Find time each day to pray for peace, to pray for the victims of war, for combatants on all sides, for the heads of state who are a party to this war, for the journalists who report it and for those who edit their reports. A set of basic prayers is posted on this web site. Suggest to your priest that he include special prayers for peace in the Liturgy.


Christ told his disciples that some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29). Let us use not only the power of prayer but of fasting to confront the powers and principalities which promote violence and division in our world.

Help the victims

There are hundreds of thousands of war victims: those who have fled war zones or been driven out, many who have been robbed, raped, or seen family members murdered, plus large numbers of people injured due to thousands of bombs that have exploded throughout Yugoslavia. Arrange for special collections in your parish to benefit the efforts of International Orthodox Christian Charities or other organizations working to help war victims. Give donation to our Decani Relief Fund.

Keep informed

Local newspapers are rarely enough in time of war. Every partisan group generates fog banks of propaganda. The internet can give you the chance to sift through different points of view.

Talk to people

Talking starts with listening. What are friends, neighbors and co-workers saying? What can you say that builds on their concerns? Think of articles you can photocopy and share with them that will help them see the ways war only makes the situation worse for everyone in the region.

Write letters

Spend time every few days to write to the press, your representatives, your president or prime minister, or other officials who play a role in the war.

Broaden and deepen news coverage

An ancient Greek proverb reminds us, "In war, truth in the first casualty." Try to influence the content of news about the war. Write and phone editors of newspapers and directors of television news programs. Bring to their attention information not being covered -- you will find some of it on this web site. Provide suggestions for stories. Criticize one-sided reporting, trying to do so in a spirit which will open doors rather than lock them.

Join in public protest

Public demonstrations can also help, but take part only if you agree with both the message and the spirit of the action.


Adapted from Orthodox Peace Fellowship web site: http://www.incommunion.org/