04 June 2003

ERP KIM Newsletter 04-06-03

An 80 year-old man with a bullet wound to his temple, his wife and son stabbed with a knife in the area of the heart found in house - Attackers tried to cover up the crime by setting fire to the house

ERP KIM Info Service
Obilic, 04 June 2003

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija and the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija most strongly condemn today's massacre of the Serb family Stolic in Obilic.

The bodies of three members of the Stolic family were discovered early this morning in their house in Obilic, where the crime occurred. The deceased include an elderly married couple, Slobodan and Radmila Stolic, both about 80 years old, and their son Ljubinko, who was 50. According to eyewitness testimony Slobodan Stolic has a bullet wound 6 cm. long on his temple and his son Ljubinko has stab wounds from a knife in the area of the heart. The attackers who treacherously murdered the Stolices started a fire in the room where the murder occurred in order to cover up traces of the crime. The Stolic family car was also stolen from the yard.

The remaining Serbs in Obilic who live in Cerska Street were awoken during the night by flames from the Stolic house. The fire was quickly localized and the police called, who immediately blocked off the scene of the crime. When members of the Kosovo police, who arrived in the meanwhile in considerable number, attempted to remove the bodies, a minor scuffle occurred between the police and the gathered Serbs, who refused to allow the bodies to be removed without the presence of Serb forensic experts.

This loathsome murder of innocent civilians is yet another in a series of crimes by which Albanian extremists and terrorists are attempting to expel the remaining Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija. There only some twenty Serb families left in the town of Obilic who for months have been exposed to systematic terror, bomb attacks and arson. The murder of the Stolic family confirms the bitter truth that the position of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija has remained unchanged for the past four years and that the reduced crime rate is exclusively the result of the isolation of the Serbs, who remain exclusively in their enclaves and protected zones.

UNMIK chief Michael Steiner arrived in Obilic at approximately 10:00 hours. Currently there is large police and KFOR presence in the town. An SNC KIM delegation headed by Randjel Nojkic visited Obilic and learned the details of the crime. There is great unrest and worry among the local Serb population.

According to information received by the ERP KIM Info Service a large popular protest meeting has been called in Gracanica at noon. Participants are protesting against the crime in Obilic and the systemic violation of the human rights of the Serbs in the Province. Representatives of the SNC KIM are expected to speak at the demonstrations.


Five people, including member of Greek KFOR, injured in attack in front of Orthodox church

ERP KIM Info Service
Obilic, 04 June 2003

The Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija and the Serb National Council of Kosovo and Metohija also condemn the recent terrorist attack in Urosevac. On May 31 at approximately 21:45 hours unknown persons threw a hand grenade at members of Greek KFOR guarding the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Emperor Uros (built in 1933) in Urosevac. Five people were injured in the attack, including a member of KFOR. The KFOR checkpoint is located right next to the church in the center of town. The attackers managed to flee from the scene and are still being sought.

The attack was also confirmed by UNMIK police in their official report of 02 June, as well as by Albanian language media. Urosevac mayor Adem Salihaj expressed his concern as a result of the attack in a statement for Radio Kosovo on 03 June.

Unfortunately this terrorist attack on KFOR members guarding the only remaining Orthodox church in this town no longer inhabited by Serbs is another indicator of the deterioration of security conditions in Kosovo and Metohija where, despite all efforts by UNMIK and some international circles to hide reality, anarchy and chaos rule.

This latest attack on Greek KFOR in front on the Orthodox church in Urosevac comes only days after an attack by Albanian extremists on members of Spanish KFOR guarding Gorioc Monastery near Istok. These extremist attacks are clearly meant to show that those who protect Orthodox shrines are hardly safe themselves.

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