February 20, 2003

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ERPKIM Info: Two Kosovo Serbs Beaten By a Group of Kosovo Albanians

B92: Former KLA Commander Arrested in Slovenia
SRNA: Serbs Step Up Security in Face of Albanian Extremism
RADIO YU: Other News from Kosovo and Metohija

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SNC KM: All responsible for war and post-war crimes must be brought to justice regardless of their ethnicity


ERP KIM Info-Service
Gracanica, February 19, 2003

First arrests of Kosovo Albanian war crime suspects are important encouraging signs for the Kosovo Serb community. Three years the Serb people were waiting for the justice and the latest actions give hope that the justice is not blind and one-sided as it appeared for years. Serbian leaders think that the arrests must continue because large documentation was given to the Hague tribunal about the incriminating behavior of some leading Kosovo Albanians.

Bringing all responsible for war and post-war crimes, regardless of their ethnicity and rank, is the only way to pursue inter-ethnic reconciliation and build a true democratic society. Once everyone in Kosovo learns that no one can escape justice the level of crime will fall and people will turn to legal political methods in struggle for their interests.

After the conflict in 1999, KLA leadership launched a campaign of terror in which at least 2000 of innocent Serb and Albanian civilians suffered. Despite the presence of the international peacekeepers KLA organized illegal detention camps in which innocent captives were tortured and killed, among them women, children and elderly people. Leading KLA officials took direct part in this campaign or at least were completely informed of what was going on. Not a single Albanian leader took any measures to denounce the criminals and stop campaign of terror and theft.

For certain time the responsible for these criminal acts seemed to enjoy immunity because international community was afraid that their arrests might create political instability and possible retribution against international personnel. But the eyes of justice could not be kept closed forever. More and more witnesses come out with their testimonies, not only in the Serb but also Kosovo Albanians. Despite attempts to negate any crimes the truth of post war Albanian campaign of terror comes every day more and more in the focus and cannot be ignored.

That is why SNC KM strongly supports the arrests of crime suspects with hope that this action will not be stopped. The justice has to prevail over power of former warlords who thought that they could shape the future of Kosovo's society by crime and violence as they did during the war.




ERP KIM Info-Service
February 19, 2003

A group of Albanians beat Vladimir Rajkovic and Vojkan Vukovic on the road between villages of Banje and Suvo Grlo, municipality of Srbica.

The beaten Serbs confirmed  that attackers stopped their car yesterday (Feb 18, 2003) around 14.00 hrs and smashed  all car windows by rocks and sticks. The Albanians dragged two Serbs out of the car and beat them.

Vukovic suffered slighter injuries and Rajkovic's leg was broken.

The case was reported to UN police after the attackers were recognized. This is the second attack on Serbs from Banje and Suvo Grlo villages which are the two last remaining Serb villages in Srbica municipality.

Serbian Orthodox Diocese or Raska and Prizren condemns this latest act of violence which regrettably proves that Serbs still do not enjoy basic freedom of movement and safety in Kosovo Province.




Radio B92
February 19, 2003

LJUBLJANA -- Wednesday – Slovene police announced today they have arrested Fatmir Limai one of the four Kosovo Albanians indicted by The Hague Tribunal. |

Limai, a former Kosovo Liberation Army commander and the fourth Albanian named in The Hague indictment for war crimes committed in Kosovo, was arrested in Kranjska Gora, northern Slovenia.

Slovene police announced that “on the request of The Hague Tribunal, foreign citizen Fatmir Limai was arrested by the Kranj police department on February 18, after which he was transferred to Kranj District Court to face the investigative judge”.

B92 has received information that Limai is still in session with the investigative judge.
The Slovene Ministry of Justice is expected to issue a decision on Limai’s extradition to the Tribunal. 

Slovene police added that Hashim Thaqi, reported by Kosovo media to have left the province together with Limai, is not on The Hague list of those to be extradited.

KFOR confirmed yesterday that the other three arrested KLA members have been transferred to The Hague.




Medvedja, February 19, 2003

Security has been increased in the Medvedja municipality due to announcements by Albanian extremist that they intend to kidnap Medvedja residents.

Security forces are regulating border crossings in Medevac and Mutivoda and at the administrative border between Serbia proper and Kosovo.

Last week the chief of the Coordination team for southern Serbia Nebojsa Covic warned that Albanian extremist groups are planning abductions of Serbs and other non-Albanians in order to intimidate the local population.ve been transferred to The Hague.




Radio Yugoslavia
February 19, 2003

Coordination Center Condemns Stoning of Serb Houses

The Coordination Centre for Kosovo-Metohija condemned the stoning of Serb houses in the village of Bica, municipality of Klina, in Kosmet, two days ago and assessed that at issue was one of the gravest attacks on the homes of Serb returnees, which ensued following the withdrawal of a KFOR checkpoint. Such actions on the part of the Albanian ethnic community are increasing insecurity of citizens and are lowering the already unsatisfying level of safety. They are aimed against efforts invested in a more numerous return of Serbs and other non-Albanians to Kosovo-Metohija, it is said in the statement.

International donations for non-Albanians in Kosovo-Metohija have been stopped

International donations for non-Albanians in Kosovo-Metohija have been stopped, despite the fact that there is still immense demand for humanitarian aid, especially in the areas where Serbs live in Albanian surroundings, Acting Secretary General of the Serbian Red Cross Vesna Milenovic warned. She said that a delegation of the Yugoslav and Serbian Red Cross had recently toured several Kosmet municipalities inhabited by Serbs and had been faced with a rather difficult humanitarian situation.

Three arrested Kosovo Albanians to appear before the judges in the Hague on Thursday

Three Kosovo Albanians arrested on Monday on the basis of a Hague Tribunal indictment, are to appear before the judges for the first time on Thursday, announced the Tribunal. Haradin Baljaj - Salja, Isak Musliu - Cercezija and Agim Murtezi - Murizi, the first Kosovo Albanians indicted by the Hague Court, will plead guilty or not guilty for war crimes and crimes against humanity, with which they are charged by the Tribunal. They were members of the terrorist KLA and are charged with imprisonment, mistreating, torturing and murder of 23 Serb and Albanian civilians in the camp of Lapusnik near Glogovac in Kosovo, in 1998.

Milan Ivanovic announced formation of the Assembly of communities of Serb municipalities

The chairman of the Serb National Council of Northern Kosmet, Milan Ivanovic, announced the formation of an assembly of communities of Serb municipalities next Tuesday and definition of their stand to all the current political events in the Province. We shall take a clear stand to the Albanian terror in Kosmet, but also to the latest session of the Kosmet parliament and define further directions of activities of the assembly of communities of Serb municipalities, Ivanovic said. He added that he does not rule out a possibility of enactment of a declaration demanding full sovereignty of Serbia and Montenegro over the southern Serbian province.

Albanians in Presevo staged a protest rally

Some seven thousand Albanians staged a protest rally in Presevo, in the south of Serbia, demanding immediate release of the seven Albanians recently put into a thirty-day custody for association for the purpose of hostile activities and the illegal possession of armament. The protestants demanded of the international community to be engaged in the implementation of the 1992 referendum according to which Albanian people decided that the south of Serbia should be annexed to Kosmet. On February 8, the state security forces arrested in the Municipality of Bujanovac twelve Albanians, five of whom were released after an informative interview.


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