October 31, 2003

ERP KiM Newsletter 31-10-03

Letter by Dr. Nebojsa Covic to the UN Security Council

It is vitally important that the standards of a genuinely multiethnic Kosovo and Metohia that we have strived for be clearly, precisely, and measurably defined. More than a year ago, the Security Council endorsed the “standards before status” strategy and outlined what these standards would be. It is absolutely critical now to develop this strategy further and make the standards specific and measurable, with clearly defined mechanisms that would accurately and objectively evaluate the progress in meeting these criteria, said Dr. Covic in his letter to the UN Security Council

Dr. Covic did not attend yesterday's UN SC meeting on Kosovo and Metohija but the positions of the Belgrade Government were presented by the SM Ambassador at the United Nations Mr. Dejan Sahovic


Letter by Dr. Nebojsa Covic to the UN Security Council (full text)
It is
essential that UNSC Resolution 1244, the FRY – UNMIK Common Document of November 5, 2001, and numerous agreements and protocols signed with UNMIK be consistently implemented. We will continue to meet our commitments provided for by the aforementioned documents and hope that, now, when Mr. Holkeri has assumed his position of the UNMIK Chief, our interlocutors will eventua