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Pain of a mother and a widow...
A scene from the funeral after the Gracko Massacre, July 1999

Archive with more than 50.000 news articles on Kosovo since 1998 NEWS
Selection of most important articles on Kosovo

Kosovo Daily News List was established in July 1998 and its archives comprise more than 20.000 articles on the Kosovo Crisis. We are presenting here a selection of articles published since June 1999 with a special accent on the suffering of the Serb and non-Albanian population in Post-War Kosovo

Selection of articles on Kosovo June - December 1999
with original URL's

JUNE 1999

WSWS, Kosovo "freedom fighters" financed by organised crime, June 10
Stratfor, KLA Croation Connection Resurfaces, June 10
ENI, Serbian Orthodox Church Says Milosevic To Resign For Serbia's Sake, June 16
NYT, Monastic Refuge For Kosovars, June 16
AP, Serb Monastery Protects All Peoples, June 17
PPress, Serb Monasteries and Churches Under Attack, June 17
PPress, Suffering of the Serb Orthodox Church and Its People Continued, June 22
KRN, Decani Monks' Courage Saved Lives of Many Kosovars, June 23
Chicago Tribune, Abbess Helps Serbs and Ethnic Albanians, June 23
Vreme (Time) Suffering of Kosovo Serb Refugees, June 23
NYT, Kosovo's Rebels Accused of Executions in the Ranks, June 25
Stratfor, NATO Learns - Too Late - For Whom It Won the War, June 25
BBC, Orthodox Church Attacks Milosevic, June 28
AFP, Gangs From Albania Loot Kosovo Serb Houses, June 29
SMH, Serb Clerics Denounce Milosevic, June 30


Reuters, Head Of Serbian Church Condemns Ethnic Cleansing, July 2
WSJ, KLA Leadership's Resistance To The UN Gains Momentum, July 6
WSJ, NATO Link to KLA Rebels May Have Helped Seal Victory, July 6
Glas, New Murders and Persecution, July 23
Glas, Life Behind Closed Doors, July 23
Glas, Railroad of Fear and Profiteers, July 26
Guardian, Suffering of the Serbs Left Behind, July 26
Times, KLA - Mafia Links Alarm West, July 26
Times, Harvest Massacre Blamed on Kosovo Guerillas, July 26
Glas, Maltreatment of Jedinstvo Journalists, July 28
IWPR (Institute of War and Peace Reporting), Roma Unwanted Wherever They Go, July 28
NYT, Rebels Are Taking Charge of Kosovo, July 29
NYT, Whispers of New Tyranny in Kosovo, July 29
Guardian, This is What Will Happen To Us All, (Gracko Massacre) July 29
Boston Globe, Serb Kosovo Heritage in Peril, July 30
EC, NATO Has Installed Reign of Terror in Kosovo, July 30
Glas, Translators Slow Down KFOR, July 31


AFP, Kosovo's Dwindling Serb Population Looses Faith in Peacekeepers, Aug1
AFP, Serbs Flee Murder and Intimidation in Kosovo Town, Aug 1
Reuters, U.S. Army Firepower Escorts Kosovo Serbs Into Exile, Aug 1
Independent, UK, Organized Crime Gangs Rule Kosovo, Aug 2
JWR, Serbs Suffer Under Western Eyes, Aug 2
NYT, Kosovo Rebels Said to Allow Violence Against Serbs, Aug 3
BHHRG, Report on the Humanitarian Situation in FRY, Aug 3
AP, KLA Said Behind Serb Killings, Aug 3
Cops Vs CIA - KLA And Heroin Trade, Aug 3
AP, Groups Decry Attacks on Serbs, Aug 4
Blic, Orahovac - Camp For Remaining Serbs, Aug 4
BHHRG, Refugees From Kosovo - Kraljevo, Aug 4
NYT, In Kosovo, Gangs Dim the Luster of a 'Greater Albania', Aug 8
Daily Telegraph, Gang Murders Lone Serb Grandmother, Aug 11
LATimes, Destroyed Serb Village Leaves Many Clues but no Answers, (Dojnice) Aug 11
NYREW, Kosovo - Peace Now? Aug 12
IWPR, Minority at Risk, Aug 13
IWPR, Granny Killing, Aug 13The Observer, Is Kosovo Peace Crumling? Aug 15
The Observer, UN Declares War on Kosovo Mafia, Aug 15
LATimes, Anti-Serb Crime Patterns Point to Ethnic Cleansing, Aug 15
Newsweek, Driving Out of Serbs, Aug 16
Reuters, Serb Women Vow to Flee Kosovo After Ethnic Attack, Aug 17
Jurist, Does Kosovo Deserve Independence Now? Aug, 17
CSMonitor, Two Serb Sisters Hole Up in Pristina, Aug 19
WSWS, Serbs and Roma Flee KLA Terror in Kosovo, Aug 20
Guardian, Old Serbs Become Terror Targets, Aug 23
Reuters, UNHCR Says "Kosovo Almost Emptied Out of Serbs" Aug 24
RFE Beatings of Gorans Heighthen Ethnic Tensions, Aug 24
Gazeta Sqiptare, Criminal Strongmen Leave Tropoja, Aug 26
UPI, Serb Monastery Target of Mortars, Aug 27
Globe & Mail, Targets of Terrorism, Pristina Jews Forced to Flee, Aug 31


NYT, Serbs Driven From Kosovo Live Bitterly in Exile, Sep 2
AET, Albanian Mafia Moved Into Kosovo On NATO Heels, Sep 3
IHT, The New Pristina is No Friendlier Than the Old One, Sep 4
National Post, Albanian Mafia Pounces on Kosovo Power Vacuum, Sep 6
Foreign Policy Research Institute, NATO's KLA Problem, Sep 8
WP, Kosovo Peace Must Start on Separate Paths, Sep 12
Reuters, Serbs Live in Fear in Kosovo's Kidnap Capital, Sep 15
Daily Telegraph, Old Serb Pair Live in a State of Siege, Sep 16
Express (UK) Albanian Mafia, KLA and Kosovo Aid, Sep 16
NS, Stojan's Troubles, Sep 18
AFP, KLA Units Specialized in Hunting Down Serbs, Sep 19
Blic, They Provided "Security" For the Serbs Under Open Skies, Sep 22
LA Times, Christian Sites Being Decimated in Kosovo, Sep 22
WSWS, Roma and Ashkali Driven Out en Masse, Sep 26


Foreign Affairs, A Perfect Failure Sep/Oct 1999
TFF, Misleading UN Report on Kosovo, Jan Oberg Oct 3

Reagan.Com, The Story of Commander Remi, Oct 4
IWPR, Insecurity in Kosovo - The Fear of Death, Oct 5
AP, Few Serbs Remain in Pristina, Oct 9
STRATFOR, Where Are the Kosovo Killing Fields? , Oct 18
OSCE, Prizren: After the War, Oct 23
WP, With Few Police to Stop It, Crime Flourishes in Kosovo, Oct 23
LATimes, Property Disputes Turn Kosovo Into No-Man's Land, Oct 26
WSWS, Opposition to KLA Grows In, Oct 27
Guardian, No Sanctuary in the Town Ruled by Hate - Orahovac, Oct 28
OSCE, Attacks on Elderly Being Condemned in Kosovo, Oct 28
Diary on the Life of the Remaining Serbs in Pristina, Oct 1999


Reuters, UN Investigator Says Kosovo Serbs Now Targeted, Nov 4
NYT, Gypsies and Others Said to Draw Kosovar Fury, Nov 5

AFP Kosovo Serb Leader Regrets Violence Against Albanians, Nov 9

NIN, The Albanian Threat, Nov 11

NIN, With Souls at Ready, Nov 11
EC, The Women of Orahovac answer the Colonel, Nov 13
Glas, It is Hard to Live and Even Harder to Escape, Serbs in Orahovac, Nov 14
SMH, UN Mission in Kosovo - An Incompetent Laughing Stock, Nov 17
Philadelphie Inquirer, Serbs Are Now Victims of Ethnic Cleansing, Nov 18
CATO Institute - The Real Kosovo, Nov 20
Independent, US "lost count of uranium shells fired in Kosovo", Nov 22
NYT, Chaos and Intolerance Now Reign in Kosovo, Nov 22
OJPCR How not to Resolve the Kosovo Question, Nov 24
Reporter, Orahovac: City on the Way To the Graveyard, Nov 24
Independent, Serbs murdered by the hundred since 'liberation', Nov 24
WP, Kosovo Rebels Make Their Own Laws, Nov 24
LA Times, Kosovo Battles Resurgence of Organized Crime, Nov 27
Berkley Professor Killed by Albanian Mob, Press Reports, Nov 30 - Dec 8


RNN, The War in Kosovo is Not Over, Dec 1
Keston Press Service, Destruction of the Serb Orthodox Churches in Kosovo, Dec 3
WP, In Kosovo Criminals Are Free to Roam, Dec 5

AP, A Small Uneasy Peace in Kosovo, Dec 6

Blic, Hotel For Refugees, Dec 7
Reuters, Two Serbs, a Mother and a Son Found Dead in Pristina, Dec 7
IWPR, The Invasion of Body Snatchers, Dec 8
WP, Kosovo Killers, Dec 8
BBC, Serbs Feel Heat in Kosovo, Dec 10
EC, Things Told and Things Seen, Diana Johnston, Dec 12
NIN Children of War, Dec 13
EC - Time Is So Short... - Interview with a Serb Woman from Orahovac, Dec 13
BHHR, Christmas in Kosovo, Dec 17
IWPR, Controled Chaos in Kosovo, Dec 17
SPECTATOR - Christmas Desecrations in Kosovo, Dec 18
NYT, Strangers in a Familiar Land: The Serbs of Kosovo, Dec 18
Reporter, The Only Thing We Have in Common is Hate, Dec 22
Reporter, A Man Who Does Not Sleep Well, Dec 22
EC, An Albanian Tragedy - A Stranger in Belgrade, Dec 23
Trouv, Can Children Be War Criminals? Dec 23
Danas - Serb IDP's in Central Serbia Speak of their Troubles, Dec 27
Vreme, Serbs Do Not Want To Live in Ghettoes, Dec 27
Reflections on the Meaning of the War in Kosovo, Orthodox Info, Dec 99
Reporter, Speak English So That No One Understands, Dec 29


The Globe & Mail, The Tragic Blunder in Kosovo, James Bisset, Jan 10
NIN Last Communion in Prizren, report from Prizren, Jan 13
eace by Force, Christmas dinner with Mr. Kouchner, Jan 13
NIN We are Protecting You, Interview with Gen. Reinchard, Jan 13
NIN Let us Change the Government, interview with Bishop Artemije, Jan 13
The Kosovo Exodus Continues, IWPR, Jan 25
CNN, Kosovo Winter (Province in the state of disarray) Jan 26
NIN, Those Who Stayed - Bishop Artemije and his monks help Serbs to survive, Jan 27
CNN, Misguided Motives Let to The Chaos in Kosovo, Jan 29
Toronto Sun, Now Kosovo Serbs Live in Fear, Jan 30


Globe & Gazette, Writer Describes Ethnic Cleansing in War Torn Kosovo, Feb 3
BLIC, A Serb Private Detective Agency Exchanging Kosovo Prisoners and Abductees, Feb 3
Target, Kosovo Today, Committee for Peace in the Balkans, Feb 4
IWPR, Kosovo Serbs Imprisoned in Their Enclaves, Feb 4
NYT, Bus Ambush In Kosovo Costs NATO Faith of Serbs, Feb 4
UNHCR, More Non-Albanians Leave Kosovo (Exodus of Slav Moslems), Feb 5
The Times, Sex Slave Trade Thrives Among Kosovo Troops, Feb 5
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Chaos in Kosovo, Feb 6
NYT, Rights Group Says NATO Killed 500 Civilians in Kosovo War, Feb 7
STRATFOR, Kosovo: The United States Looking For An Exit, Feb 7
HLC, Fear and Violence - Main Reasons For Leaving Kosovo, Feb 7
The Globe & Mail, Loosing the Peace in Kosovo, Feb 8
STRATFOR, Kosovo: No End to Ethnic Violence, Feb 8
ERP Diocesan Bulletin - Prizren Orthodox Seminary - Home for All, Feb 10
AP, Report: Kosovo Minorities Persecuted, Feb 11
Blic, Situation in Prizren Critical - Murders, Arson Attacks, Feb 12
The Times, West Abandons Dream of Unified Kosovo, Feb 13
NN, The Folurishing of the World's Oldest Profession in Kosovo, Feb 16
AP, Out of Work and Hope, Serbs Evacuate Kosovo, Feb 17
CATO, Belfast In the Balkans, Feb 18
CFA, NATO War in Kosovo, Feb 19
Reuters, Albright Opposes Greater Albania Idea, Feb 19
Independent UK, Albanians Redraw Italy's Crime Map, Feb 20
Daily Telegraph UK, Besieged Serbs Remain Defiant In Losing Battle for Survival, Feb 22
Stratfor, NATO Prepares to Abandon Neutrality in Kosovo, Feb 25
Reuters, Bulgaria Seizes 22 kg of Heroin in Albanian Truck, Feb 25
Reuters, Macedonian Police Finds Arms Destined For Kosovo, Feb 25
LA Times, Kosovo Serbs Accuse Peacekeepers of Favoritism, Feb 26
AP, Serbs: MD's Death May Spur Exodus, Feb, 27
Montreal Gazette, God's Houses in Ruins, Feb 27
Danas, A Respected Serb Doctor Shot in Gnjilane, Feb 28
The Times, Communities so Riven by Hatred Must Normally Live Apart First, Feb 29
MJ, Heroin Heroes, Jan/February 2000


ERP, Attacks on Serb Civilians and Their Churches in Kosovo Continued, March 1
WP, Kosovo's Unrecognized Victims, March 3
Spectator London, The Serbs Are Still Being Presented as Bad Guys, March 4
Sunday Times UK, Serbian Doctor Dies in Albanian 'Cleansing', March 5
IWPR, Albanian Fighters On the March Again, March 5
AFP, KLA Splinter Group Fanning Trouble in Serbia, March 8
Blic, Albanian Crowd Attacks Serbs in Obilic, March 10
CATO, NATO's Disastrous Victory in Kosovo, March 10
Sunday Times UK, CIA Aided Kosovo Guerrilla Army, March 12
Observer London, UN Backed KPC's Reign of Terror, March 12
The Guardian, Kosovo Drug Mafia Supply Heroin to Europe, March 13
Reuters, Rubin Tells Kosovars "Don't Misuse Our Help", March 14
Reuters, Kosovo Suffers From Contempt For Law, March 14
WP, Kosovo Albanian Unit Is Accused Of Abuses, March 15
Reporter BL, Curfew In Kosovska Mitrovica, March 15
Guardian, UK, Search For a Safe Harbour, March 16
AFP, German Police Accuse Kouchner Of Preventing KLA Probe, March 16
NYT, Get Real on Kosovo, March 17
ENI, Only Human Contact Can Ease Kosovo Tension, Says Cyber Monk, March 17
Stratfor, Kosovo One Year Later, March 17
LA Times, Kosovo in Pain, March 17
MSNBC, The Ironic Justice of Kosovo, March 19
Stratfor, Balkan Futures, March 20
AFP, Kosovar Albanians Pushing More Serbs Out, UNHCR, March 22
Globe & Mail, Kosovo Gypsies Live in Fear of Albanian Revenge, March 23
Reuters, Serb Return to Kosovo Too Risky - UNHCR Boss, March 22
CNN, One Year After Kosovo War, KLA Leaders Shaping Province, March 23
WP, War To Preserve Multiethnicity Has Left Serbs Segregated in Ghettos, March 24
Wash. Times, Kosovo Anniversary Without Celebration, March 24
Irish Times, Chaos Reigns As World's Gaze Wanders, March 25
Irish Times, War and Peace Revisited, March 25
LA Times, 1 Year After War Serbs See a World Against Them, March 25
The Independent UK, After 1,000 Years Terror Forces Serbs Out of Kosovo, March 26
WP, Was it A Mistake, March 26
USA Today, Serbs Fear They'll Be Eliminated From Kosovo, March 27
AFP, US Disappointed At Kosovo Albanians, March 28
BLIC, Six Concentration Camps For Kidnapped Serbs, March 28
Reuters, West Should Hit KLA Extreemists in Kosovo - UN Sleuth, March 29
BLIC, Dienstbier - Mafia Rules Kosovo, March 30
AFP, Elderly Serb Woman Beaten, Dragged Through Street, March 31
JCM, Jews and Kosovo Crisis


BBC, Kosovo Gripped By Racketeers, April 2
DANAS, Concentration Camps For Serbs In Kosovo Do Exist, April 3
Reuters, Security Fears in Kosovo, NATO Raids Saudi House, April 3
AFP, Kosovo Serbs Live in Fear and Boredom in Enclaves, April 4
Reporter, Conc. Camps in Kosovo - KLA Archipelago, April 5
Reuters, Serbs Cling to their 'Vatican' in Western Kosovo, April 5
KDN, Letter From Pristina - Even Czechs are Targeted by Albanians, April 5
Reuters, Kosovo Serbs Divided in Defeat, April 9
AP, Moderate Serbs Decry Extremists, April 8
Reuters, Kosovo Murder Rate Jumps, Minorities Targeted, Apr 10
Blic, UNMIK - New Wave of Violence, Apr 11
Reporter, Conc Camps in Kosovo 2 - Testimonies of the Missing Persons, Apr 12
AFP, Kosovo Religious Leaders Form a Joint Council, Apr 13
IWPR, Serbs Languish in Kosovo Jails, Apr 14
IWPR, KFOR Protect Bishop From Angry Flock, Apr 14
WP, US Plans to Return 700 Serbs To Kosovo, Apr 16
AP, Serb Moderates Want Serbs to Return, Apr 16
Blic, Terrorists Leveled the Serb Village With Bulldozers, Apr 17
Irish Times, Kosovo Murders Fuel Blood Feud, Apr 17
Der Speigel - Interview with Ibrahim Rugova, April 17, 2000
Blic, Pressure By the Regime is Increasing, Apr 18
AP, Radio Hams Are Only Links For Serbs, Apr 18
Free B92, Rocket Attack on Radio Contact in Pristina, Apr 18
AP, Families of Missing Serbs Join Hands, Apr 19
AP, Serbs, Albanians Urge Violence Halt, Apr 19
Reuters, Serb Lawyers Seek Kosovo Albanian Doctor's Release, Apr 21
AP, Return of Kosovo Serbs Worries UN, Apr 22
Boston Globe, Hatred Blunts Kosovo Police Effort, Apr 22
Reuters, Nine Explosions Hit Kosovo Serb Enclave, Apr 23
Sunday Telegraph UK, KLA Raises Money in Britain For Arms, Apr 23
National Post, Albanian Mob Invades Italy - Mafia, Apr 24
WP, Sex Slavery Flourishes in Kosovo, Apr 24
AP, Serb Defies Odds to Stay in Kosovo, Apr 28
Reuters, Serbs Stoned as UN envoys Visit Kosovo Town, Apr 28
Tanjug, Orthodox church blown up in Kosovo, Apr 28
Guardian, Fear Stalks Kosovo's Remaining Serbs, Apr 28
Guardian, Serb refugees resort to holiday homes in Montenegro, Apr 29
Sunday Herald, Kosovo - Where Police Have no Reign, Apr 30
Boston Globe, A new torture visits Kosovo: imported sex slaves , Apr 30
Reuters, Kosovo Serbs Describe Life Under Siege to UN Envoys, Apr 30
AP, Orthodox Christian Celebrate Easter, Apr 30


CSM, A New Hospital But Few Patients, May 2
AFP, A Committe For Returns of Kosovo Serbs Launched, May 2
AFP, Bavaria expels 50 "criminal" Kosovars by charter plane, May 4
IWPR, Serbs Set For Kosovo Return, May 4
IWPR, Serbs' Pristina Misery, May 5
IWPR, Parallel Lives - Macedonia Remains Divided Society, May 5
AFP, Serbian Orthodox Church Destroyed in a Blast, May 6
NYT, New Support to Help Serbs in Kosovo to Go Home, May 7
AFP, Four Serbs Injured in a Shooting in Southeast Kosovo, May 7
Reuters, KFOR Commander Says Serbs Could Return to Kosovo, May 8
U-Wire, New Horrors Emerbe from Kosovo Ashes, May 8
CSM, Going Home Again is Difficult for Kosovars, May 9
IWPR, Kraljevo Spurns Kosovo Serb Refugees, May 9
AFP, Three Serbs Injured in a Grenade Attack, May 9
AP, Kosovo Serbs Rally For Information on Their Missing, May 10
STRATFOR, Former KLA Commanders Fight over the Spoils of War, May 10
Reuters, Old Kosovo Foes Move Closer But Still Wide Apart, May 10
Danas, Berkovo-Village That Was Wiped Away from the Face of the Earth, May 10
Reuters, Six Serbs Wounded in Kosovo Grenade Attack, May 11
AP, Kosovo Albanian Loyal to Serbia Dies, May 13
NIN, Detention Camp in the Seminary, May 16
Reuters, Serbian UN Staff Murdered in Kosovo, May 16
Charisma Magazine, Kosovo Christians Targeted by Islamic Militants, May 18
N Novine (BLK) In Gorazdevac it appears the war is not yet finished, May 19
AFP, Kosovo Serbs Say They are Victims of Albanian Vengeance, May 19
IWPR, Kosovo Drug Threat, May 19
AFP, Campaign Aganist Forced Prostitution in Kosovo, May 24