December 19, 2003

ERP KiM Newsletter 19-12-03

Celebration of St. Nicholas Day at Gracanica Monastery

ERP KIM Info-service
Gracanica, December 19, 2003

(Bishops Artemija and Justin with Abbot Symeon of Banjska Monastery)

St. Nicholas Day (6/19 December) was celebrated today throughout Kosovo and Metohija Province. Especially solemn atmosphere was in Gracanica Monastery (in a Serbian enclave near Pristina) where Bishop of Kosovo and Metohija Artemije celebrated his Patron Saint in the presence of his spiritual children, clergy and many domestic and international dignitaries. After the Holy Liturgy, which was served by Bishops Artemije and Justin of Timok, Bishop Justin cut the "Slava cake" for his spiritual father, conveying support to the suffering Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija from the faithful from his Diocese (Eastern Serbia). 

After the service in the church Bishop Artemije and Mother Efrosinia, the Abbess of Gracanica Monastery (who also celebrates St. Nicholas as her Patron Saint) held a reception for the guests in the lounge of the monastery. Afterwards the guests attended the St. Nicholas luncheon in the Gracanica Monastery Refectory.

Among the dignitaries who attended St. Nicholas celebration and the luncheon were: Serbian deputy PM  and chief of the KCK Dr. Nebojsa Covic with Vladan Begovic, Commander of the US KFOR Brig. General Jerry Beck Jr. with the representatives of the US Office in Pristina, Ambassador Pasquale Salzano, the chief of the Italian Office in Kosovo with Lt. Col. Aurelio Dell'Angelo (Italian KFOR), Col. Per Oeyvind Semb, Political Advisor to the COMKFOR (Gen. Kammerhoff), as well as members of the POVRATAK Coalition Oliver Ivanovic (DA) and Randjel Nojkic (SPO)

Bishop Artemije greeted his guests conveying his best festal wishes to all who celebrate St. Nicholas as their Patron Saint, particularly in Kosovo and Metohija.

Despite very difficult security and human rights situation in Kosovo Province religious feast days for the Orthodox Serbs have always been moments of spiritual encouragement and hope for better life in peace, harmony and tolerance.

Ceremony of the "Slava cake"
at Gracanica Monastery

Bishop Artemije with Dr. Nebojsa Covic and Oliver Ivanovic at the luncheon

Commander of the US KFOR Brig. Gen. Beck with Bishop Artemije

Greetings from the Lt.Col Dell'Angelo, representative of the Italian KFOR

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