of all nationalities in the Pristina Senior Citizens' Home. Both stories depict reality which can hardly be seen behind the carefully filtered UNMIK reports trying to prove Kosovo mission as a "success story".

Targeted Childhood - "Novosti Campaign - Noblest Achievement of the year"
Snezana Koljensic, the only Serb student in Southern Kosovska Mitrovica, is escorted to school every day by armed KFOR troops. Two soldiers in front with rifles at the ready. Behind them walks 12 year-old Snezana Koljensic. From a nearby bridge that divides the city, the watchful eye of French sentry observes the miniature convoy from an armored vehicle. Lest something happen to the little blond girl with sky blue eyes. Such security measures, despite the fact that the school is less than 500 meters away from the house. And not for people who typically have bodyguards and armored transporters but for an "ordinary" little girl who cannot play children's games and does not know the meaning of a carefree childhood.

Oasis of the elderly in Kosovo's maddness
The film called "After Life" shows the unique and difficult situation in Kosovo and Metohija. It records the stories of people who are wards of the Senior Citizens' Home of different nationalities, each of which is a separate life story and at the same time a novel of human suffering. All of the short, pithy, small but great narratives are tied together by very clever titles explaining the position of the author toward these people and toward the situation in the Province. At the end of the film, one such title explains that Serbs and Albanians live together in the Senior Citizens' Home in Pristina, as nowhere else today.

EP: Kosovo must meet European standards regardless of final status
European Parliament has urged the European Union to play more active role in reaching the solution to Kosovo's final status. The European Parliament made it clear that regardless of the final status, Kosovo needs to comply with European principles, Belgrade's media reported.

Newsletter 21, November, 2003

Americans of Serb origin protest against announced visit of NYC Mayor to Kosovo
First, as Albanian Flag Day is an occasion commemorating the Republic of Albania's independence in 1912, it strikes us as odd that a US official would celebrate this event in Kosovo, an entirely separate entity than that of the Republic of Albania, especially given the untenable political situation within the province? In years past, the celebration of this day in Kosovo has been perceived by non-Albanians in the province as a highly provocative rally for Kosovo's independence and the unification of Albanians under one flag, irrespective of currently delineated and internationally recognized borders in a push for a Greater Albania.

AFP: Two Albanians jailed for blast that killed two NATO soldiers
Two ethnic Albanians from Macedonia were sentenced to 10 years in prison for planting a bomb that killed three people, among them two NATO soldiers, in March, MIA news agency reported Wednesday.

We should ask for UN Stance - Serbs Alarmed with decision of Kosovo Parliament
Belgrade should ask for an official answer from the chief of UNMIK and the Security Council, regarding the decision of the interim Kosovo Assembly to set an assembly procedure to discuss the initiative of the National Movement Of Kosovo for unification of the province with Albania.

Local Self-Government According to European Standards
Interview published in the Belgrade daily POLITIKA with Carlo Civiletti, ambassador and chief of the mission of the Council of Europe, for the decentralization in Kosovo and Metohija.

The Lignite is poisoning Kosovo
"The employees have an average life expectancy of 47 years compared with 65 years for the rest of Kosovo. The smokestacks emit 60 tons of ashes and other particles per hour. In Sweden the limit value is 40 tons - a year," tells Major Bengt Öst from the Swedish peace-keeping contingent.

INET: News from Kosovo and Metohija, Nov. 19-20

Newsletter 20, November, 2003

Indescribable drama
Milanka Petrovic of Prizren knows who kidnapped her father and killed her brother but will not name them because of an ongoing investigation

They only took their memories
Three members of Stojkovic family saved by Serbian Orthodox Church from isolation and despair near Prizren. During their two years of solitude in Vrbicani near Prizren, the Stojkovices began to loose their identity. Little Zivko attended school in Bosniac language and learned to pray to Allah

UN Police in Kosovo makes arrests in crackdown on organized crime
United Nations police in Kosovo said Tuesday they had arrested three people in a massive operation to tackle a suspected organised crime network. Spokesman Derek Chappell said a Briton, an Italian and an Albanian had been arrested after police searched the premises of an Italian-based business, ItalBetton Company, which was suspected of criminal activities.

Yes a Tale of Two Protectorates - Fr Irinei vs. Morton Abramowitz
In Kosovo, under the vigilance of the international community, ethnically motivated repression and intimidation continue at an alarming rate with the destruction of over 120 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries since the NATO brokered peace, as well as the relegation of all non-Albanian populations to polarized enclaves where they lack freedom of movement, proper medical attention and overall access to the outside world. Approximately 1800 Serbs and other non-Albanians have been murdered as a result of ethno-religiously motivated Albanian terror, 1300 injured, the fate of another 800 remains unknown, and upwards of 320,000 have been forced to flee as refugees, without the possibility of a safe return.

Serbian Royal Family Hosted Dinner for Serbian Orthodox Archbishops
"Today, as well as for the last half of a century, our Church has suffered great misfortunes. Our most important shrines in Kosovo, recognized by UNESCO as world’s cultural heritage, have been burnt down and destroyed. However, our Church still carries its burden of responsibility and duty, with courage and patience, preaching God’s law and love among people. The Crown has always supported such message, advocating democracy, respecting everybody regardless of their ethnic and religious origin or political orientation, following the words of His Holiness who said "it takes so little for humans to be humane", said Crown Prince Alexander II

The King Reigns and Government Rules
Why Crown Prince Alexander believes it is the right time for reestablishment of parliamentary monarchy in Serbia. Reestablishment of monarchy in Serbia, according to Crown Prince Alexander would not endanger the state union of Serbia and Montenegro, but even improve the relationships between the two states.

Newsletter 19, November, 2003

Lord Robertson: Without the right to return Kosovo will have no future

Initiative for union with Albania introduced in Kosovo Parliament
Hydajet Hyseni, a member of the presidency from the ranks of the (Hashim Thaci's) Democratic Party of Kosovo, announced that the initiative for the union of Kosovo and Albania is "an option that has de facto been a part of Kosovo political life" and now is "de jure on the table as an option for the future".

Robertson: Troops to stay in Kosovo "until it flourishes"
NATO troops will remain in Kosovo until the aim of a flourishing multi-ethnic democracy in Kosovo is achieved, outgoing NATO Secretary-General Lord George Robertson said Monday.

Solana: Kosovo fate not linked to fate of Serbia Montenegro3
Responsibility for the final status of Kosovo lies with the UN and cannot in any way be linked to the future of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said last night.

IWPR: Kosovo - Crimes against Serbs investigated
UN appears to have overcome reluctance to prosecute Albanian militants. Dukagjin Gorani, director of the Centre for Human Rights at Pristina University, said, "Albanians find it very hard to believe that some of their people could have killed civilians. Whatever the case, someone murdered those Serbs, and I doubt it was KFOR."

Mitrovica Serbs will protest the Province's security situation
Main slogan for the upcoming protests scheduled for Thursday afternoon, in the central city square in Kosovska Mitrovica will be "For safe Kosovo and Metohija, and safe Kosovska Mitrovica we want our army and police".

Serb suspected of murder in Kosovo's village Mogila released from detention
Stanoje Przic and his son Novica, who were arrested by UNMIK police after the murder of Danijel Milosevic (18) in the village of Mogila near Kosovska Vitina, were released from detention on Tuesday. "The UNMIK Administration has made another mistake and acted hastily, like in the case when they arrested Vladimir Jovanovic after an international policeman was killed in the north of the province," Kosovo-Metohija Presidency member Oliver Ivanovic told a news conference in northern Kosovska Mitrovica

RTK: Institutions in Kosovo work more for parties and less for citizens
The Assembly and self-governing institutions in Kosovo do more work for the parties and less for citizens, this is the main ascertainment of the research that is realized by the Kosovo Institute for Research and Documentation, which is presented by the president of this NGO, Enver Hoxha.

INET: News from Kosovo and Metohija 15-18 November 2003

Newsletter 14, November, 2003

Explosive welcome for Serb repatriates

Representatives of seven expelled Serbian families who visited the village of Musutiste (pr. Mushutishte) near Suva Reka (some 20 kilometers east of Prizren) to see their destroyed homes where they plan to return were welcomed by houses rigged with explosives and gunfire from the nearby woods

The Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija most strongly condemns the incident in Musutiste which demonstrates that Kosovo society is still not ready for implementation of standards required by the international community but remains under strong influence of Albanian ethnic extremists who orchestrate anti-Serb campaign.

SNC - Planting mines in destroyed Serb homes and organizing an anti-Serb rally in Suva Reka are not spontaneous acts of frustrated villagers but acts organized by local former KLA structures who still keep this area under their political and paramilitary control

Serb returnees to the village of Musutiste near Suva Reka attacked by Albanians
Representatives of seven expelled Serbian families who visited the village of Musutiste (pr. Mushutishte) near Suva Reka (some 20 kilometers east of Prizren) to see their destroyed homes where they plan to return were welcomed by houses rigged with explosives and gunfire from the nearby woods, confirmed to ERP KiM Info-Service Dr. Rada Trajkovic, a member of the Serbian coalition "POVRATAK".

UNMIK and Milorad Todorovic condemn incident in Musutiste
Milorad Todorovic, repatriation coordinator in the Kosovo Government, said that Musutiste incident shows that Albanian leaders' calls for return are not enough and completely at odds with the situation on the ground.

Robbery in the Village of Banje - Serbs in Uniforms rob Serbs
Unidentified persons wearing uniforms stole five head of cattle from the seven-member Serbian family of Nenad Kovacevic from the village of Banje near Srbica two nights ago.

Serb Visit to Orthodox Cemetery in Djakovica Postoponed Due to Security Reasons
The visit of a group of displaced Serbs to the Orthodox cemetery in Djakovica originally planned for November 1st had to be postponed to enable better preparation of the site, including the possibility of visits to individual graves.

Newsletter 13, November, 2003

Belgrade and UNMIK To Establish Close Cooperation on Investigation of Ethnically Motivated Crimes

Editorial by Fr. Sava Janjic

Kosovo Albanians Demand Unification With Albania
Several thousand Kosovo Albanians gathered in downtown Pristina today to demand the UN-governed province be unified with Albania.

UN Police Arrest Former Rebel Commander
UN police in Kosovo have arrested a former rebel commander who helped lead an ethnic Albanian insurgency in southern Serbia in 2001. Sami Azemi - also known as "Commander Hadzi" - was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and illegal possession of weapons.

UNMIK Police Meet Belgrade Kosovo Officials
UNMIK police representatives visited Belgrade today to meet officials of the Kosovo Coordination Centre, to discuss photographs published recently in daily Vecernje novosti. The photographs showed an unidentified person in a Kosovo Liberation Army uniform holding two severed human heads.

Serbian Judiciary Organs to Hand Over KLA Crime Documents to UNMIK
Head of the Judiciary and Human Rights Department of the Coordinating Centre for Kosovo-Metohija Vladimir Bozovic said on Tuesday that Deputy UNMIK Chief in charge of police and justice Jean Christian Cady confirmed that the UNMIK is now prepared to collect and examine the documents on crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Kosovo-Metohija from the Serbian judiciary organs.


Tell Serbs What Awaits Them - Confession of a Serb woman who was kidnapped by the KLA

"For as long as I live I will remember what the Albanians did to me and my colleague, Zorica Stevanovic." These are the opening words with which Slavica Vuksanovic (40) of Strpce began her testimonial for "Novosti".
They were kidnapped by members of the KLA from a breadline in the center of Gnjilane and tortured for four days and nights. They fled with the assistance of an Albanian neighbor. A mass grave was later found in the area of the building where they were tortured

News From Kosovo and Metohija, November 11, 2003

Newsletter 12, November, 2003

Serbian Ministry of Interior Published Exact Figures of Post-conflict Crimes in Kosovo and Metohija
Since the deployment of peacekeeping forces in Kosovo and Metohija 1,192 Serbs and 593 members of other national communities have been murdered. The fate of 790 of the 1,303 persons kidnapped or abducted and tortured by Albanian extremists during the same period remains unknown.

The Beaten Elderly Serb From Gnjilane in Critical Condition

Stojkovic sustained serious head injuries and wounds all over his body. After the admission to the hospital Mr. Stojkovic said to the doctors that he had been attacked by a group of five-six Kosovo Albanian males while he was taking care of the cattle on his farm in Paralovo, Novo Brdo Municipality, near Gnjilane, said Dr. Vipic.

Privatization in Kosovo and Metohija Only With Consent of Serbia

Privatization in Kosovo and Metohija can be continued only with complete respect of the international standards and consent and participation of the Republic of Serbia as the largest creditor and owner of the property in that part of Serbia 's territory. This is said in the statement issued by the Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbian Orthodox Church Strongly Against Uncontrolled Privatization in Kosovo
According to the opinion of Bishop Artemije continuation of the privatization process under the present conditions will be nothing but a criminal act with the blessing of UNMIK. Serbian Orthodox Church and other national institutions will use all possible legal methods to prevent such injustice and protect their legal property rights, said Bishop Artemije to the ErP KiM Info-Service

Barbed Wire Around UNMIK Headquarters in Pristina
Installation of barbed wire around the headquarters and strengthening of security measures in the building, is a subject that dominates today's headlines in almost all Pristina newspaper in Albanian language. In the meantime, the newspapers stated that the KFOR representatives said that for the international institutions in Kosovo these threats came from the local criminal organizations, but not from outside.

INET News from Kosovo and Metohija, Nov 10, 2003

Newsletter 11, November, 2003


Sunday, Nov 10, 17:00 Aleksandar Stojkovic, a 75 year-old Kosovo Serb from the Gnjilane region, sustained serious injuries after being beaten up by a group of five or six Albanian extremists as he was grazing his livestock on Sunday afternoon at about 15,00 hours. Stojkovic sustained a broken jaw, broken ribs and serious head injuries after being pistol-whipped by his attackers. They they wrapped him in nylon and pushed him into a stream.

Is Albania supporting "Freedom fighters" next door?
In 1998, when NATO's war on Yugoslavia was first being organized, secret camps were set up in northern Albania. There, British and American forces trained the rag-tag fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The two countries openly armed, supplied and supported the KLA during the war against Milosevic, using the paramilitary group as NATO's ground troops.

Claims on Albanian Insurgency in Greece cooked up in Pristina (ref. Der Spiegel)
"Nationalistic circles in Pristina have cooked up the speculations on impending Albanians-led insurgency in northern Greece and alleged annexation of northern Greece to the so-called Greater Albania," said a Greek official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

New York Major to celebrate national Albanian Flag day in Pristina

The pair will then whiz to Kosovo's capital, Pristina, where Bloomberg will celebrate Albanian Flag Day with the country's president and prime minister.

Kosovo given timetable for democratic reforms
The United Nations and the ethnic Albanian majority have two years to improve the situation in Kosovo before, according to Washington, there will be any consideration of the territory's final status.

News from Kosovo and Metohija 10-7 November 2003, INET

The Vatican's New Realism About Islam - The Front Page Magazine
The semi-official Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica has done nothing less than shock the world by publishing an absolutely scathing criticism of the mistreatment that Christians suffer in Islamic societies. Why so shocking? It's a sharp break with Pope John Paul II's long-standing policy toward Islam, which some have characterized as “dialogue to the point of extremism.” Nothing is published in La Civiltà Cattolica without the approval of the Vatican Secretary of State — so this blistering article presumably corresponds to the views of some very high placed Vatican officials, if not the ailing Pope himself.

Newsletter 07, November, 2003

Testimony on the Genesis of Evil - White Book on Albanian terrorism in Kosovo

The book addresses the continuity of terrorist activities by Albanian extremists, beginning with the constituting of the parallel system of Albanian government in Kosovo and Metohija and the pretensions of the so-called Government of the Republic of Kosovo headed by Bujar Bukoshi, covering the founding of FARK and the armed forces of "the Republic of Kosovo", which united separation-oriented former officers of the former Yugoslav People's Army, to the founding of the "Kosovo Liberation Army" /KLA/, which at the time of the NATO bombing had more than 20,000 armed members, and the KLA's transformation and engagement of the former terrorists in the Kosovo Protection Corps.

Serbian Justice Minister Requests Extradiction of Albanian terrorists or their trial before UNMIK Judiciary - full text of Dr. Batic's Open letter to UNMIK chief H. Holkeri

Following my request, as Justice Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, addressed to you, insisting that you either extradite the Albanian terrorists and war criminals headed by Thaci, Cheku and Haradinaj to Serbian authorities or try them before the UNMIK judiciary, I received a response from your deputy, Charles Brayshaw. His letter states that UNMIK is not in possession of documentation and evidence of their guilt, the determination of which falls under the authority of the UNMIK judiciary, that the Serbian state has no jurisdiction to issue warrants, and goes on to suggest that the Ministry of Justice initiate the process for rescinding the warrants and that it inform Interpol of this.

Newsletter 05, November, 2003

Only 12 Serbs Left in Urosevac
The municipality of Urosevac is now the most ethnically pure part of Kosovo and Metohija: with the exception of 12 Serbs living in the town of Urosevac itself, there are no other Serbs in the entire municipality.

COVIC: It is Time for Timeframes For Fulfilling Standards
"It is very important that all the standards be defined so that there is no place for slacking. Standards have to be clearly set, well profiled and measurable," stated Covic.

Del Ponte: Kosovo Witnesses Being Threatened
"Witnesses with whom we have already spoken are now refusing to testify out of fear," she added, noting that the tribunal does have a witness protection system. However, this system often entails moving entire families, which is very difficult, she explained.

Kosovo Status Talks Could Start in 2005: US Official
US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Marc Grossman, referring to UN-set targets including the return of minorities, economic reform and rule of law, said: "If the Kosovars can meet these standards ... there will be a review of where they stand in mid-2005.

Belgrade Offers "Evidence" Of Albanian War Crimes in Kosovo
Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic released a book Tuesday on "Albanian terrorism and organized crime" in Kosovo in the hope that it will lead to war crimes charges against ethnic Albanians.

CSM: For Refugees in Kosovo Long Way Back Home
Although four years have passed since they were chased from their homes by ethnic-Albanian militants seeking revenge for atrocities committed by the Serbian Army, many Kosovo Serbs, like young Yeton, have not given up hope that they might one day return.

Newsletter 04, November, 2003, Second Edition

KLA Decapitated Abducted Serbs

In the yesterday exclusive report the Vecernje Novosti published a text and photos showing UCK/KLA criminals with cut off heads of Serbs. Although UNMIK and KFOR have not yet commented this report ERP KIM Info Service has learned from reliable sources that the investigation of these photos and crimes which they show began a few months ago and that it may lead to additional incriminatory proofs against KLA and their leaders.


ERP KiM Editorial: New Evidence on Heinous KLA Crimes in Kosovo
"So do not be afraid of people. Whatever is now covered up will be uncovered and every secret will be made known." (Mt 10:26)

Vecernje Novosti: KLA Cut Off People's Heads
Searching for sources and examples of this evil, the reporters of "Novosti" recently discovered a horrific photograph, the best illustration of the bloody feasts of the members of the KLA. On the large photograph, we see three members of the KLA in uniform. The oldest, the one in the middle with the toothy grin, is holding a cut off human head in his right hand and carrying the larger head of a younger man more visibly in his left arm.

Serbian PM Calls for Action on KLA Photo
Serbia's prime minister has called on the international community to react to a photo published in a Belgrade newspaper today showing a group of people dressed in uniforms of the outlawed Kosovo Liberation Army holding a number of severed heads.

COE Should Adopt Resolution On Human Rights In Kosovo and Metohija
peaker in the Parliament of Serbia-Montenegro Dragoljub Micunovic said that Serbia-Montenegro will keep the issue of human rights violation in Kosovo-Metohija open in the Council of Europe (CoE) until the CoE adopts a binding resolution on the protection of human and minority rights in the province.

Newsletter 03, November, 2003, Second Edition

Bishop Artemije Meets With New Head of U,S. Office in Pristina
"Although the armed conflict ended four years ago," continued Bishop Artemije, "peace in Kosovo and Metohija has come only for the Albanians, while for the Serbs the time of suffering continues. Obilic, Gnjilane, Prizren and Gorazdevac are all witnesses to this fact, as well as 120 destroyed churches and monasteries", said Bishop Artemije

Bishop Artemije Celebrates Name Day on Feast Day of St. Great Martyr Artemius

Book Review - Diary of Un Uncivil War: The Violent Aftermath of the Kosovo Conflict|

INET - News from Kosovo and Metohija, 01-02 November 2003

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