04 June 2003

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Serbs of Obilic chase away Steiner and Rexhepi - Rada Trajkovic: Steiner is full of empty promises - SNC KIM: We will request the dissolution of Kosovo institutions and self-organizing of Serbs - Randjel Nojkic: A crime, not an accident - Bishop Artemije: UNMIK and KFOR finally must end systemic destruction of Serb people

ERP KIM Info Service
Gracanica, 04 June 2003, 12:07

At about 11:00 hours of UNMIK chief Michael Steiner and Kosovo premier Rexhepi appeared in Obilic to address the gathered Serbs on the occasion of the massacre of the Stolic family. However, the Serbs refused to listen to Steiner and Rexhepi and, according to the source in Obilic, told them to go back from where they came. Commenting on this development, Dr. Rada Trajkovic, the chairman of the executive board of the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija and a deputy in the Kosovo and Metohija parliament, told ERP KIM Info Service "that this is another attempt to deceive the Serbs. Instead of undertaking concrete measures against extremist Albanian circles and organizations, once again we have UNMIK and the so-called Kosovo government trying to sell us stories of how concerned they are about our welfare. The tragic fact is that the Serbs are completely unprotected and exposed to systemic terror consistently tolerated by UNMIK so as to avoid clashes with Albanian extremism."

With regard to the crime that occurred today in Obilic, Dr. Trajkovic also told media: "Obilic is a strategically important location. Considering that a week ago KFOR was conducting house to house searches and disarming Serbs, one gets the impression that international military and police are setting the scene for the murders, leaving the Serbs unprotected and unarmed so that the Kosovo Albanians can come in and commit crimes. This is further proof that provisional Kosovo institutions offer the Serbs nothing in terms of protection and that we can only fight back against the violence to which we are exposed through resistance. All Serb representatives should meet and reach a consensus on the self-organizing of the Kosovo Serbs," she emphasized.

The ERP KIM Info Service has learned from SNC KIM sources they will request that UNMIK dissolve Kosovo institutions, which are incapable of performing their job and only serve as a smoke screen for the rule of violence and fear." In the opinion of the SNC KIM leadership, Kosovo and Metohija "must be returned under the military administration of KFOR in order to urgently disarm Albanian extremists and terrorists and ensure basic security conditions for all citizens. Otherwise, the SNC KIM believes, the Serbs should be permitted to self-organize and defend themselves with the help of Serbia and Montenegro armed forces, which should be allowed to deploy in areas inhabited by Serbs." According to SNC KIM leaders, "Obilic has been the trouble spot in the Province for some time, along with the Vitina and Kosovska Mitrovica regions. The SNC KIM has repeatedly protested against attacks on the local Serb population but neither UNMIK nor Norwegian KFOR have undertaken any additional security measures; one gets the impression that the UN mission would like to see the rest of the Serb population leave from this municipality, as well."

The ERP KIM Info Service has learned from SNC KIM sources in Obilic that local Serbs are extremely upset because the Kosovo police allegedly tried to hide the crime against the Stolic family and explain it as an accident occurring as a result of the fire. This was the reason why the gathered Serbs refused to allow the bodies to be removed prior to the arrival of Serb forensic experts. "Wounds inflicted by the attackers were clearly visible on the bodies of the murdered members of the Stolic family. This confirms that the incident involves a crime and not an accident as a result of the fire," said Randjel Nojkic of the SNC KIM after visiting Obilic and learning the details of the massacre.

Bishop Artemije of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija has most strongly condemned the crime committed in Obilic, appealing to representatives of UNMIK and KFOR "to find the perpetrators and finally end the systemic destruction of the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija."

The SNC of Kosovo and Metohija and the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren appeal to the Serbian government in Belgrade "to urgently inform international institutions with the deterioration of security conditions in the Province and demand more decisive measures against Albanian terrorism and ethnic terror against the Serbs."


ERP KIM Info Service
Gracanica, 04 June 2003, 12:07

At least 2.500 Serbs from Gracanica and its vicinity gathered today at the main square to express their strong protest and indignation on occasion of the massacre of the Stolic family. The gathered people were addressed by dr. Rada Trajkovic, president of the Executive council of the SNC KIM, Dragan Velic and Slavisa Kostic.

Rada Trajkovic called all Serb representatives in the temporary Kosovo institutions to leave their posts in protest of the tripple murder. She also requested from the international community to impose "absolute protectorate" and stop the transfer of competencies to Kosovo institutions as well as the etnic cleansing of the Serb people in Kosovo and Metohija.

"So far not a single murder of Serb civilians has been fully investigated and today again we can see that three Serbs from Orahovac had to pay by their own blood the price of the internationally granted peace", said Trajkovic.

She also warned that insincere and formal condemnations of the Albanian National Army by the international community are nothing but an encouragement for those who dream of independent Albanian state of Kosovo which is being created by pursuing the policy of ethnic cleansing and violence.

After the protest the participants walked along the main street which was blocked for traffic by the Kosovo police officers.

Serb leaders announced that this evening there will be an urgent meeting of the main Serb representatives with Bishop Artemije at Gracanica Monastery where the next steps in the struggle for the rights of the Serbian people will be discussed. The protest meeting next day (Thursday) is scheduled for 13.00 CET.

Many Serbs from the neighboring villages of Central Kosovo and other parts of Kosovo and Metohija who wanted to participate in the protest were not allowed to enter Gracanica which was blocked by strong security forces.


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