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Destroyed And Desecrated Serbian Orthodox Churches In Kosovo And Metohia (1999-2000)
His Holiness Patriarch Pavle

Introductory word
by His Holiness
Patriarch Pavle

This humble publication is our cry and appeal to the Christian and civilized world. It is distressing to learn that in the year of the greatest Christian Jubilee, at the end of two milleniums of Christianity, Christian churches are still being destroyed -- not in a war but in the time of peace guaranteed by the international community. We hope that these photos of the destroyed and desecrated Orthodox shrines will stir the consciousness of those who are in a position to stop the crimes and we believe that those who already stood up against one evil will not remain mere witnesses passively watching another kind of evil take place before their eyes.

We also wish to make our appeal to all Kosovo Albanians, who undoubtedly see their future in coexistence with the Serbs, to resist and not allow the acts of insanity to happen.

In Kosovo and Metohija there will be no victory of humanity and justice while revenge and disorder prevail. No one has a moral right to celebrate victory complacently for as long as one kind of evil replaces another and the freedom of one people rests upon the slavery of another.

Patriarch Pavle