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Everyday Activities
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 The Holy Site
The Holy Site
 In the Church
In the church
 Everyday Duties
Everyday Duties
 The Icon Studio
Icon Studio


Fr. Abbot serving the Liturgy
Every day begins with the Holy Liturgy - Abbot Teodosije celebrating the Divine Liturgy
The monastery is in the shape of circle and in the center of that circle is the church. The Holy Liturgy is therefore a center of all activities and all daily works begin after the prayer and the blessing. The liturgy is then transferred to refectory, workshops, cells, fields making all work of mons devoted to God

In the Icon studio
The Painters in the Icon Studio
Fr. Arsenije and his three brethren Ilarion, Serapion and Andrej are painters. In their new icon studio
they paint many icons which are now usually ordered by people working in the UN Mission

Fr. Avakum the woodcarver
Fr. Avakum the woodcarver
Fr. Avakum is a woodcarver specialized for fine decorations. He worked before the monastery
in applied arts specializing especially in fine metals and precious stones.

Fr. Theodor in the kitchen
In the kitchen

All brethren have their shift in the kitchen. Cooking and serving others
is an activity in which brothers demonstrate their love and sacrifice to others

Fr. Ilarion cooking
Fr. Ilarion Cooking

In the woodcarving workshop
Novice Predrag in the woodcarving workshop
Woodcarving is one of the most important activities on teh monastery. Many altar screens (iconostases) have been constructed in Decani workshop and today they decorate the churches in Serbia, Germany and Greece

Updating the Web Site
Updating the Web Site
Fr. Sava is working with the Web Site updating the texts and photos.
The monastery receives e-mail messages from all over the world.

Fr. Justin and his communication center
Fr. Justin and his "communication center". The monks enter Kosovo Province
under Italian military escort. As soon as they get closer to the Kosovo boundaries
they are taken over by Decani "flight control". All movements of monks and contacts with
other monasteries are usually performed by radio link


Studyng and reading spiritual books is an important part of the
monastic life. Each monk devotes some time daily to studyng.

Fr. Daniel in the field
Fr. Daniel taking the cows to the field

The late afternoon walk
Fr. George and Fr. Serapion taking their late afternoon walk

Fr. Theodore in the rafting workshop
Fr. Teodor in the rafting workshop

Fr. Daniel with a new calf
Fr. Daniel with a new calf

Fr. Daniel processing the milk cream
Fr. Daniel processing the milk cream

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