Serb man shot dead, one other injured in central Kosovo

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, June 25 (AFP) - A Serb man was killed and
another injured when an unidentified attacker opened fire on their
car in Kosovo Polje, just south of the provincial capital Pristina,
a spokesman for the KFOR peacekeeping force said Sunday.
The injured man was hospitalised and UN police were using KFOR
sniffer dogs to track down the suspect, who apparently fired on the
vehicle from an alley, Flight Lieutenant Tim Serrell-Cooke said.
He said initial reports had said the man was killed by a hand
grenade in his home.
The shooting occurred at around 2:00 p.m. (1200 GMT) Sunday,
Serrell-Cooke said.
Local witnesses identified the victim as Kica Milanovic, 50, who
had fled to Serbia just after the end of the war last June,
returning to Kosovo just two days ago.
The latest incident brings to 11 the number of Serbs killed in
Kosovo during a recent upsurge of ethnic violence, while more than
20 have been injured in a series of drive-by shootings, grenade and
landmine attacks, mostly in the central and eastern sectors of the
UN-administered province.

Explosions in western Kosovo town spark Serb protest

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, June 26 (AFP) - Several explosions in the
western Kosovo town of Velika Hoca left two unoccupied houses
damaged and sparked protests by local Serbs, a spokesman for KFOR
international peacekeepers said Monday.
Around 50 Serbs blocked the road into the town late Saturday
with concrete blocks and stones following the blasts, the cause of
which was unknown, said Major Scott Slaten.
KFOR troops moved in to break up the protest, he added.
The official Yugoslav agency Tanjug quoted local Serbs as saying
the blasts were from mortar rounds fired from the neighbouring
ethnic Albanian village of Brestovac, some of which reportedly fell
on a Serb Orthodox cemetery.
KFOR was investigating the incident, said Slaten.
Last week unknown attackers fired nine mortar rounds at the Serb
Orthodox monastery at Decani, some 35 kilometres (25 miles)
northwest of Velika Hoca.


Serb kidnapped from UN police convoy in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, June 26 (AFP) - A Serbian man was
kidnapped after his car was cut off from a convoy escorted by UN
police near the northwestern Kosovo town of Podujevo, a UN police
spokesman said Monday.
A UN police vehicle was leading a small convoy of Serbs from a
border crossing near Merdare Saturday when a car with four men
pulled in front of the last vehicle which was carrying a man and a
woman, said spokesman Charley Johnson.
The suspect car then slowed down, separating the car from the
convoy and forcing it to stop. The woman was driven back to the
boundary with Serbia by the men and the man was abducted, Johnson
It was "just like a wolf singling out a sheep," said Johnson.
Local Serb witnesses told AFP the man was Tomislav Markovic and
identified the woman with him as his wife.
Johnson said UN police were investigating the incident and
considering also putting escort vehicles at the rear of convoys in
the future, although the force is severely understaffed.
Serbs entering and leaving the UN-run Yugoslav province are
frequently escorted by international peacekeeping troops or UN
police for their own safety, amid persistent anti-Serb violence.


Body of Missing Serb Found

The Associated Press
Tuesday, June 27, 2000; 7:41 p.m. EDT

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia -- A Serb shepherd whose disappearance last week
prompted rioting was found dead on Tuesday, and NATO officials said he
appeared to have been killed.

Capt. Russell Berg of the U.S. peacekeepeers said the villager from Strpce,
about 25 miles south of the provincial capital of Pristina, "died under suspicious

Berg said the man was found at the foot of a hill near Strpce, which is
within the Kosovo zone patrolled by U.S. troops.

About 500 Serbs gathered Tuesday evening in Strpce, in front of the U.N. police
building and later dispersed without serious incident, Berg said.

Serbs rioted Friday after NATO peacekeepers refused Serbs' request for a
helicopter to search for the elderly missing villager.

NATO's bombing campaign a year ago brought a halt to a yearlong crackdown on
the majority ethnic Albanians in Kosovo by Serb-led Yugoslav forces. NATO-led
peacekeepers and U.N. administrators moved in once Serb troops left. Since then,
international officials have charged that revenge attacks by ethnic Albanians
against Serbs has left Serbs frightened.



BELGRADE, June 27 (AFP) - A Serbian farmer who disappeared from
the southern Kosovar village of Susice was found beaten to death
Tuesday, residents told AFP.
Local people said 60-year-old Bozidar Markocevic failed to
return from his home in the Brezovica enclave after going to tend
his herd on Friday.
Hundreds of Serbs rioted in the southern Kosovar town of Strpce
late Friday, trashing UN offices in protest at what they saw as the
slow response by KFOR to Markocevic's disappearance.
Up to 800 Serbs rampaged through offices of the UN mission in
Kosovo and the KFOR multinational peacekeeping force.


PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, June 28 (AFP) - Some 500 Kosovo Serbs
demonstrated peacefully in the southern enclave of Strpce late
Tuesday after the body of a missing farmer was found, a spokesman
for the KFOR peacekeepers said Wednesday.
The body of 60-year-old Bozidar Markocevic was found about one
kilometre (half a mile) outside the village of Susice, five days
after disappearing while tending to his cow, Captain Russell Berg
"He died under suspicious circumstances and we are investigating
the case as a possible murder," said Berg.
Local people told AFP Markocevic had been beaten to death.
Hundreds of Serbs rioted in Strpce late Friday in protest at
what they saw as the slow response by KFOR to Markocevic's
disappearance, ransacking offices of the UN mission in Kosovo and
the KFOR multinational forces.


Russian TV crew and Serbian monks attacked in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia, June 27 (AFP) - Ethnic-Albanian Kosovars
stoned a group of Serbian monks and a Russian TV crew near the
southern town of Prizren on Tuesday, UN peacekeepers said.
The Russians were shooting a piece on the monks at the Svete
Bogorodice monastery in the village of Musutiste, about 15
kilometres (10 miles) northeast of Prizren, when the attack happened
at 11:30 a.m. (0930 GMT).
A group of Albanian Kosovars surrounded them and called on them
to hand over the monks to them, saying they suspected one of being a
war criminal, said a KFOR spokesman.
Austrian KFOR soldiers and UN police arrived on the scene to
escort the journalists and the monks to a nearby UN police post,
which was then surrounded by about 600 people.
The journalists and the monks left the area under the escort of
Russian and Austrian KFOR soldiers at about 6:00 p.m., under a hail
of stones.
The only person injured in the incident was an Austrian KFOR
soldier who was slightly hurt.

BBC World Service
Wednesday, 28 June, 2000, 18:22 GMT 19:22 UK

Now Kosovo Albanians want K-FOR out

There's been a second day of demonstrations in Kosovo
by ethnic Albanians calling for the withdrawal from the
province of the NATO-backed peacekeeping force,

The protests are the first anti-NATO demonstrations by
Albanians since the arrival of the peacekeeping troops
last year after the military campaign to drive out
Serbian forces.

The protests follow the seizure of a big arms dump the
peacekeepers say belonged to the now-disbanded
Kosovo Liberation Army.

A BBC correspondent in Kosovo says NATO has been
seen as the saviour of ethnic-Albanians, and such
protests were -- until recently -- unthinkable.